As any Kidcreate Studio art franchise instructor can tell you, when we all get together to create something with our young artists, something magical happens! But what about when we can’t be together in our art studio classes or On-the-Go locations, like right now? Coming up with a way to continue inspiring kids to unleash their imaginations and express themselves through art even when class sessions aren’t possible takes some creativity- fortunately, here at Kidcreate Studio, getting creative is our specialty! Here are some of the ways our art franchise is staying connected with the families in our community until we can all see each other in the studio again.

Art Kits Bring Kidcreate Studio Home

In an unprecedented and truly extraordinary situation like the COVID-19 crisis, parents are facing some unique challenges they may not have come up against before, such as successfully balancing their work-from-home schedule, their kids’ homeschool lessons, and household chores, like cooking meals and doing the laundry. On top of all this, moms and dads are doing their best to help keep their kids engaged, entertained, and above all, happy through this difficult time. Kidcreate Studio understands this struggle and has responded with a series of take-home art kits that bring the magic and fun of an in-person Kidcreate Studio class right to the kitchen table!

art franchise kits

Each kit comes with the materials needed for the project, as well as a link to an online video with step-by-step instructions and background educational information about the art techniques being used. Kits can be picked up at participating Kidcreate Studio art franchise locations across the country or shipped directly to customers’ homes.  Parents and kids can currently choose from 10 different do-at-home art kits, and we’ll be offering new ones each week! 

Since we first started offering take-home art kits, they’ve taken on a life of their own! Preschools, scout troops and more have been purchasing them for all of the kids in their programs and using them to host their own virtual events. We’re thrilled to be part of other kid-based organizations’ efforts to stay connected to their students while they are at home!

Additionally, some of our Franchise Owners are using art kids as a way to make a difference in the lives of kids in their community who may need a little extra help during this time. Jerry LaMonica, who owns a Kidcreate Studio franchise in Rock Hill, South Carolina, has started a program where his location will match any donation of take-home art kits to children in need. We’re happy our art kits are inspiring so many people in the communities we serve to reach kids in so many ways!



Live Virtual Classes

Good news for our Franchise Owners- despite the stay-at-home laws currently in place, they can continue conducting Kidcreate Studio classes through virtual sessions! Parents can sign their kids up for a virtual class that replicates the in-studio experience right in their homes. Our corporate support team has created a special Kidcreate Academy e-course teaching Franchise Owners how to conduct a virtual class. Having a strong support system to rely on helps our Franchise Owners gain the confidence they need to successfully navigate these uncharted waters, and they know they can count on us for anything they need to help make the virtual class process run smoothly.

Kidcreate Studio’s virtual class model is already making a big impact on how we reach kids through art, even when we can’t be face-to-face. We’re getting some pretty great feedback from educators whom we’ve partnered with for On-The-Go classes in the past. Check it out!

virtual art franchise

“Ta-DA Time” Goes High-Tech!

art franchise kitsOne of the best parts of any Kidcreate Studio class is “Ta-DA Time!” This is the moment at the end of class where kids reveal their masterpieces with a flourish and a big “Ta-DA!” Thanks to the magic of technology, we can still give our young artists their moment to shine as they unveil their artwork.

art franchise kitsOur franchise locations are asking parents to share pictures of their kids’ creations after completing their take-home art kits or attending a virtual class, which is then posted to the location’s website for everyone to see! Giving kids the opportunity to showcase their work helps bolster their confidence and feel proud of themselves- something that’s more important now than ever before as they adjust to their new normal.



The (Art) Show Must Go On!

Kidcreate Alexandria, VAFor a few of our newest Franchise Owners, one of the things they’ve been anticipating most is the Grand Opening of their new location. Even though we’re unable to physically open our doors and let eager art students participate in class projects in-studio right now, that didn’t stop Franchise Owner Diane Greenbaum from going forward with the March 14 opening date of her Alexandria, Virginia art franchise location. Greenbaum, who was celebrated in a recent Alexandria Living magazine article for her courage and ingenuity in the face of adversity, almost immediately switched gears to accommodate local students through virtual classes and take-home art kits, as well as converting a larger part of her studio to a space for retail merchandise which can be purchased through contact-free pickup. Despite the change in plans, Greenbaum remains optimistic about what the future holds for her art franchise, saying, “We’re still on a mission to bring grins and giggles to kids through art and the community is saying yes!”





You Gotta Have Art

As a kids’ art franchise, we’re proud to say that Kidcreate Studio is considered a “recession-proof” business, thanks to parents’ tendency to prioritize their children’s educational and emotional needs even in times of economic downturn. We’re in an industry that has historically done well in a recession, which is good news for current and prospective Franchise Owners alike. We’re excited to show you some impressive statistics we’ve uncovered to help us all feel optimistic about the future!

art education industry statistics


There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis has changed our lives in just about every possible way, and we’re all going through some tough times right now. But as a franchise dedicated to helping inspire children to look at the beauty of life through the lens of art, we want to remind everyone that this is also a time of great opportunity for our Franchise Owners, staff members, and students. 

Until we can all be together again, we’re committed to providing the kids who matter so much to us with an outlet for their conflicting emotions and a way to channel their energy into something positive, beautiful, and fun. 

If you’re looking for a new career direction once things return to normal, investing in a Kidcreate Studio art franchise may be the best decision you’ve ever made! Our Franchise Owners get to enjoy a rare combination of emotional fulfillment, schedule flexibility, and potential for business success, all while knowing they are providing kids in their community with the invaluable experience of creating art. If you’re looking for your next career opportunity, we’d like to talk with you. Please visit our franchise website to learn more. 

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