Our Kid Friendly Franchise Business Model

Opening a business on your own involves considerable risk. When you invest in a kid friendly franchise like KidCreate Studio, that risk is reduced. We’ve already done all the hard work!

Since 2016, we’ve been developing and perfecting our franchise business model. With 13 open locations and several awarded franchises planning for their grand opening, it’s safe to say we’ve found what makes for a winning business model.

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Increased Demand for Art Education

There is a shortage of art education in public schools, and the demand for art exposure and hands-on experiences is high. In a recent study, grade school teachers noted that resources are being diminished in the arts and reallocated to mathematics.

  • 61% of people agree that art adds to a well-rounded education.

  • $9.2 billion was cut from the federal education budget.

  • Research proves that art activities help develop advanced cognitive skills, spatial-temporal skills and school readiness.

Kid friendly franchise that is recession resilient.

Recession Resilient

Considering the high demand for art education, Kidcreate has proven it can withstand economic recessions and global pandemics. We’ve learned to adapt to the changing times and move full speed ahead because art education for children makes the “Essentials” list.

While recessions are unpredictable, they are an inevitable part of a fluctuating economy. Past recessions have shown us, however, that parents are unwilling to sacrifice spending for the betterment of their children. While there are no true fool-proof franchises, Kidcreate meets the strong demand for quality art education and can thrive in both recession and boom.

Components of Our Successful Business Model

With a strong foundation, Kidcreate Studios has been in business since 2007. In the dozen years that have passed since then, we have continued to fine-tune our systems and are eager to expand. We want to offer this opportunity to those who share our interest in art education.

Broad Client Base

Because we cross over into multiple business sectors, we benefit from the $102.8 billion tutoring/education industry, the $25 billion birthday party industry, and the $3.5 billion vacation camp industry. We reach our young clients in a variety of settings.

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Summer Camps
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Community Programs
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Homeschool Classes
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Birthday Parties
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Charter/Private Schools

Being able to reach children through such a variety of venues means our calendars stay full year round!

A Mobile Franchise or Art Studio

Franchise Owners have the option of operating a mobile, kid friendly franchise or running their own full-sized art studio.

Art On-the-Go

The KidCreate mobile franchise is the perfect business model for entrepreneurs who like to be on the go. This alternative to our brick and mortar studio opportunity offers more freedom, lower startup costs, and plenty of opportunity for success. Plus, you’re able to work from the comfort of your own home!

Lower investment means lower risk, and our mobile franchise model can be yours for as little as $64,520. Financial assistance is available for qualifying applicants. The investment range caps off at $95,000 and includes everything you need to get your art education business up and running! From initial inventory to training expenses, you will be completely prepared for your grand opening.

Being able to deliver art education directly to your customer puts you at an advantage. As you instruct children at daycare centers, preschools, public or private schools, community events, camps and birthday parties, you’ll quickly build up an impressive client base.

Your Own Art Studio

With an investment of $122,960-$279,050, the art studio model is another excellent choice. There are a few distinct advantages to owning a brick-and-mortar art studio.

      • Limited Direct Competition- As one of the few art studios for kids around, you won’t have any trouble filling a niche within your community.
      • Host Art Themed Birthday Parties- This is appealing for parents, as it means they won’t have to accommodate guests in their own homes. Kids also enjoy the novelty of going somewhere new and different.
      • Giving Back – You’ll give back directly to your community by enriching the lives of children with the wonderful world of art.

Walking into this fun-filled space every morning is a step up from the cramped desks of the corporate world. Art supplies, bright colors and kid-friendly furniture and fittings are a signature of the KidCreate art studio. You probably won’t even think of it as work!

Established Curriculums

We like to make your job easy so you can focus on the important tasks of running a business. That’s why we’ve already taken the time to plan an outstanding art curriculum with the help of experts in the field, so you don’t need to worry about how to run your classes, camps and events. With thousands of lessons to choose from, you’ll always have something exciting and engaging for the kids.

Scalable Opportunity

The simplicity of our business model makes it incredibly easy to scale. Some Franchise Owners open for business in as few as 60 days and expand from there until they’re running multiple locations. What starts as a few weekly classes at a local school easily expands to a full schedule at various locations.

Franchise Owners often find success by starting with our mobile franchise model and then adding an art studio franchise a few years later. The beauty of going this route is that it allows for cross-marketing within the two compatible models.

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Flexible Schedule

Kidcreate is a franchise that understands the value of family time—we never let work get in the way of who and what is most important. It is hard to fit in other pursuits, personal goals and hobbies when you’re tied down to a desk. Self-employment gives you better control over your schedule, ensuring a more positive work-life balance. If you are interested in a career that brings independence, profit, and flexibility, Kidcreate may be the kid friendly franchise opportunity you have been searching for.

Strong Profitability

Our Franchise Owners have benefited from our successful business model, and make an average of $466,040 in sales annually. With an industry-low investment, you can share in our success as well! With very minimal overhead costs, profit margins are high within our kid friendly franchise.

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Outstanding Support

Embarking on a franchising journey is exciting! With incredible support from the Kidcreate Studios team, you’ll have assistance with everything from marketing, training, curriculum, studio operations and more. Franchise Owners receive ongoing help through every phase of development. We offer thorough training, help with the start-up process, and provide one-on-one marketing assistance.

With or without a background in art, you’ll learn how to operate your own kid friendly franchise successfully. Kidcreate Academy offers 100 hours of self-study, classroom training and on-the-job experience to prepare you for your grand opening.

If you’re opening a brick-and-mortar studio, we’re here to assist with real estate and construction challenges. Regardless of the model you start with, a Field Consultant will be there to help you refine and improve your business every year you’re in operation. Our Marketing Director will be on hand to help with advertising and customer acquisition. Our Data Management System will make daily organizational tasks a cinch.

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Community Oriented

Partnering with KidCreate Studio allows you to impact your community in a positive way. You will become a well-respected voice of change in promoting the importance of art education. We’re on a mission to preserve the benefits of creativity to reverse the decline in art-related opportunities. If you’d like to be part of that positive shift, we’d love to have you!

Just imagine! You could be the reason kids see an increase in their confidence, improve problem-solving and social skills, and excel academically. Studies show multiple benefits come from creating art.

With the decline of approved funding for art education, why not be the one to introduce the power of the creative process to young, impressionable minds? Teach new art concepts, experiment with new art materials, and watch as your young proteges proudly show off their new masterpieces.

Join Our Kid Friendly Franchise

Do you have strong networking skills? Do you have a passion for art education and a love for children? If so, those qualities make you an excellent fit for running your own KidCreate franchise.

With access to our highly sought-after curriculum, you don’t have to be an expert artist to succeed at owning a kid friendly franchise. Every lesson is already prepared and polished to perfection.

Kidcreate Studio is an award-winning, industry-leading franchise within the lucrative art industry. We make a powerful partner for those with creative ambitions. Find fulfillment in giving back to your community by nurturing young minds with quality art lessons and build a stable, successful career for yourself.



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