Here’s Why Birthday Party Business Opportunities Are Big for 2021

Here’s Why Birthday Party Business Opportunities Are Big for 2021

Making Up for Lost Time: Why Kids’ Birthday Parties Are Big Business in 2021

Did you know that some parents spend as much as $50,000 on children’s birthday parties? Sure, that’s not the norm, but it’s undeniable that the potential for kids’ birthday party business opportunities is huge!

The COVID-19 pandemic, however, threw a spanner in the works when it prevented any sort of social gatherings and implemented various social distancing measures. As a result, it made many parents put their birthday party plans on hold for 2020.

But you know what that means, right? It’s simple, parents will want to celebrate in a big, fun way in 2021 to make up for the opportunities lost during the last year.

And here, Kidcreate gives them the perfect place to do this. They’ll be able to plan the perfect birthday party that is still COVID-19 friendly by hosting only small groups, implementing social distancing and masks while sanitizing all workspaces. In this way, their kids can have an educational, creative, and fun experience on their birthday that they won’t easily forget. 

So, isn’t it time that you got in on the action? Between the birthday party business opportunities we offer and the invaluable service we provide to kids in the communities we serve, franchising with Kidcreate is a great move for entrepreneurs in 2021! With that in mind, let’s look at what a Kidcreate Studio is and what makes us different from other kids’ businesses in your area.

A Look at the Statistics

Before looking at this, let’s look at the stats on kids’ birthday party business opportunities. For one thing, Americans are working longer hours than ever before. With long work hours come busy calendars and parents that don’t necessarily have the time to plan birthday parties.

As a result, they turn to child entertainment franchises to help them create memorable birthdays and events for their children. Now think about this, depending on the state, the percentage of the population under 18 varies from 18% to 29%. 

On average, though, about 23% of Americans are under 18. Considering that the US population is currently about 330 million people, there are about 75 million children in the US. This figure is expected to grow to 80 million by 2030.

In simple terms, that’s a lot of birthday parties every year. In other words, the potential for birthday party business opportunities is enormous. In fact, the average parent will spend about $500 on their child’s first birthday party. 

Possibly, this number will even increase for birthday parties after that. Likewise, the child-related services industry is a $48 billion a year industry that has been growing steadily at a rate of 1.5%. Despite this, there are no companies that currently dominate the market. This means it’s easier for new children’s party franchises to establish successful businesses in their area. 

We repeat, the potential is massive!

kids' education franchise

What Is Kidcreate Studio?

Now that you’ve seen the potential, you’re probably wondering what Kidcreate Studio actually is. Well, we’re an art studio just for kids. As such, we specialize in children’s art classes, camps, and art-themed birthday parties. We allow kids to learn art concepts and experiment with many different art materials while creating fridge-worthy masterpieces along the way.

For you, as a potential Franchise Owner, we’re more than just an arts and craft franchise. We offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to run a business that brings significant financial and emotional return on investment while providing kids with an essential part of their development and education.

What Makes Us Different?

“Wait, but other kid-centric companies offer birthday party business opportunities too,” I hear you say. Sure, they do. But many things make us different from other kids’ businesses in your area.

So, what exactly are these differences? Let’s take a look.

For one, owning a Kidcreate Studio means you can leave behind the corporate grind with a small business that gives you a more flexible work-life balance while also allowing you to take control of your financial destiny and earn a healthy income along the way.

Just think about it. No more meetings, no more bosses looking over your shoulder, and definitely no more boring conversation at the coffee machine.

But it goes further than this. Some other benefits of owning a Kidcreate Studio include:

    art franchise fulfillment


    Apart from offering a financially rewarding career, owning a Kidcreate Studio also gives you a deep sense of purpose. This dual benefit is hard to find in many other occupations.

    freedom and flexibility art franchise


    One thing is for sure. We give you options. Kidcreate offers a unique business model where you can bring our highly sought-after curriculum to child-friendly businesses in your community with our mobile business model. You also have the option of offering classes and camps in your own beautiful brick-and-mortar studio location. So, if you prefer, you can start with the mobile business and add a studio later. Or you can even start with both. There are indeed no limits.

    teaching franchise community focus


    With your own Kidcreate Studio, you’ll be able to partner with community bodies in your area to unite in the fight against the kind of art education. For this reason, you can become a well-respected voice of change as the face of the local Kidcreate Studio.

    arts and crafts franchise recession-resistant


    One thing that the COVID-19 pandemic showed us is that Kidcreate Studio is a one-of-a-kind experiential business that cannot be replicated by big online businesses. For this reason, it also thrived during the 2009/2008 economic crisis. As a result, you’ll have comfort knowing that your business is proven to be recession-resistant.

    scalable kid friendly franchise


    We can open locations in as little as 60 days. So, you’ll be able to grow your Kidcreate Studio empire across your entire region with multiple units. Or, if you prefer, you can stick to a single location in your neighborhood. As Franchise Owner, the choice is up to you.

    strong profitability teaching franchise


    With our On-The-Go model, you can literally start generating income from your business almost immediately. Besides, our ongoing overhead costs are extremely low. And you know what this means. If your expenses are lower, your profit margin is bigger. You can add a brick-and-mortar studio down the line to create an additional revenue stream and extra cross-marketing opportunities if you want.

    Art Franchise Classes

    More Benefits

    Owning a Kidcreate Studio goes further than these benefits. We believe that to succeed and build a successful business, we need to stand with our Franchise Owners. As such, we have a team of experienced franchise professionals who genuinely care about your success and help every member of the Franchise Owner family reach their business goals.

