Kidcreate Education Franchise: A Proven Model

With all the career and financial benefits of business ownership, the risk of investment in a new venture can be very high.

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There is no guarantee that a new idea will succeed – in fact, over half of new businesses fail. Franchising is a success guaranteed alternative to traditional business ownership. Opening a new business involves a lot of work, connections, experience, and capital. A successful franchise has already weathered this tough process and come out of the storm a winner. Kidcreate is an example of a successful franchise. Part of the education franchise industry, Kidcreate offers potential franchisees the opportunity of success with limited risk.

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Kidcreate – A Successful Education Franchise

Kidcreate has over 10 years as a business and franchise. Through a decade and some, we’ve faced some tough decisions, taken some setbacks and managed to come out as a leader in the education franchise industry. When you invest with us, you’re investing in a successful business model. Our unit economics are outstanding and our locations average over $400,000 annually in revenue. We have an industry low initial investment for On-the-go Only business model: $64,765 – $95,490 and Brick & Mortar business model: $110,705 – $266,270 which allows for a quick ROI.

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Kidcreate’s unique education franchise model sets up three streams of revenue for owners. Your art studio location offers customers a variety of classes, customers can reserve private parties or group classes, and you can bring the creativity anywhere on the road with our on-the-go creative studio. Such flexibility makes us a leader among education franchise competition and customers constantly praise our unique and positive services. Kidcreate brings creativity to communities and successful careers to entrepreneurial spirited individuals.

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Kidcreate exists in three profitable industries (education and tutoring, summer camps, and birthday parties) which, when combined, average about $130 billion annually. By joining our successful child entertainment franchise, you can take advantage of these numbers. Kidcreate has paved a profitable path to success in the education franchise industry and we are looking for career focused individuals to join us as we continue to grow.

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Franchise Children's Activities

We are the one and only children’s’ arts and craft franchise with a real, physical, brick and mortar studio. In our beautiful studios we are able to offer customers studio classes, art-themed birthdays and retail sales.

Kid Friendly Franchises

Allows you to bring our highly sought-out curriculum to private schools, community centers, preschools and more. Kidcreate Studios offers a fantastic marketing channel to bring new loyal customers to your studio.

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Corporate Does the Heavy Lifting

When you’re a business owner, there is often so much to do that you may feel like you don’t have enough time to effectively run your child entertainment franchise. When you partner with Kidcreate, we take care of the big stuff so you’re free to run your business. You don’t have to worry about furniture, design, curriculum, uniforms, marketing, or technology when you partner with Kidcreate. We take care of all that and more, setting you up for a successful location opening. But it doesn’t end there! We offer ongoing support once you’re open and running in case you run into any problems or questions. We are proud of our leading position in the education franchise industry, and we want all of our owners to succeed. When individual locations succeed, Kidcreate succeeds as a brand – we will never leave you in the dark.

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