The Importance of Art Education Through an Education Franchise

The Importance of Art Education Through an Education Franchise

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According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, children that participate in creative programs achieve higher grades, have better attendance records, and do better in school overall. Art education has also been shown to enhance creativity and inspire imagination; improve development of fine and gross motor skills; improve problem solving skills; increase confidence; and encourage socialization.

With all these benefits, it’s obvious to see how art can make a positive impact in a child’s life. Unfortunately, many schools are turning away from art programs due to minimal resources and budget cuts. Parents across the nation are expressing frustration at the lack of suitable art programs for the children. This very same problem is what led to the creation of Kidcreate Studio, a creative focused education franchise.

In 2007, founder Lara Olson became increasingly frustrated with the lack of art education for her young son. Instead of fighting against a stubborn school system, she decided to take the matter into her own hands and Kidcreate Studio was born. Her business model was an arts-focused educational franchise that would teach children in communities across the nation to embrace their creativity. She has changed the lives of thousands of children with painting, drawing, coloring, clay, ink, and fun. Parents have expressed joy at their children’s interest and excitement about Kidcreate Studio classes.

Since the beginning, Lara’s goal has been to spread awareness of the importance of art education.

Are you interested in joining her mission?

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Bring Quality Art Education

to your very own community

You can help encourage art and creativity by opening your very own Kidcreate Studio education franchise. We are looking for entrepreneurs with the following qualities to help spread our message:

Arts and Crafts Franchise


You’ll be networking within your community to build relationships with parents, school teachers, and other community leaders. You should be personable and outgoing.

Children's Party Franchise


Acquiring memberships and enhancing your revenue with birthday parties, community events, and summer camps will be how you make sales. It’s important that, as a Kidcreate Studio Owner, you have strong sales skills. You know the importance of art education, so it should be easy to convince parents to sign up!

Art Franchise Opportunities


Since Kidcreate Studio is all about encouraging the creative and academic development of children, you should feel comfortable working with them. We look for individuals who are passionate about education.

Think you have what it takes to join the Kidcreate Studio team? As long as you’re passionate about our mission and success driven, you’ll be a good fit for our team.

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Embark on a Career of Creativity Today

As a Kidcreate Studio Education Franchise Owner, you’ll experience the benefits of a fun and creative career. An investment into our franchise is a chance to experience the independence of business ownership with the support of an entire corporate team and network of other art-loving entrepreneurs. For fun, art, success, and fulfillment, consider our education franchise opportunity. Contact us today to join our team and start spreading the message of creativity!



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