How Does Our On-The-Go Program Benefit Our Art Franchise Owners?

How Does Our On-The-Go Program Benefit Our Art Franchise Owners?


As a children’s art franchise that specializes not only in children’s art classes, but also in vacation camps, workshops, and art-themed birthday parties, owning a Kidcreate Studio art franchise brings with it excellent financial benefits, as well as providing the opportunity to give back to the local community.

The main reason our Franchise Owners decide to invest in a Kidcreate franchise is the flexibility to find a balance between work and home life, and the ability to take a step back from the pressures and constraints of the corporate world. Kidcreate offers you the chance to run your own business and be your own boss, giving you both a financially-rewarding career, and also a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Kidcreate also offers a flexible business model, offering two possible options for new Franchise Owners, enabling them to choose which of our programs suits them best. The On-The-Go mobile model provides Franchise Owners with a mobile studio, which can move around to deliver classes, whereas the Studio model gives them the chance to own a physical building where the classes take place.

Two Different Business Models, One Common Goal

Our Studio model is a physical, brick-and-mortar location, where children can attend art classes and art-themed birthday parties can be held. The On-The-Go model is a completely different, mobile option, which gives the Franchise Owner the flexibility to move around the area and deliver lessons in as many locations as they choose. There is no limit to the locations in which classes can be held, with the Franchise Owners having the freedom to approach local schools, community centers, and organizations to discuss the possibility of starting a class. This gives people a great opportunity to get involved in the local community in a way they perhaps wouldn’t have been able to previously, by providing a much-needed service which is educational as well as great fun!

Unlike some franchise opportunities, Kidcreate is very much a community-focused franchise. Due to the decline in recent years of art education in schools, along with budget cuts and as a result, a lack of resources, there is a huge demand for children’s art education. Art classes are so enjoyable for children, and if they are not getting to experience the joy of creative art at school, classes with Kidcreate really are meeting an unmet need in children’s education. With a Kidcreate On-The-Go model, you can move around the community, reaching children in every area, especially important in areas where families may not otherwise have access to creative activities, or may not have the means to travel to the physical studio. Extracurricular art classes can contribute enormously to children’s supplemental art education, enhancing children’s creativity and also helping to improve their performance in other academic areas such as Math and Science. Indeed research indicates that exposure to creative subjects such as the arts can lead to more rounded development, including advanced cognitive skills and school readiness. Additionally, since so many schools are losing funding for art education, Kidcreate’s On-The-Go program provides local school administrators and teachers with the ability to continue to offer some form of art education to students despite no longer having the necessary budget for a dedicated art teacher or studio facility.

art franchise

Start Building Your Kidcreate Empire…No Building Required!

Through our On-The-Go program, Franchise Owners can connect and work together with local schools and preschools, and also offer classes in local community centers, or hold in-home birthday parties. Being mobile and able to move around connecting with the local community also provides Franchise Owners with a fantastic marketing channel, as reputation and word of mouth is an ideal way to attract new customers. Once a child has attended a Kidcreate program, many of them sign up again season after season, and many parents will think of Kidcreate when planning a birthday party. A further benefit of the On-The-Go model is that several locations can be operating simultaneously. A class usually contains around 12 children, but of course, this increases enormously if 3 or 4 or more classes are also running in the community at the same time in different locations. The agreement with the venue varies depending on the type of establishment- for example, some schools or community centers may simply offer room rental, whereas others may take a percentage of the registration.

Quality Franchise Support From Day One

Investing in a new franchise may seem like a daunting prospect to those who are new to the idea of franchising; however, Kidcreate makes this transition easy by offering full support throughout the process. To begin, an initial training program is offered to new Franchise Owners, which includes a 100-hour combination of self-study, classroom training, and on-the-job instruction. Guidance on how to build partnerships, and advice on how to grow a customer base are further areas in which you will receive support, as well as marketing and promotions assistance.

At Kidcreate we equip our Franchise Owners with the tools to learn how to effectively network with local child-themed businesses and schools. The On-The-Go model enables our Franchise Owners to make real connections within the community, not just with the children they work with, but with the parents, educators, and fellow business owners in the area. This is an opportunity to really get involved and give back to your community and the future generations, while making a healthy profit and building a successful business at the same time!

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Start a Kidcreate On-The-Go Art Franchise Today!

