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Have fun, educate children, be fulfilled in life, and in business, with a Kidcreate Studio Franchise.

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Invest In Your Future

Owning a Kidcreate Studio is an investment into your future. With public arts programs on the decline, the demand for an outlet where kids can learn new social skills, boost their self esteem and confidence and find happiness is on the rise. As a result our children’s party Franchise Owners can find joy in running a business that brings significant financial and emotional return on investment.
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Kidcreate improves the lives of children while making a difference in their communities. Feeling fulfilled is easy when you’re positively impacting the world and your bank account.

Art Franchise Opportunities

Our arts and crafts franchises utilize four main revenue streams. Studio Classes & Camps, On-The-Go Studio, Parties & Events, and Retail Sales. Our business model has some of the highest net profit margins in the industry, as you will see in our current Franchise Disclosure Document.

Art Studio Franchise

Kidcreate was created around family and is for family. Finding a work life balance is what we are all about. Kidcreate provides the flexibility to make your family your priority.

Kids Art Studio Franchise

Getting kids into art class and away from their digital outlets puts parents at ease and creates a non-digital experience that can’t be copied by the big competitors.

Children's Franchise Opportunities

The Kidcreate Studio business model offers unlimited potential for scalability. With both the brick and mortar Studio Classes and the On-The-Go Partnerships, getting more business and expanding to multiple locations is a breeze.

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Strong Economics

Kidcreate has managed to design a business model that has created some of the strongest unit economics in the Children’s Party Franchise space. Utilizing four different streams to generate revenue, i.e. Studio Classes and Camps, On-The-Go Studio, Parties and Events, and Retail Sales, Kidcreate Franchise Owners net some of the highest profits in the industry with nearly unlimited potential for scalability. Getting more business and expanding your franchise to multiple locations is now a breeze.

While having a profitable and successful business is critical, it’s not what gets our Franchise Owners out of bed with a smile every morning. If you’ve ever seen the smile on a child’s face or experienced the joy of a parent at seeing the growth of their child, then you know the true “why” we push ourselves towards continued success. Feeling fulfilled is easy when you’re positively impacting the world around you.

Art Franchise Opportunities
“The financial success has been great, but what I am most proud of is filling such a big hole in society.”

Lara Olson


Portrait of Lara, drawn by her 9 year old daughter.

Art Studio Franchise
Arts and Crafts Franchise

Families and Communities

Not only are we passionate about art education, believing that it is something that is vital for childhood development, but we also strongly believe that Kidcreate improves on and makes differences in the communities in which they are found. Our children’s party franchise can have positive impacts on their communities if there is a leader at the helm who is looking to lend a helping hand, volunteer their time to making a difference and building solid relationships. Our child entertainment franchise is highly motivated to create a business that brings together both families and communities.



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