Education Franchise – Comparison of the Best: Kidcreate Studio Franchise vs. Imagine Arts Academy Franchise

Education Franchise – Comparison of the Best: Kidcreate Studio Franchise vs. Imagine Arts Academy Franchise

There are many reasons to purchase an art education franchise like Kidcreate Studio Franchise or Imagine Arts Academy Franchise. For starters, these franchises crossover multiple viable industries such as education and tutoring (a $102.8 billion industry), summer camps (a $2 billion industry) and birthday parties (a $25 billion industry). Owning one of these franchises is also personally rewarding as they fill a meaningful community need and empower children to develop useful skills.

Product Diversity

Comparing Each Education Franchise

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Imagine Arts Academy Franchise

This franchise was developed by both the Mad Science and Crayola companies in 2019 and seeks to inspire children to practice creativity and critical thinking. With more than 20 locations in operation, their birthday parties, after-school programs, workshops and camps provide engaging activities for children throughout North America.

kidcreate studio franchise

Kidcreate Studio Franchise

Founded in 2007 by Lara Olson, Kidcreate Studio Franchise seeks to expose kids to the world of creative art in hopes of building self-esteem. This company provides an environment in which kids from 18 months to 12 years can make quality art in a fun environment. Their services include art classes, birthday parties, reaching out to communities and daycares, and running art camps.

Franchise Differences

So, What’s the Difference?

While both art education franchises offer similar child-geared experiences, when you look a little closer, a few distinguishing characteristics stand out.

on-the-go mobile studio franchise

Kidcreate Studio has two business models, not just one.

Investors can opt for the more affordable On-the-Go model for as little as $57,270 or open a studio starting at $95,010. Imagine Arts Academy Franchise only offers a mobile version that costs from $70,000 to $120,000 unless the Franchise Owner wants to rent an industrial space, but they would have to do so on their own.

art education franchise teacher and students

Kidcreate Studio has far better product diversity.

Both Imagine Arts Academy Franchise and Kidcreate Studio specialize in birthdays, after-school programs, workshops and camps. But Kidcreate Studio offers even more, like weekly classes, homeschool classes and community programs. Not only that, but they bring art experiences to daycares and preschools, invite adult participation and encourage kids to get messy! So many revenue streams make for an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs.

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Kidcreate Studio has received many awards.

It’s always nice to receive recognition and Kidcreate Studio has received many awards.

Kidcreate Studio Franchise Gator Top Emerging 2021 Kidcreate Studio Franchise Gator Fastest Growing 2021


Franchise Children's Activities

Only at Kidcreate Studio

Both franchises offer fulfilling careers. Both support their Franchise Owners and have the potential for being quite profitable. However, only the Kidcreate Studio has the greatest number of start-up options. Only Kidcreate Studio franchise has the best product diversity. And the Kidcreate Studio franchise is the only one with the most thorough training and support program, which successful entrepreneurs can’t do without.

If your career path seems to be pointing towards an exceptional art education franchise, look no further than Kidcreate Studio. We’d love to tell you more about who we are. Inquire today.



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