We understand that when making the leap to starting your own business, there are so many factors to consider, and franchising is just one of the available options. Having carried out due diligence our Franchise Owners discover that opportunities that combine strong financial gain with a significant contribution to the local community are few and far between. Our Franchise Owners are so excited and passionate about what they do, and this has a huge impact on the success of their business. In the words of one of our Franchise Owners, “Creativity is the job skill of the future and something we need to help kids get more of. I’m so proud to build a successful business around it.”

With the On-The-Go model, your new business could be up and running in as little as 60 days, and the investment for the On-The-Go mobile franchise model starts at just $64,520. Please visit our franchise website for more information.



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Las Vegas Couple Finds Perfect Balance With Art Studio Franchise!

Las Vegas Couple Finds Perfect Balance With Art Studio Franchise!

Las Vegas Couple Finds Perfect Balance Between Work and Family With Our Art Studio Franchise!

As an art studio franchise just for kids, Kidcreate Studio specializes in children’s art classes as well as art camps and art-themed birthday parties. As a Kidcreate Franchise Owner, you can enjoy everything that comes with being your own boss and running your own business, bringing significant financial return on investment, but also bringing great emotional return through helping children grow and develop by providing them with an essential part of their childhood education. Thanks to two very special new Franchise Owners, we’ll be able to offer our services to kids, parents, and educators in Las Vegas, Nevada!

We are pleased to introduce our newest Franchise Owners, Justin and Cheyenne Carroll, who are about to open their first Las Vegas-area art studio franchise. Justin and Cheyenne are excellent reminders that Kidcreate is a franchise opportunity available to people from all backgrounds and professions. Before investing in a Kidcreate art studio franchise, Justin and Cheyenne were both members of the United States Air Force Reserve!

How Justin and Cheyenne Found Our Art Studio Franchise

As parents of two young children, the Carrolls were looking for a career change that would allow them to spend more time at home with their family. After many years on active duty with the United States Air Force Reserve, they decided to investigate opening their own business. The opportunity to be their own boss and and work for themselves was very appealing to them, as was the possibility of being able to create their own flexible work schedule and bring balance to their lives. 

Although they were not necessarily looking for franchise opportunities, they came across an advertisement for the franchise opportunity at Kidcreate while searching for businesses for sale and felt that it was the right fit for their situation. Cheyenne has always been involved in working with children, with her first job being in after-school child care. Working with children has always been a passion for her- particularly doing art projects, which is something she enjoys doing at home with her own kids. The Carrolls are looking forward to having the ability to invest in their children’s future and build a family legacy as business owners, as well as helping children in the community find their passion for art and creativity.

An Emotionally-Rewarding Career

There are, of course, a huge variety of franchise opportunities to choose from, across many different areas and industries, and the reason Justin and Cheyenne chose to invest in the children’s art industry was due to the lack of funding and focus on art within schools. With many educational establishments across the country having to cut costs and cope with a lack of funding, creative subjects such as the arts are some of the first to go, a sad truth which Justin and Cheyenne were aware of and felt that an extracurricular activity focusing on art was a sound investment, both financially and emotionally. Both Justin and Cheyenne enjoy teaching and being with children, and feel that bringing education to a child’s life carries high emotional reward. Cheyenne says, “When you see a child’s face light up after they understand something, it brings a feeling of fulfillment.”

With a passion for educating, working with children, and giving something back to the community, a franchise opportunity with Kidcreate was a great fit for the Carrolls.

A Strong Support System

All new Franchise Owners attend a Kidcreate Studio Discovery Day in our Eden Prairie, Minnesota headquarters where they can meet the Founder of Kidcreate Studio, Lara Olson, as well as sit in on an art lesson and get a feel for what a Kidcreate art studio franchise looks like. Justin and Cheyenne thoroughly enjoyed their Discovery Day and appreciated seeing how it all worked. Justin says,  “It made us even more excited for our own studio. Learning about all the different programs and people that are there to help us along the way was also reassuring.”

As with many of our existing Franchise Owners, meeting Lara and seeing how passionate she is about children’s art is what drew the Carrolls to a Kidcreate art studio franchise. At Kidcreate we are not just interested in teaching children about art, we understand how it contributes to and enhances their education, and this passion and enthusiasm is passed on to our Franchise Owners.

