Education Franchises: Always in High Demand

Creating art isn’t just about having fun. It can be educational too! Besides teaching history, science and math concepts, art has additional benefits for kids as well: building confidence, learning to problem solve and improving social skills. Studies have proven that art education helps develop the brain in a myriad of ways.

With a huge decline in the availability of art classes in schools today, Kidcreate Studio is here to fill the void by offering classes, birthday parties, workshops and summer camps.

Kid Friendly Franchises

It’s About More than Making Money

While it’s nice to turn a profit, some advantages of owning an education franchise have nothing to do with dollar signs. To see a child proudly display their work of art and exclaim, “Look what I made!” is priceless. But there are plenty of other rewards as well.
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Flexible Business Model

If you’d like to bring your art class to kid-friendly businesses and events within your community, you can choose to operate a mobile studio. Or if you’d like to run ongoing classes and host art camps, you could do so from your own brick and mortar unit. Many of our Franchise Owners choose to start with the mobile option and scale up from there.

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Community Focused

Team up with other community entities in your area to ensure art education has a strong presence and can continue to benefit children near you.

Art Franchise Opportunities
Resilient to Recession

Because this is a hands-on business, it can’t be replicated by technology. Throughout the economic slump of 2008-2009 and with the current pandemic of today, we’re still able to thrive and move forward. That’s because parents are always eager to make their children’s education a top priority.

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Multiple Industries

An education franchise like Kidcreate Studio is at the crossroads of three strong industries: education and tutoring ($102.8 billion), birthday parties ($25 billion), and vacation camps ($3.5 billion).

What is it Like to Own a Kidcreate Studio?

Once your application has been approved, you can look forward to the fun of running your own art education franchise! There are a few things to anticipate if you’re considering this golden opportunity.
Craft Franchise
The Cost

The investment margin to run an On-the-Go version is $57,270-$69,800 while the brick and mortar studio will range from $95,010-$232,100.

Art Franchise Opportunities
The Training

Even without any kind of background in art you can successfully operate a Kidcreate Studio. You’ll go through three phases of hands-on training and always have 24/7 access to many tutorials, manuals and e-courses.

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Award-winning Curriculum

We have over 1,000 lesson plans that are continually being updated to incorporate current trends.

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