    Here, some of the assistance we give our Franchise Owners include:

    art franchise training Resources


    Our initial training program, Kidcreate Academy, includes 100 hours of self-study, classroom training, and on-the-job training to prepare you to open the doors of your Studio. During these classes, you’ll learn everything you need to know about running your own Kidcreate Studio.

    craft franchise real estate


    You’ll be able to work with our Real Estate Director, and a local network of real estate brokers will help you to find the best location for your Kidcreate Studio. When you choose our mobile On-The-Go business model, we help you to build partnerships and grow a customer base before you even open.

    kid franchises entertainment construction


    The same real estate team will also help you to negotiate and sign a lease agreement for your location. We work with your local real estate broker to find local architects and contractors and then lead you through the bidding process to ensure you get the best deal to build out your Studio.

    teaching franchise curriculum


    Apart from our regular training, you’ll also be able to attend ongoing refresher training courses to ensure that you remain current with the industry trends and new curriculum. This ensures you’re always up to date.

    art studio franchise operations


    You’ll be able to work with a designated Field Consultant to refine and improve your local operations and business processes for up to 14 days a year. You’ll also receive on-site training for up to four days during your Grand Opening.

    child entertainment franchises marketing


    Your Marketing Director will provide one-on-one ongoing assistance with local marketing programs and advertising materials/sales aids specifically designed for Franchise Owners to use to promote their business.

    Birthday Party Business Opportunities With Kidcreate

    Now, you know how enormous the potential is for birthday party business opportunities. We’ve already looked at these statistics.

    So, one of our most exciting offerings is our birthday parties. Here, Kidcreate Studios appeal to busy parents who don’t have time to plan birthday parties. As a result, they turn to us to create a memorable birthday party experience for their children. 

    As a Franchise Owner, you’ll take care of every aspect of the party, from the planning to the decorations, so that parents can kick back and enjoy their child’s special day.

    We give special attention to event planning and setup and also focus on entertaining and engaging activities we do with the children. We even clean up when the party’s over. Now, who wouldn’t want this? This is exactly the reason why parents are using Kidcreate Studio to host and plan their children’s birthday parties.

    Considering the demand for these services, owning a Kidcreate Studio is an excellent opportunity.

    children's art franchise

    More Ways of Earning

    Because we offer you the opportunity to own a brick-and-mortar Studio or an On-The-Go Studio, or even both, you have twice the opportunity to generate an income from birthday parties.

    This also provides parents with the choice. In other words, some parents will rather host their children’s party at a studio. In contrast, others could choose to have a fun and creative activity at their home.

    Because there are no direct competitors in our space, we’re the only ones who can provide our customers with the custom birthday party experience they are looking for. This, ultimately, means huge opportunities for every Franchise Owner.

    One thing to keep in mind is that, although there might be social distancing and other COVID-19 restrictions now, they are likely to lift in the future. This means if you buy a franchise now, you have months of construction or buildout on your Studio. In simple terms, once when things get back to normal, you’ll be ready to have your Grand Opening.

    What Can You Make?

    Okay, so this may be the part of this article you’re most interested in. How much money can you make as a Kidcreate Franchise Owner? 

    Before looking at that, though, let’s look at the investment. You know, ultimately, success is often measured in return on investment, so you’ll have to see what you have to invest and then measure that against what you can earn.

    For our mobile studio business model, the minimum investment is between $64,765 and $95,490. This amount includes your initial franchise fee. In respect of a brick-and-mortar Studio, the minimum investment ranges between $110,705 and $266,270. Like the mobile option, this also includes the initial franchise fee. 

    Now, these investments sound low. And they are. Compared to other children’s education franchise concepts, we offer a relatively low entry point and investment. This is because we’re able to keep investment costs low because of our small footprint as minimal buildout costs. Now for the exciting part, what can you make?

    Well, the Studio revenue potential is up to $466,044*. Remember, rewards are not always measured in money, and apart from this, you’ll also enjoy other rewarding aspects by doing something you love giving back to your community.

    *Numbers obtained from our 2020 FDD.

    family entertainment franchises

    The Bottom Line

    The industry for kids’ birthday parties is huge. And birthday party business opportunities are only expected to grow after the pandemic when eager parents want to make up for lost time because they missed their kids’ big birthday party last year. 

    Ultimately, this means owning a Kidcreate Studio now is not only a huge opportunity but also an incredible investment.

    If you want to know more about this opportunity or how you can go about owning a Kidcreate Studio, visit our franchise website or contact us for more details.

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    Summer Camp Means BIG Business For Our Art Franchise Owners!

    Summer Camp Means BIG Business For Our Art Franchise Owners!

    Is Summer Camp REALLY Big Business?

    Just Ask Our Art Franchise Owners!

    art franchise

    Summer camps have for long been a perennial favorite among children, and parents, nationwide. Not only do summer camps provide kids with opportunities to stay engaged and have rewarding experiences during summer vacation, but they also give parents a much-needed child care option in a safe, wholesome environment.

    What people often don’t think of is that summer camps, like the ones offered by Kidcreate art Franchise Owners, can be a really big business. So, apart from enriching children’s lives, you’ll also be able to earn a good living.   

    In this post, we’ll look at some of the statistics that show what an excellent opportunity a summer camp business is, how you could own one, and what sets us apart from other kid’s businesses.


    Now, with that in mind, let’s look at some of the statistics relating to summer camps. Currently, there are more than 12,000 operating camps in the United States alone, including 7,000 overnight camps and 5,000 day camps. More than six million children across the United States attend camp every summer and these camps employ 1.5 million people every year.