Justin and Cheyenne were also able to meet our extensive executive team that is responsible for providing support to new and existing Franchise Owners alike. At Kidcreate we understand that our new Franchise Owners will have a million questions, and our corporate support team is on hand to support you 100% throughout your journey with us. One of the huge benefits of investing in a Kidcreate franchise is the training and support our Franchise Owners receive from day one. A great deal of advice and continued support is available throughout the process, from setting up and getting started, right through to opening the doors and beyond. Justin and Cheyenne have been impressed so far with the quick response times from the corporate team, and their ability to point them in the right direction following any queries.

art franchise opportunities

Becoming an Art Studio Franchise Owner with Kidcreate

Deciding to open your own business or invest in a franchise is a big decision, not to be taken lightly or rushed into. It is essential to carry out due diligence and thoroughly research the available options to ensure the decision is the right one for you, as a successful business requires hard work, dedication, and passion for what you are doing. Justin advises all potential Franchise Owners who are looking into franchising to do their research and make sure they are in a place to dedicate the time and effort to make the business a success. 

Of course, a background in teaching or working with children is a great starting point for success with a child-related franchise, but it’s not the most important indicator of how successful your Kidcreate location will be. We are interested in candidates from all backgrounds with the determination to succeed and a desire to help and make a difference in people’s lives. Justin and Cheyenne see themselves as very driven and goal-oriented people, and the thing they are most looking forward to when opening their Kidcreate Studio is interacting with and providing a safe and educational experience for many children in their community. We wish them every success with their new studio and look forward to hearing their stories!

The investment for the On-The-Go mobile franchise model with Kidcreate starts at just $64,520. Please visit our franchise website for more information.



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Should I Open My Own Art Studio or Invest in an Art Franchise?

Should I Open My Own Art Studio or Invest in an Art Franchise?


The last 18 months have seen an unprecedented number of employees quitting their jobs, with the main driving factor being the way they were treated by their employers during the global pandemic. This is leading to a significant shift in people’s attitudes towards work, forcing disillusioned staff to re-evaluate their priorities and with many finally having the push they needed to leave behind something which was making them unhappy, and pursue something which they feel truly passionate about. 

Does starting your own business and being your own boss appeal to you? Maybe you are an aspiring or established artist, a teacher, an entrepreneur, or simply a creative person looking for a new challenge. If so, being the owner and operator of your own art studio would be an exciting new adventure. But the big question looms, where to begin? Of course, with every new business, there are a great number of things to consider, not least the costs involved, the location, the time and effort required, and your intended audience.

When pondering the first steps of your new adventure, there are two main factors to take into consideration. Should you open an independent art studio, or instead go down the road of investing in an existing franchise? This article will outline the pros and cons of both these options and help you make a decision about which is best for you.

art franchise

An independent art studio is for the purposes of either creating or selling art, and can involve any number of art, such as painting, sculpting, woodwork or ceramics. For a budding artist or those with a link to artwork and crafts, there are clear benefits to opening an independent studio. To begin, you have the luxury of designing something from scratch, enabling you to create your studio to your exact specifications and interests. Your passion and creativity will flow throughout the space you create, and you will feel valued and enthused by engaging with other artists and selling your work to interested parties. Most importantly, you are following your dream, which through sheer hard work will provide you with an enormous sense of achievement.

However, starting a business from scratch comes with its share of downsides, and an independent art studio is no different. A huge amount of research and planning must be done before the idea begins to take shape, such as conducting market research on similar organizations, gauging interest in the local area, assessing the competition, finding a suitable location, deciding on your preferred layout, deciding what equipment you will need and what it will cost, and considering the upsides of renting vs buying. And this is to name but a few! It is not unreasonable to expect many months of planning to really decide on what you are looking for.

Once the groundwork has been laid, a new business will need a solid business plan, financial backing, expert advice, a marketing strategy and/or professional website creation, and most likely a business license. This is of course all doable, and there are many thriving art studios in existence, but to ensure the best possible chance of success, you must be 100% committed to the project and have the self-drive and relentless work ethic to push yourself to achieve your goal.

The second option worth considering is to be your own boss by investing in an existing art franchise. By embarking on a franchise, you will immediately be removing a huge amount of the stress involved with starting a business from scratch, simply because the business already exists, with a support team and infrastructure in place. You have a ready-made team of experts to help you every step of the way, from the initial purchase and set-up, right through to opening and actually running the business.

Arts and Craft Franchising

Putting the ‘ART’ into ‘SMART Investment!’

A great example of this is becoming a Franchise Owner at Kidcreate Studio. Specializing in children’s art classes, camps and art-themed birthday parties, Kidcreate Studio is an art studio just for kids. Kidcreate fulfil a huge unmet need in communities for children to be creative, learn art concepts, and experiment with many different art materials, something which is severely lacking in school curriculums today. Creativity is often quoted as the necessary skill of the future, and an organization such as Kidcreate gives children the tools to unlock this creativity, providing them with an essential part of their development and childhood education.

