Open an Education Franchise with a Partner

Open an Education Franchise with a Partner

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Kidcreate Studio is a creative, arts-inspired education franchise that offers the perfect opportunity for two business partners. There are many benefits to starting an education franchise with a business partner, including:
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The greatest benefit of partnering with an investor is splitting start up costs. When you and your partner are sharing costs, financing your new business is much more manageable. As an individual investor, you may need to outsource financing. With a partner, however, the initial investment costs of our education franchise are easy to cover. The investment range for On-the-go Only business models is: $64,765 – $95,490 and Brick & Mortar business model is: $110,705 – $266,270. These include everything you and your partner need to get started: rent, leasehold improvements, furniture, inventory, business supplies, POS and other software, technology, uniforms, vehicle wraps, and more. 

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The franchise model is a big draw for single investors because of the corporate support programs. When you invest in Kidcreate Studio with a partner, you’ll benefit doubly from support. Managing work loads and accomplishing tasks is easy with a partner by your side! A strong partnership consists of two investors that balance each other out. Where you have weaknesses, your partner will have strengths, and vice versa. As we teach our children at the Kidcreate Studio, sharing is caring, whether in art or business!

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Running an education franchise can be demanding. By splitting the work among two partners, each entrepreneur should be able to keep a positive work-life balance. The flexibility afforded when investing Kidcreate Studio with a partner also makes multi-location goals more attainable. Managing more than one location is much easier when you’ve got an extra set of hands.

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The problem-solving and leadership skills required to run a successful business can be overwhelming for one individual. When you have the support of a partner, making important financial or operational decisions is much easier. Two minds are greater than one, particularly in business. With a partner, your education franchise benefits from double the experience, knowledge, and resources.

While Kidcreate Studio is perfect for single investors, many business partners have been interested in our education franchise opportunity. The above advantages of partnerships are only amplified by our robust support program that is available to every Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owner. Investors will benefit from start up assistance that includes everything from training to Grand Opening advertisement and ongoing support in areas such as marketing, curriculum, and overall operations. At Kidcreate Studio, we believe the team work makes the dream work – that’s why we are so invested in our Franchise Owners.

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If you believe you and your partner are a steller pair, we would love to have you on our team. Kidcreate Studio has multiple territories available and we are looking to partner with business savvy entrepreneurs that are skilled in areas of management and organization. Your solid partnership combined with our industry leading support programs offers a solid foundation for a successful education franchise. Contact us today to learn more.

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