    Of the summer camps in the United States, 60% are residential camps, while 20% are day camps, and 17% are a combination of the two. Residential camps are those camps where children stay overnight and, in contrast, day camps offer programs that start in the morning and end in the evening.      

    This statistic you’re probably most interested in, is the one relating to revenue. And here it gets remarkably interesting. Combined, the industry generates profits of more than $15 billion a year. That is simply a staggering number.    

    When we drill down on these revenues, we see the average tuition charged by camps per week:

        • 15% have an average tuition of less than $100.
        • 16% have an average tuition of $100 to $200.
        • 15% have an average tuition of $200 to $400. 
        • 19% have an average tuition of $400 to $600.
        • 5% have an average tuition of $600 to $1000.
        • 9% have an average tuition of $1000 to $1500.
        • 21% have an average tuition of over $1500.

    As you’ve probably seen, most camps are charging fairly high tuitions…and they’re getting it! This simply means that when you charge higher tuitions, you earn higher revenue.

    Here, the statistics show the average annual gross revenue of camps to be the following:        

        • 25% earn less than $500,000. 
        • 16% earn between $500,000 and $1 million.
        • 38% earned between $1 million and $3 million.
        • 21% earn above $3 million.

    Apart from showing that camps are earning excellent revenues, these statistics also show that most of the camps are seeing growth in their revenue year on year. For example, in 2018, 46% of camps saw an increase in enrollment numbers of 4% to 15% compared to the previous year. And it’s quite obvious that if your enrollment numbers go up, your revenue does too.      

    Obviously, those numbers would have seen a change during summer 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s expected that summer 2021 will see those numbers rise again, simply because parents need to go to work, and children need socialization and interaction in a safe environment.   

    You’re probably bored of statistics now, but the key takeaway is that operating a camp is a very profitable venture and it’s a worthwhile opportunity to take when you get the chance. And that’s where we come in. 

    WHAT WE DO: The “Why” Behind Our Art Franchise

    Because our Founder Lara Olson was discouraged by the limited art exposure her son was receiving at school, she started Kidcreate Studio. Since then, it has become one of the most successful children’s art franchise businesses in the country.

    We have the following offerings to children nationwide:

        • Art classes for kids where they’re introduced to the wonderful world of art. We provide a positive, self-esteem building environment for children to explore the visual arts and they get the opportunity to get messy with paint, clay, and so much more. 
        • Birthday parties where we make children’s birthdays special. At these parties, children and their friends will create a take home art project with the help of an instructor.
        • Mobile studios that offer mobile classes that help organizations to add more art education into the lives of the kids at their institution. 

    Considering the excellent opportunity that camps offer, you’ll be excited to hear that we also offer you, as a Franchise Owner, the opportunity to present art camps. These camps offer customers affordable camp programs for their kids who are not in school, on school breaks, and also camps specialized for the summer months.

    Business Owner Art Franchise

    What Sets Our Art Franchise Apart?

    So, what sets Kidcreate Studio apart from other art franchise opportunities and kids’ businesses in your area? Let’s take a look.


    Owning a Kidcreate Studio offers you the benefit of feeling a deep sense of purpose. We think one of our Franchise Owners described this perfectly when asked about the most enjoyable aspect of owning a Kidcreate art franchise. 

    She said: 

    I get to work with some truly wonderful people! I love being a leader/role model for the entire staff and the Franchisees. Being a part of Kidcreate from the beginning has made me appreciate all that it is and all that it is still yet to be. The opportunity to work flexible hours, if needed, is nice to have as an option. Every day is different in some way, and it has been a constant adventure on the craziest of roller coaster rides, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! 

    I also LOVE seeing the looks on the children’s faces after they have created one of our projects. They are so proud! This never gets old! It’s not only a perk as a Studio Manager, but it’s a perk in my daily life! It might sound cheesy, but it’s so very true. You can’t help but smile right along with them and share their joy.

    Besides this, you’ll also have a financially rewarding career.

    Flexible business model

    We offer a unique art franchise model with the ability to bring our highly sought-after curriculum to child-friendly locations in your area with our mobile business. You also have the option to offer classes and camps in a beautiful brick-and-mortar studio location. This means total flexibility and, if you prefer, you can start out with a mobile business and add a studio later.  

    Community Focus

    With a strong community focus, you’ll be able to partner with community bodies in fighting against the decline of art education, and you’ll become a well-respected voice of change as the face of the local Kidcreate Studio. 

    Recession-Resistant Model

    We’ve thrived during the 2008/09 economic recession and now during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is simply because our one-of-a-kind business cannot be replicated by online giants. For you, as the Franchise Owner, this means you’ll sleep soundly knowing your business is proven to be recession-resistant. 


    With a Kidcreate Studio, you’ll be able to open a new art franchise location in as little as 60 days, while also being able to grow your business to your entire region with multiple units. If you choose, you could stick to a single location in your neighborhood, the choice is up to you. The key, however, is that this offers a level of scalability and flexibility not easily found elsewhere. 

    Strong Profitability

    Like they always say, the numbers don’t lie, and looking at the statistics, a Kidcreate Studio art franchise is an excellent opportunity for strong profitability. With our on-the-go model, you’ll be able to generate revenues from your business almost immediately and your overhead costs are kept extremely low, which results in impressive profit margins. Also, the ability to add a brick-and-mortar store to your business down the line creates additional revenue streams and cross-marketing opportunities. 

