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If you’re considering the children’s franchise opportunities offered by Kidcreate, you’ve probably got some questions about opening a location such as “Where do Kidcreate locations already exist? How is my territory allocated? Do I need to source my location?” We’ve got answers!
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Our relatively recent decision to Paint the States has led to expansion with our locations popping up in Minnesota, North and South Carolina, and Texas but we’re also excited about Studios coming soon in Iowa, Georgia, and Illinois. With art education in school systems on the decline and the reliability of the child entertainment franchise industry, there has never been a better time to look into our children’s franchise opportunities!

Hopefully it’s comforting to know that you’re not on your own when it comes to defining your presence as a new Franchise Owner. You may be interested in how we allocate territory for our Franchise Owners. Our team assists our Franchise Owners in defining their territory. When establishing territories, we consider demographic and census data which indicates if our franchises will have a robust enough customer base to be successful.

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It’s widely known that getting in on the ground-floor of an exciting franchise brings many great benefits; prime real-estate selection, cheaper costs on almost everything, direct access to the Founders and, early decision-making influence. The list goes on. The typical downside of joining a young franchise is that there’s usually not a lot of support and infrastructure from the Corporate team.

At Kidcreate Studio, our Franchise Owners get the best of both worlds. We know that support is crucial in helping you to hit it big. We’ve invested in an experienced team. From real estate to marketing, operations, curriculum development and accounting; we’ve got you covered. Fill out the form below to learn more about the child entertainment franchise opportunities offered by Kidcreate and get started on the process toward your own location!

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We’ll help you out with the actual location of your studio as well. Our Real Estate Team will work with you to find the perfect site, negotiate a lease, and get your new Kidcreate Studio up and running.

If you’re wondering if Franchise Owners are able to purchase multiple units or territories, the answer is yes! In fact, if a candidate qualifies for a multi-unit agreement, we offer a discount on the per unit franchise fee.

Our business model has been tailored to include a physical location and the on-the-go portion of the business. This structure allows for you, as an arts and crafts Franchise Owner, to cultivate multiple revenue streams and to quickly build brand awareness in your community. With our on-the-go studio options, you can calm some of your worries about finding an ideal location, because wherever your brick-and-mortar location is, you’ll have the ability to bring the art to your customers! Kidcreate On-The-Go Studio offers the same great Kidcreate curriculum in a portable and flexible format. Art is a great way to enrich any program’s curriculum. It is tons of fun and great for the brain too! Plus, a Kidcreate activity is so easy. We supply the curriculum, teachers, art materials, giggles and grins!

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