The clear incentive for investing in an art franchise such as Kidcreate is that you will be using your talent and enthusiasm for your craft to help and enrich the lives of children. Kidcreate Franchise Owners enjoy all the benefits of running their own business and being their own boss, bringing not only a significant financial return but also huge emotional returns on the initial investment.

art franchise for kids

At Kidcreate we understand that starting a new business is daunting and extremely hard work, which is why being a Kidcreate Franchise Owner brings with it an entire support team. This includes advice from a Real Estate Director to find the best studio location and negotiate and sign a lease agreement, access to your own Marketing Director to provide assistance with promoting your business, 100 hours of initial training to prepare you for opening your studio doors, and refresher training courses once your studio is open.

Last but not least, a huge benefit of being a Kidcreate Franchise Owner is that you can be up and running in as little as 60 days. Yes, you read that correctly, 60 days! No need to spend months researching and planning, the Kidcreate team can guide you through this process, not only removing a huge amount of stress from the start-up process of a new business but also cutting the prep time from many months to just 60 days. There are two choices of models for new Franchise Owners, allowing new Owners to choose between a mobile studio or a brick-and-mortar studio, or both! The initial investment for the On-The-Go mobile franchise model starts at just $64,520, and of course, once you have established your first studio as a Franchise Owner, there is nothing to stop you from expanding your empire and opening multiple Kidcreate Studio art franchise locations.

Invest in Your Future: Own a Kidcreate Studio Art Franchise

There are very few downsides to investing in an art franchise, although it is important to remember that despite all the support and assistance you will receive, it will by no means be a walk in the park. You will still need the initial investment, and of course, businesses do not succeed by themselves. Investing in an art franchise will still require the dedication and hard work that any business does. You will need to bring your entrepreneurial spirit and your desire to succeed, not forgetting your passion for both art and the education of children.

Kidcreate Studio makes it so much easier for you to become a Franchise Owner than those trying to open an independent art studio business, so what are you waiting for? Visit our art franchise website today for more info.



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Kidcreate Studio Franchise Awards

5 Tips For Success as an Art Studio Franchise Owner

5 Tips For Success as an Art Studio Franchise Owner

5 tips for success as an art studio franchise owner

You don’t need to be a professional artist to inspire creativity in children, and you don’t need to be an experienced business owner to open a business that you feel passionate about. What you do need is enthusiasm, the drive to succeed, and of course, some sound advice.

Maybe you are a teacher looking to change careers, or a keen parent looking for ways to use your creativity to work with kids. Perhaps you already host a kids’ art class on a small scale, or maybe you are an aspiring artist who has never quite found a way to unlock your talent, or simply an entrepreneur seeking a new business opportunity. Opening an art studio for kids is a wonderful way of harnessing creativity and passing on your passion to children, but of course, as with any new business, there are a number of things to consider, and several potential pitfalls along the way.

Here are some top tips for opening a kids’ art studio, to try and avoid some of these pitfalls.


Be enthusiastic

More than anything, the most important skill you will require is enthusiasm. Your art studio will not succeed if you are not passionate and excited about both the creative side and the children you will be working with. You do not have to be a trained teacher or childcare provider to be able to successfully work with kids, but you do need to have the vitality and passion required to inspire and enthuse young people. Any parent or teacher will tell you that when they are tired, bored, or fed up, this lackluster approach rubs off on the children. And conversely, when they are happy, enthusiastic, and excited, the children buzz off this energy and the lesson or the day is a completely different experience.

That’s not to say you need to abandon the dream of owning a kid-centric business if you don’t necessarily wish to be on hand for every lesson. Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owners have the freedom and flexibility to hire instructors to handle the day-to-day heavy lifting while they focus on growing their business empire.


kid-friendly franchises in 2021

Use Social Media

Love it or hate it, when starting a new business, social media is your friend. Nowadays, hundreds, even thousands of people can read your message or learn about your project instantly. Through the power of Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, to name but a few, a massive audience will be able to see photos and explanations of what you are offering, what the children are doing, what your studio looks like, and why they should come and check you out. News spreads fast, and word of mouth combined with the power of social media spreads even faster. Post pictures and short texts regularly. Keep people up-to-date and informed, and keep your studio at the forefront of people’s minds.

Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owners have an advantage over the local competition here, as they are backed by our top-notch marketing support team! For those who wish to own a business but aren’t keen on developing their own marketing campaigns and strategies, owning an art studio franchise with Kidcreate is the way to go!