    Support and Marketing   

    Unlike starting your own business, where you’ll be mostly going it alone, we have a fabulous team to support you every step of the way. We offer training, ongoing support, annual meetings, and a full curriculum. Simply, we help and guide you from your initial call to your grand opening and right through the running of your art franchise business.

    We also have a dedicated marketing specialist to help you with a variety of marketing campaigns. So, as a new Franchise Owner, we’ll build you a localized website specific to your location and will help you with things like social media marketing, direct mail, and public relations. 

    What Can You Make?

    Now you probably want to know what you can make as a Franchise Owner. Well, for a mobile studio the minimum investment required is $65,765 with a franchise fee of $45,000. For a brick-and-mortar studio, the minimum investment required is $110,705, also with a franchise fee of $45,000.

    These numbers pale in comparison to what you can earn considering the revenue statistics of camps. In fact, your studio has the potential to earn a revenue of $466,044*.

    *Numbers obtained from our 2020 FDD.

    Own an Art Franchise With BIG Summer Camp Potential!

    kid franchises entertainment


    When you look at the numbers that camps are earning, it’s clear that camps are a booming business. And this boom is expected to continue as we move into the post- COVID world. Now imagine getting to capitalize on the rising demand for summer camp opportunities while also enjoying the multiple other revenue streams, such as classes, On-the-Go partnerships, birthday parties, special events, and retail that the Kidcreate Studio art franchise offers, and you can see how quickly our Franchise Owners can potentially turn what they love into a fulfilling career with both emotional AND financial reward!

    This means, owning a Kidcreate Studio is an excellent opportunity for you to create the life you always wanted where you earn a good living and play an important role in your community. 

    If you’d like to learn more about our opportunity and how you could become a Franchise Owner, visit our website for more info.    

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    Our Art Franchise and Other Programs Inspire Kids’ Creativity

    Our Art Franchise and Other Programs Inspire Kids’ Creativity

    Art Matters:

    5 Programs Dedicated to Helping Kids Express Themselves

    Art is scientifically proven to be beneficial for children. Children pick up a variety of skills when they learn through creativity. The development of cognition, sensory-motor, and emotional skills are just some of the benefits that an art program can provide children. 

    The unfortunate truth is that art is a crucial part of education that is cut more every year. Music and visual art classes are disappearing from schools nationwide so schools can save money. School boards see art programs as supplements to a proper education rather than a necessity.

    We are doing our youth a disservice by not allowing them a creative outlet every day. There are specific skills that art specializes in teaching that are crucial for working professionals. 

    Thankfully, some people recognize art’s significance and have made a difference for thousands of children across the country. 

    You can join the movement to keep kids creating. We at Kidcreate Studio are just one of several art programs that are working to help our youth. 

    5 Art Programs for Kids 

    Our curriculum at Kidcreate Studio is one of the five kids’ art programs we’d like to share with you that actively impact communities and help children through visual arts, music, and other outlets. 

    Many of these include nonprofit and donation-driven organizations.

    Keep reading to find out how you, too, can join the ranks of these inspiring organizations, positively impact your community, and make a living while making a difference by investing in a Kidcreate art franchise. 

    teaching franchise
    kidcreate studio art franchise
    Our Founder, Lara Olson, began Kidcreate Studio after seeing how little art was being taught in her son’s school. She wanted him to experience the joy of art and the fun of creativity. After searching for an art studio specifically for child art education, she decided to create her own. Lara’s story inspired so many aspiring entrepreneurs that in 2016, she began awarding art franchise opportunities to like-minded people across the country. 

    This was our beginning.

    As an art franchise designed for a wholesome and comprehensive arts education for children, you can count on us at Kidcreate Studio to have the best programs for teaching and inviting kids into the world of art. We offer weekly classes that introduce kids to drawing, painting, clay, and so much more.

    Franchise Owners enjoy the multiple streams of revenue that come from hosting camps, workshops, and even art-themed birthday parties in addition to regular weekly art classes for kids ages 18 months and up. Our thoughtfully-designed curriculum features close to 1,000 fun classes that invite kids to begin developing crucial creative skills while having fun and getting a little messy! With various projects and materials, kids are free to express themselves through art, shaping their emotional, mental, and social skills. 

    Franchise Owners enjoy profitability in addition to the community service of the art studio. 

    Kidcreate features a business model that is recession-proof and has a high potential for financial gain. There is currently a $102.8 billion segment for education and tutoring.* Summer camps prove to be a $3.5 billion industry, and Birthday parties are a $25 billion industry.* 

    In addition to the financial rewards they stand to gain from owning an in-demand business in a recession-resilient industry, our Franchise Owners also enjoy the emotional benefits of owning a Kidcreate Studio art franchise. We are proud to have a program that has positively impacted communities, developing children’s art education, fueling imagination, and allowing them to find their love for creative activity. 

    New Franchise Owners can open a new location in as little as 60 days, thanks to the versatility and ease of our On-The-Go business model that allows them to establish partnerships with local schools and child care centers, bringing art to the community rather than waiting for business to come to them! With flexibility, profitability, and a proven program that makes a difference in communities, Kidcreate art Franchise Owners have everything they need to make a lasting impact on their communities. 

    You can begin your journey with us by owning a Kidcreate in your community. We’re currently awarding art franchise opportunities for investors who are looking to open a brick-and-mortar studio, an On-The-Go art franchise, or both! 

