What kind of support is offered to the franchisees?


Kidcreate Studio offers their franchisees the following support:

  • Location Assistants
  • Initial Training
  • On-Going Support
  • Field Support
  • Annual Meetings
What industries does Kidcreate Studio tap into?

Kidcreate Studio taps into three distinct child-based industries including;

  • Children’s Education and Tutoring
  • Summer Camps
  • Children’s Birthday Party


All of these industries are showing steady growth, with the education and tutoring industry up 37% in 2014 and the children’s birthday party industry totaling a whopping $25 billion a year.

How flexible is the franchisee’s work schedule?

As the sign says on the studio door “Open during class time, by appointment or by chance.”, our Franchise Owners can determine the class and party schedule that works best for them and their studio. 

Do I need a teaching license to own a studio?

No, a teaching license is not required to be a franchise owner. 

Does the franchise owner teach the classes?

When a franchisee opens a new location they may teach an occasional class. As the studio becomes more established the franchisee steps out of that role and oversees a staff that will teach the classes.





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