Be Organized

There is a time and a place for winging it and making it up as you go, but opening your own brand new art studio is not it. Art lessons require planning and organization, just as with any other subjects, arguably more if you take into account all the materials and resources involved. Put together a basic curriculum, perhaps encompassing themes or topics, and use it as a base upon which to build.

At Kidcreate, our Franchise Owners have the benefit of over 1,000 art lessons at their fingertips! Our robust curriculum has been carefully curated by art education experts and gives step-by-step instructions, additional information about the art techniques used, and even fun educational tie-ins with STEM disciplines, history, and more to further enrich each lesson.


art franchise for kids

Be FLEXIBLE and Experiment

Children are not predictable- you never know what you are going to get, so be prepared for your wonderfully planned and prepared idea to not quite be as you expected. Experiment with different activities for different ages, find out what works and what doesn’t, and always have other ideas and activities waiting in the wings, you never know when you might need them. Use Pinterest to search for inspiration and expand your own creative mind.

As part of our extensive curriculum library, Kidcreate Studio has curated numerous fun lessons and projects for kids anywhere from 18 months to 12 years of age! We’ve taken the guesswork out of which lesson works best for which group, and pass that key information along to Franchise Owners. We’ve also tried and tested every lesson and can help our Franchise Owners choose the ones that resonate most with our Kidcreators.



Be Approachable

Dealing with kids inevitably means also dealing with parents. You need to be the adult that both kids and adults feel they can come and talk to, who will deal with problems or issues effectively, and who will take on board any advice. Remember that no one knows their kids better than the parents, so if they have a tip for you, listen and incorporate it into your class!

One thing our Franchise Owners have in common is that they love interacting with people! Many of our Owners come from sales, marketing, or business backgrounds and excel at making both kids and parents feel welcome, comfortable, and excited about coming back again and again!


art franchise for kids

Investing in an Art Studio Franchise With Kidcreate

Are you starting to think that opening a kids’ art studio could be a lot of fun? Well, you would be right! However, before you launch into planning, take into consideration all the factors that this new venture will require. You will need to research and plan your business, conduct market research, find the right location, organize leasing, write a business plan, apply for a business license, set up business banking and accounting, obtain the correct building permits, research and purchase the necessary equipment and materials, then market and advertise your business. And this is before you have even opened your doors!

This is not only a stressful, but a very lengthy process, and there’s nothing like month after month of hitting a brick wall to dampen even the greatest enthusiasm!

At Kidcreate Studio we understand what a daunting prospect this must be for aspiring entrepreneurs, but we don’t want enthusiastic individuals to be put off by the red tape involved, so we have put a great deal of time and effort into making it so much easier to become a Kidcreate Franchise Owner than trying to run an independent studio business. A Kidcreate Franchise Owner can enjoy all the benefits of being a business owner, following their dreams, and making a difference in the lives of children, but without the stress and worry involved with having to go it alone.

To begin with, we have a full support team available to you at Kidcreate, to advise and guide you through the entire process. This includes a real estate agent to provide you will advice on finding a suitable location and signing a lease, 100 hours of initial training and on-the-job instruction, ongoing refresher courses, and access to a Marketing Director who will provide continuing assistance to promote and advertise your business.

Secondly, rather than spending months and months planning, organizing, and fighting to get your project off the ground, at Kidcreate we can help you get your mobile art studio up and running in as little as 60 days! You have the option of investing in a mobile studio where you are free to move around, offering classes all over your community, or taking it a step further and opening your very own brick-and-mortar studio. As a Franchise Owner, you have the flexibility to start with a mobile studio and add further mobile studios or a brick and mortar studio further down the line.

Investing in a Kidcreate Art Studio Franchise is a wonderful way of not only generating a great income but also passing your enthusiasm on to the younger generation by helping children grow and develop.

Please visit our franchise website for more information.



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Kids Education Franchise Prepares Kids For a New School Year!

Kids Education Franchise Prepares Kids For a New School Year!

How Our Kids Education Franchise is Helping Prepare Kids For an All-New School Year! 

It is easy to see how the past 18 months have been a tough time for everyone, and not least for children. Schools closed, only to reopen and close again, missed exams, battles for the grades they deserve, a year of learning lost, not to mention the damage caused by constant disruption and lack of social interaction and stimulation. With a return to normality on the horizon, adults are starting to breathe a sigh of relief, but for many children, simply returning to life as it used to be is not quite so straightforward.