    *Numbers obtained from our 2020 FDD.

    kid friendly franchise
    P.S. ARTS logo

    At Kidcreate, we’re inspired by nonprofit organizations who are on the same mission as us: to share the love of art with kids, which is why we LOVE the Los Angeles-based arts program P.S. Arts.

    P.S. Arts serves 25,000 students in the Los Angeles and Central Valley area of California. As a nonprofit organization, they are a designated 501( c)(3) organization. Today, they are a renowned arts program that reaches beyond arts instruction to provide equal access to complete education for children. 

    The mission vision of P.S. Arts is to give art programs to underserved communities. These include public schools in Southern and Central California. They are proud of being a wholesome art program that includes dance, theater, music, and visual art. 

    The learning philosophy at P.S. Arts focuses on hands-on and process-driven learning from prior knowledge. The curriculum uses art to encourage learning through questioning, collaboration, experimentation, and global mindedness. All curriculum standards align with national arts education standards, giving children an authentic art education experience. 

    P.S. Arts has both regular school day programs and after-school programs. They work with school administrators and parent groups for community outreach services. Also, the organization provides educator training and volunteer opportunities for anyone who wants to jump in and make a difference.

    P.S. Arts partners with schools to provide classroom art classes. These can be 30-week courses of in-class instruction or 10 to 15-week rotations that cover several art forms. Students learn and develop their art skills through experience and experimentation. P.S. Arts believes every child deserves the opportunity to create and get the critical benefits art offers. 

    Through family nights, family workshops, and their own performances, the organization is focused on developing a feeling of community and pride in the neighborhoods they serve. They even offer art projects kids and families can do at home as part of their curriculum. 

    Featuring a lifelong-learning attitude, P.S. Arts continues to work hard to provide an education for schools that wouldn’t regularly have access to art without them. You can make a difference by volunteering or donating today.

    art franchise
    art in action logo

    Like Kidcreate’s Studio’s many locations across the country, Art in Action is in 34 states with 85,000 children taking the program. 

    Operating under the mantra “Every child deserves art,” Art in Action offers a comprehensive K-8 visual arts curriculum. This curriculum consists of nine program levels and has 12 age-specific lessons. The lessons comply with the National Visual Arts Standards. Since the program is for a specific age group, it can focus on satisfying national standards and inspiring kids with age-appropriate lessons. 

    Not only do students make art, but they also learn to appreciate and discuss art. As part of the lessons, students partake in open-ended discussions where they can ask questions while observing various artworks. They also learn how to use evidence to support their ideas and listen to their classmates’ ideas. The classroom becomes a community of art enthusiasts. 

    Art in Action is proud of its comprehensive program that is school-based and innovative. They have over 108 lessons online for teachers to use. Students will find the classes cover a diverse range of art from different cultures and historical periods.  The organization makes it simple for schools to use and apply their lessons within the classroom. 

    The program gives students an outlet to express themselves using the skills they learn while in class. Those who lead these classes are classroom teachers trained by parent art docents. They offer a proven curriculum with a 99.7% satisfaction rating from users every year. 

    Art in Action is a nonprofit organization. Its program comes at a cost that is affordable for schools for easy implementation. There is an annual subscription fee for schools that covers the entire program with online lesson plans with support all year long. Art in Action also provides the necessary teaching materials, so lessons are easier after purchase. 

    Schools that may not be able to afford Art in Action can use The Art in Action Scholarship Fund, which provides selected schools in the entire program.

    teaching franchise
    the dreaming zebra foundation logo

    Dreaming Zebra is a national and international art foundation based in Portland, Oregon. It is a 501( c)(3) charity supporting children and young adults with art education. Dreaming Zebra celebrates individuality through art. The core of the organization’s beliefs is that every child deserves to have an art education, regardless of their socio-economic background. 

    Dreaming Zebra makes art accessible to everyone through their free art and music materials to schools and communities. The organization is proud to make art available to children around the country and the world. Supporters of the organization have a passion for education, community, and the environment. They donate money to supply the art materials that students will use. 

    In 2016, Dreaming Zebra provided 85,000 children with art materials who would not have experienced art without help. The foundation looks to generous donors to supply materials and donations to reach children who need them. 

    Dreaming Zebra’s unique program connects the community to disadvantaged youth through its Community Art Recycling Program. Businesses or individuals can donate reusable art and music materials or unsold art supplies that are then matched to requesting schools or community centers. 

    Sometimes these recipients are at-risk youth, mentoring groups, art therapy groups, or special education programs. Dream Zebra focuses on serving a diverse array of communities so they can all benefit from art and music. 

    Those who want to donate materials can contact the organization, or they can commit to creating a creative recycling bin in a home or office to collect materials to donate. Dreaming Zebra wants to remind people that even the simplest of items can inspire creativity. Materials like paper plates, buttons, yarn, pencils, or beads can be the starting point for a child’s creative endeavor. 

    teaching franchise
    Create Now non-profit logo

    As one of the most well-known organizations on our list, Create Now stands by the mission of “empowering youth through arts education and mentoring.”

    Currently serving 49,122 youth with their programs—GreenNonprofits awarded Create Now with the rating of “Best Charity to Donate to in Los Angeles”. 

    Beginning in 1996, Create Now works with children as young as three and adults as old as 24. Their programs include art, music, writing, performance, digital media, fashion design, and even culinary arts. Create Now is a program for at-risk children from low-income families and focuses on foster youth and the homeless. 

    Their mission is to empower the youth and young adults through art with a variety of programs. They want to use arts to help children learn skills that will lead them out of their challenging socio-economic situations and into careers. 

