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What makes the Kidcreate Studio business model unique?
Kidcreate Studio is the only art program to offer both a brick and mortar studio location, and an on-the-go partner program. We’ve learned how to utilize each of these models to complement the other, and as a result, Kidcreate has some of the strongest economics in the children’s franchise space.
What is the total investment cost to open a Kidcreate Studio?

To open a Kidcreate Studio, the On-the-go Only investment range is: $64,765 – $95,490; and the Brick & Mortar investment range is: $110,705 – $266,270.

What does that franchise fee include?

The franchise fee is what allows the new craft franchise owner access to our proven business model, including our award-winning curriculum, proprietary technology for attracting new customers and managing existing customers and everything else that goes into making this business a proven success. The franchise fee does not include studio build-out, supplies, or additional operational expenses.

Are franchise owners able to purchase multiple units or territories?
Yes. If a candidate qualifies for a multi-unit agreement, we offer a discount on the per unit franchise fee.
How much can I make?
We are proud of our industry-leading unit economics and look forward to discussing those with you. Unfortunately we cannot legally disclose these numbers outside of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). To obtain this document and review all the juicy details, we will first need you to complete a Confidential Questionnaire.

Click HERE to access the Questionnaire.

Do I need to source my own location?
Our Real Estate Team will work with you to find the perfect site, negotiate a lease, and get your new Kidcreate Studio up and running.
Do I need a background or degree in art or education to be a franchise owner?
No. We look for passionate individuals who can manage a team. You do not need a background in art or education to be a successful craft franchise owner.
Do I have to create my own curriculum?
No. As a franchise owner, you receive our robust and award-winning curriculum which has classes for each age group and numerous special occasions.
Do I have to have the Studio and an on-the-go portion?
Yes. Our business model has been tailored to include a physical location and the on-the-go portion of the business. This structure allows for you, as an arts and crafts franchise owner, to cultivate multiple revenue streams and to quickly build brand awareness in your community.
Does the franchise owner have to teach classes?
Only if you want to! When a franchise owner opens a new location, they may teach an occasional class. As the studio establishes itself, the franchise owner steps out of that role to focus on managing their teaching staff.
What kind of training do franchise owners get?
Franchise owners take part in an extensive training program in Minnesota and also receive on-site support at their location before their grand opening.
How is my territory allocated?
Our team assists our franchise owners in defining their territory. When establishing territories we consider demographic and census data which indicates if our franchises will have a robust enough customer base to be successful.
How flexible is the franchise owner’s work schedule?
As the sign says on the studio door “Open during class time, by appointment or by chance.” Our Franchise Owners can determine the class and party schedule that works best for them and their studio.
Is there a Veteran discount for the franchise fee?

Yes. We offer a 10% franchise fee discount ($4,500) to Veterans!

What kind of support is offered to the franchise owners?
Kidcreate Studio offers franchise owners the following support:

• Real Estate Selection
• Construction
• Initial Training
• On-Going operational support
• Accounting and financial coaching
• Annual Meetings
• Periodic site visits

Do I need a teaching license to own a studio?
No, a teaching license is not required to be a franchise owner.
What industries does Kidcreate Studio tap into?
Kidcreate Studio taps into three distinct child-based industries including;

• Children’s Education and Tutoring
• Summer Camps
• Children’s Birthday Parties

All of these industries are showing steady growth, with the education and tutoring industry up 37% in 2014 and the children’s birthday party industry totaling a whopping $25 billion a year.

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