Not all schoolchildren can just pick up where they left off in 2020. They are now 18 months older, a huge amount in a young life. More than ever, children will need support and guidance as they readjust to life back at school, many of them heading towards exams and assessments that they feel completely and utterly unprepared for. Of course in recent months children have been able to socialise again, albeit in a limited capacity, and most schools have offered remote or hybrid learning during the pandemic, but long-term this is not comparable to face-to-face learning or playing. Having not seen or socialised with peers in a classroom setting for many months, returning to education will be a daunting step for even the most confident of children. So what can we do to help our children transition back into the new school year?

kids education franchise

Extensive research has shown the positive correlation between arts education and academic achievement, in particular that arts education leads to an improved performance in Math and Science disciplines. In addition to this, research has shown that learning creative self-expression at a young age can build confidence and improve self-esteem. Yet despite this compelling evidence, Art is still not receiving the attention it deserves as an important academic subject.

District budget cuts mean that funding for educational programs is severely lacking, and with an increasing focus on the core subjects of English, math, and science, the first things to go are generally the creative subjects such as art. As an example, following the recession of 2008/09, 42 percent of schools in the state of Georgia eliminated their art and music programs.  Indeed, a continual point of contention between school teachers and policy-makers is over the imbalance of core subjects versus the so-called ‘extracurricular’ subjects, such as art, music, and drama. 

It is clear that there is an unmet need in the community; if schools cannot offer our children the outlet for creativity that they deserve, it needs to be provided elsewhere. And this is where Kidcreate comes in. We are a kids education franchise offering small-group art classes that improve children’s self-esteem, social skills, and the likelihood of success later in life. We cannot stress enough the importance of small, creative classes such as these for helping children who are transitioning back to in-person learning after the COVID pandemic, enabling them to feel comfortable and secure in a class setting once again.

What Makes Our Kids Education Franchise Different?

You may be thinking that there are already a number of kids’ businesses in your area, so where is the need for another one? There are several things that make us different from other kids’ businesses, not least the fact that we are the one and only children’s arts and crafts franchise with real, physical, brick and mortar studios, where we are able to offer not only customers studio classes, but also art-themed birthday parties and retail sales.

Secondly, we offer two different models; the studio model, where classes happen in a dedicated brick-and-mortar studio, and the On-The-Go model, where the Franchise Owner can move around, offering classes in any location in the area, such as community centers and schools. This means that parents can choose between either having a fixed location or a changing location, reaching parents who may not live close to the studio, or who may not have the means to attend the physical studio.

teaching franchsie

So why choose to become a Kidcreate Franchise Owner? What’s in it for you?

Throughout the economic crisis of 2008/09, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Kidcreate has thrived, proving that we are recession-resistant; a much sought-after business in the current climate. Owning a Kidcreate franchise also brings with it not only a significant financial return on investment but also an emotional return through providing kids with an essential part of their development and childhood education. You will be joining the fight against the decline of art education in schools. A Kidcreate franchise offers great flexibility, with the option of two different models, bringing with it strong potential to grow and expand. You have the possibility of starting with an On-The-Go mobile franchise, with the ability to open in as little as 60 days, and then adding a physical Kidcreate Studio further down the line, and thus building your very own Kidcreate empire. The investment for the On-The-Go mobile franchise model starts at just $64,520.

So who is the ideal Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owner? 

The answer to that is you! Anyone can be a Kidcreate Franchise Owner, whether you are an education professional, an entrepreneur or aspiring business owner, or simply someone who is interested in franchising. A background in teaching is not necessary, and neither is a knowledge of art. If you are business-savvy and passionate about helping to enrich the lives of children, then Kidcreate is the ideal venture for you. Art studios are perceived as a place for adults with artistic talent, but why? Children are arguably a lot more creative than most adults, so why not give them a place that is just for them, where they can let their creativity run wild and learn new skills?

In short, after an unprecedented school year, children need support and assistance now more than ever, rather than simply being thrown back in where they left off. The benefits to children of supplemental art education are clear, not just from an educational standpoint, but also for their social and emotional wellbeing. Simply by being smaller than most, and as yet unable to do all the things an adult can do, our children are the frequently forgotten members of society, yet it is important to remind ourselves that they are indeed the future of our planet. So isn’t it our duty to provide them the best possible education to give them the best possible start in life?

As we head toward a new school year in the aftermath of the pandemic, teachers as well as parents are beginning to recognize the benefits of art education, and the demand for creative classes will only increase. Now is the time to become a Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owner, so please visit our franchise website for more info.