    Often, their students range from children who are neglected, victims of domestic violence, sex trafficking. Or orphaned. It is an organization focusing on creating opportunities for youth who need the most help. 

    Create Now is active in homeless shelters, foster group homes, schools, rehab centers, or other nonprofit organizations throughout Southern California. These are the youth partner agencies where volunteers for Create Now help develop and teach the youth curriculum. 

    This foundation also has programs focusing on ending violence in poverty-stricken neighborhoods and events like their Cultural Journeys, where the youth they serve can attend concerts or plays. They even have career days where professionals will talk to their students about their jobs. 

    Kids learn the skills they need to build successful futures through their arts education. Create Now believes that these kids have lives that can change for the better, and they also help to paint a picture of a brighter future. Their work creates opportunities, character, and creativity for children. 

    Art Franchise Classes

    Bring Creativity to Your Community With a Kidcreate Studio Art Franchise 

    Of these five amazing programs dedicated to bringing art to youth in diverse communities across America, Kidcreate Studio is the only one that allows entrepreneurs to make a difference while building a business. As an art franchise geared toward educating kids and inspiring creativity through a robust, exciting curriculum, Kidcreate Studio makes it easy for you to fulfill your dreams of business ownership while making a difference in the lives of the children in your community at the same time. 

    If you would like to own a Kidcreate Studio art franchise, now’s the time to get started! With kids’ activities making a huge comeback for 2021, community schools, camps, and child care centers are more in need of quality programming than ever before! 

    We’re excited to start you on your journey of making a difference for kids through art. Visit our franchise website for more info.



    Take the first step to find out more about Kidcreate and our growing movement of entrepreneurs.

    Fill out the form below to receive our detailed Franchise Information Report, which contains more information on our business model, financials and more!

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    Our Education Franchise Looks at the Future of Summer Camp

    Our Education Franchise Looks at the Future of Summer Camp

    The Return of Summer Camp: What an Education Franchise Owner Can Expect in a Post-COVID Society

    As an education franchise that offers kids’ art-themed summer camp at our locations nationwide, 2020 was a very different year for us. However, with some mindful pivots, attention to cleanliness and safety, and the overwhelming support from the parents and kids in our communities, Kidcreate was able to return to limited in-person interaction with our favorite young artists! In this article, we look ahead to summer 2021 and examine the future of summer camp in a post-COVID era, not just for Kidcreate but for educational facilities across the country.

    Parents and guardians across the country have faced a historic challenge in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Statewide restrictions to help minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus caused schools to shut down, cancelled many programs parents and children alike depend on to keep them amused and engaged, and prevented young children from enjoying summer camps in 2020. 

    As we begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel, prospective entrepreneurs are looking for clues into the future of education franchise opportunities like Kidcreate Studio, and determine whether kids’ art education will be an important, necessary part of post-COVID society. Here’s a look at what prospective Franchise Owners need to know about investing in an education franchise in 2021.

    Art Education StudioKids Need Outside Activities

    The closure of schools, camps, and extracurricular activities amid the events of the pandemic in 2020 took a heavy toll on kids as well as parents. While we were able to find joy in the simple pleasures of being at home with our kids, it soon became clear that the stay-at-home lifestyle we were all forced to adopt can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and fatigue over the long term.

    Indeed, some experts even use the term “family burnout” to describe the sheer amount of togetherness parents and children have been thrust into since March 2020. Both two-parent and single-parent households report increased exhaustion from having to handle parenting, school, and public health precautions. Children and teens can also experience this burnout because schools still expect them to complete assignments from home and adapt to virtual and remote learning platforms. 

    Our education franchise was able to offer an outlet to the burnout families were experiencing during even the worst of the pandemic, thanks to our ability to quickly pivot our business model to include virtual classes, take-home art kits, and more. Now, as the country begins to bounce back from the pandemic, we can expect to see an increase in enrollment for kids’ after-school programs, summer camps, and evening classes at places like Kidcreate Studio in order to give kids the outside stimulation and interaction they need- not to mention giving parents a much-needed break after this past year!

    Positive changes may come soon

    Public health officials and governments around the world have taken promising steps to ensure things to slowly reopen in 2021. The COVID-19 vaccine is slowly becoming more and more available and the number of people vaccinated against the coronavirus will have increased by summer 2021. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its guidelines on how and when schools should reopen.  

    The CDC has mentioned several key benchmarks, such as:

    • Continued adherence to safety guidelines such as mask-wearing, hand-washing, and social distancing at all times.
    • Promoting positive behaviors to protect the community.
    • Maintaining a healthy environment through thorough cleaning and sanitation of facilities and supplies.

    The CDC also recommends that schools consult with local and state public health and governmental bodies to come up with a strategy that fits their needs. Owners and operators of summer camp facilities can also look at some of these guidelines as well. 

    At Kidcreate Studio, our education Franchise Owners are committed to upholding the CDC’s recommendations at each of their facilities to provide a safe environment for kids to express themselves through art. As our school systems, after-school programs, and camps return to full capacity over the course of the coming year, we will continue to strive for excellence in maintaining a clean, sanitary environment where kids and parents can feel good about coming to class.

    Why summer camp may return sooner rather than later

    education franchiseSummer camp market share represents up to $4 billion in revenue, and the projected outlook for open summer camps in 2021 looks promising. 

    • Children who have been home for an extended period of time during the school year are likely to get excited about the fun and socialization they can expect at camp.
    • Summer day camps may also be a viable alternative for parents who want their children to socialize without spending the night somewhere else, as in a traditional sleep-away camp. 
    • Parents who are returning to the workplace after working from home through 2020 may need viable childcare options over summer break that they can feel safe and confident about.

    In addition to being fun places for children to play and learn, summer camps also offer academic enrichment activities that can help students make up for some of the stopgaps in their education. Our education franchise offers a summer camp experience full of art-themed activities, creative projects, and plenty of opportunities to get messy over summer vacation!

    Like other industries and settings, summer camps have also had to adapt to the pandemic to offer students and parents peace of mind. Some ways camp may be different than before:

    • Children and teens may be placed into small pods instead of engaging in activities requiring large groups.
    • Increased sanitation and enhanced safety protocols.
    • Camps may accept fewer people to allow for decreased social distancing.
    • Classes and sessions may be shorter than usual to allow students to eat snacks and go to the bathroom without bottlenecking. 
    • Summer camp participants may be asked to undergo daily temperature checks at the door, as well as submit tests proving they’re COVID-19-negative or to quarantine for up to two weeks before camp starts.
    • There may be counseling opportunities to ensure children’s mental health needs are being met. 

    The benefits of art for children and teens

    Kidcreate Studio is a kids’ education franchise dedicated to helping children develop their artistic skills, take part in activities they enjoy, and offering parents peace of mind. Franchise Owners can have the satisfaction of knowing they’re contributing positively to a community that needs their services. 

    Art helps children in the following ways:

    • Teaching them to be part of a team
    • Improving their confidence and self-esteem
    • Fine motor skills
    • Listening skills
    • Creativity and self-expression
    • Self-discipline, motivation, and perseverance

    kids' art education franchise

    How the Kidcreate Studio education franchise helps children, parents, and communities

    At Kidcreate Studio, we focus on our local communities and provide Franchise Owners with the training they need to succeed. Additionally, we encourage all Franchise Owners to offer art-themed birthday parties, summer camp opportunities, and more to help develop multiple revenue streams. 

    For some Franchise Owners, this means starting with off-site mobile classes through partnerships with local schools, churches, and childcare centers via our On-The-Go model, and later transitioning to their own permanent space at a beautiful brick and mortar studio built just for them! Here is what our model offers:

    • Mobile classes. This includes everything you need to transport so you can provide private classes at community centers, schools, and other sites of your choosing. Some owners stick to our mobile studio option until they can obtain a more permanent location. 
    • Studio classes. Our brick and mortar studios offer many great art camps, enrichment programs, and even hosted birthday parties that children of all ages enjoy. Our curriculum library contains literal thousands of detailed lesson plans, complete with the educational components necessary for teaching various art techniques, art history, and more.

    Kidcreate Studio also has an all-star support team ready to help you start your education franchise on the best note. To this end, we offer:

    • 100 hours of training, including self-paced, classroom, and on-the-job assistance.
    • Curriculum updates that help you maintain industry standards.
    • Real estate assistance to help you find the best agent for your brick-and-mortar location search.
    • Studio operations for up to 2 calendar weeks per year

    And much more! 

    Our Franchise Owners are a network of great people known for their commitment to community and education. Kidcreate Studio has also been the recipient of numerous awards. Though the past year has been challenging on all of us, we’ve stayed abreast of every safety protocol, industry change, and know that the children’s camp and entertainment industry will be in-demand as parents and caretakers find ways to challenge and stimulate their children’s minds. 

    No business is without its risks, but the Kidcreate Studio education franchise has weathered the storm of the Great Recession and the COVID-19 pandemic quite well, thanks to the ongoing support provided by our dedicated corporate team. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can bring Kidcreate Studio to your community, or want to read up on the return on investment you can expect from investing in our education franchise, take a look at our website.





    Kidcreate Studio is a growing movement of entrepreneurs, inspired to bring creativity and fun to kids through award-winning curriculum.

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      Our Education Franchise Made the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List!

      Our Education Franchise Made the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List!


      Our Education Franchise Made the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List!

      We’re beyond thrilled to announce that our very own kids’ art education franchise, Kidcreate Studio, has earned a spot on the prestigious 2021 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List! 

      While this is an important accomplishment for any franchise, we consider it an amazing honor for our education franchise, as it demonstrates the continued importance and value of art in kids’ lives, even after a year of unprecedented changes to the education industry. 

      Like its sister list, the Entrepreneur 500, which highlights non-franchise corporations to watch, the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List recognizes fast-growing and emerging franchises alongside well-established brands that have become household names, such as Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts, and the UPS Store. Kidcreate Studio is honored to share the list with these prestigious brands and be recognized by Entrepreneur as an up-and-coming national education franchise for kids. 

      #1 Children’s Art Franchise of 2021

      Not only have we secured a coveted spot on the main Franchise 500 list, but Kidcreate Studio also took top honors in the Children’s Art Franchise category- an impressive feat in any year, but particularly noteworthy given the unprecedented events of 2020 that could have stopped another education franchise in its tracks!

      Kidcreate Studio’s Chief Operating Officer Mike Conlon had this to say about our top ranking: “I am particularly thrilled about the #1 in category rating. It shows that there is a demand for what we are offering and that we are moving forward and doing well even in times of COVID.”

      If we’re able to secure top honors on a Franchise 500 list during a pandemic, there’s no telling what our education Franchise Owners can accomplish as things start to return to normal in 2021 and beyond!

      What Is Entrepreneur? 

      A famous business website in its own right, Entrepreneur started as a magazine for business owners, entrepreneurs, and Franchise Owners to learn about the hot trends in business and interviews with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs. 

      With the invention of the internet, Entrepreneur Magazine has continued its legacy online and is regarded as a highly-reputable source for business news. Many of the world’s top businesses have been interviewed, analyzed, and reported on by Entrepreneur Magazine. 

      The site is a central hub for many business owners, entrepreneurs, and Franchise Owners to gain valuable information on how to run their businesses more efficiently. Businesses featured in Entrepreneur are highly regarded and considered an authority in the industry they serve. 

      What Makes the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List So Prestigious? 

      Kidcreate Studio Entrepreneur 500 Ranked 2021Every year, franchises big and small vie for the attention to be honored as one of the nation’s top franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine. It is an award that carries tremendous weight in all industries.

      One of the reasons why the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 is considered so prestigious is that to be nominated, franchises must score highly on 150 different metrics. It is the culmination of all of these metrics that create an overall score. 

      The franchises with the highest cumulative scores based on these 150 data points are recognized as the nation’s top 500 franchises, meaning that well-known, recognized national brands compete against smaller, more regional brands, and their overall score allows for an unbiased selection of the top 500 list. 

      Additionally, franchises must have at least ten different locations to be eligible for the list. Thanks to the significant growth we’ve experienced and the new Franchise Owners we’ve welcomed in recent years, we were able to qualify on all counts!

      The Five Pillars of the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List

      Franchises are measured with the 150 metric points and what are known as the five pillars of the Franchise 500 List. The five pillars include: 

      1. Cost & Fees
      2. Size & Growth
      3. Support
      4. Brand Strength
      5. Financial Strength & Stability

      Entrepreneur uses these five pillars to ensure unbiased measurement of franchises both big and small. Let’s take a closer look at each pillar. 

      Cost & Fees

      One of the key factors that go into evaluating franchises is the cost and fees associated with the franchise. In particular, Entrepreneur focuses on three aspects of cost and fees: 

      • Overall franchise fee
      • Total investment
      • Royalty fees

      Thanks to the comparatively low investment and franchise fee requirements to invest in our education franchise, Kidcreate Studio was able to remain competitive against other franchise brands to rank in the Franchise 500.

      Size & Growth

      education franchiseAlong with cost and fees, Entrepreneur emphasizes evaluating the size and growth of a franchise. More specifically, the focus on three elements of size and growth: 

      • Open and operating units
      • Growth rate
      • Closures

      These three factors provide an unbiased approach to evaluating the growth of both small and large franchises. Our impressive growth rate and the overall success of our Franchise Owners in their markets helped boost Kidcreate Studio into the upper echelon of franchise brands to make this prestigious list.


      Entrepreneur puts focus on the support Franchise Owners receive after becoming part of the franchise. Entrepreneur evaluates six parameters of support provided to Franchise Owners: 

      • Training times
      • Marketing support
      • Operational support
      • Franchisor infrastructure
      • Financing availability
      • Litigation

      With the outstanding initial and ongoing support our education Franchise Owners can expect from our Founder Lara Olson and the rest of the Kidcreate corporate team, it’s no surprise that we met Entrepreneur’s requirements for this category!

      Brand Strength

      kids' education franchiseWhat makes a franchise great? Is it the service, the products, or its brand recognition? Maybe it’s a little of both. Nonetheless, Entrepreneur makes sure to pay particular attention to brand strength in their evaluation. Here are some ways the committee assesses brand strength: 

      • Social media
      • System size
      • Years in business
      • Years franchising

      Our focus on branding and marketing via social media to help our Franchise Owners achieve visibility and brand recognition in their local markets gives Kidcreate an edge in this category. The Kidcreate brand is well-known in cities across America, standing apart from other education franchise opportunities with its whimsical approach to art education and commitment to bringing fun, inclusivity, and creativity to every child.

      Financial Strength & Stability

      The last predictor that Entrepreneur evaluates is the financial strength and stability of a franchise. Two areas that Entrepreneur uses to assess each franchise include: 

      • Franchisor’s audited
      • Financial statements

      We’re assuming the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 committee took a look at this profitability summary when they were finalizing their rankings for 2021! 

      A Little About the Kidcreate Studio Franchise

      KCS education franchise Founder Lara OlsonKidcreate Studio started as a result of one mother’s frustrations about the limited art exposure in the curriculum for her young child. Founder Lara Olson’s son Jake was often frustrated by other subjects but lit up like a lightbulb every time he was in art.

      Lara knew the value of art to build self-esteem in learners and looked for a place to provide that for her son, but couldn’t find anything designed for young children in her area…so she decided to create one herself. Thus, Kidcreate Studio was born! 

      Now, Kidcreate Studio is blossoming into one of the major players in the education franchise space. Kidcreate Studio specializes in children’s art classes, camps, and art-themed birthday parties. It is an art studio designed just for kids! Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owners enjoy running a business that brings significant financial and emotional return-on-investment.  

      This year, Kidcreate Studio landed at #426 on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List. With the influx of new Franchise Owners in exciting new markets, we believe we can only go up from here!

      Interested In Starting an Education Franchise? 

      Do you have experience with teaching art? Love to do crafts with your kids? Are you an entrepreneur looking for an excellent investment? 

      Kidcreate Studio is a fast-growing education franchise that can promote a valuable return-on-investment while also providing a great space for kids in your community. Our Franchise Owners love the feeling of giving back to their communities while starting a business they can share with their families for generations to come. Please visit our franchise website for more info.

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      Kidcreate Studio is a growing movement of entrepreneurs, inspired to bring creativity and fun to kids through award-winning curriculum.

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