Kid-Friendly Franchises Are About To Boom in 2021!

Here’s Why

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant effect on the world. To say the very least, it dramatically changed the way we live and how we interact with each other.

One of the biggest impacts, though, was on kids. During the pandemic, they lost a lot of educational and social time due to remote learning, lack of playdates, birthday parties, and other social gatherings.

As a result, it impacted their education and their friendships in extraordinary ways. This is simply because they were forced to stay away from their friends, and because social distancing requirements forced them to have little to no social interaction.

However, social distancing requirements and other stay-at-home orders are beginning to ease. As a result, kids and parents will want to make up for lost time and interactions during the pandemic.

Because of this, it’s expected that there will be a dramatic increase in the kids’ education, birthday party, and summer camp industries. This means that now may be a good time to consider investing in kid-friendly franchises to provide kids with the opportunity to once again interact, play, and have fun with their friends while earning a healthy income doing it.

But how exactly did the pandemic influence children and these industries? More importantly, how can you play your part in their future as the world begins to bounce back.

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The Pandemic’s Effect on Children

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, 188 countries have imposed countywide school closures. These closures affected more than 1.5 billion children globally. Considering this, it’s easy to understand why it had a significant impact on education. 

But it goes deeper than just the school closures and the impact on education. As a result of school closures and social distancing measures, kids missed out on a lot of social interaction. This has made them feel alone, isolated, and bored

In fact, lockdowns because of the pandemic have been extremely challenging for kids because their lives, often more than others, have been completely disrupted. This, in turn, has the potential to severely impact children’s mental well-being and lead to illnesses like depression.

And the importance of social interaction can’t be overstated. In simple terms, it’s the primary way kids learn. Through interacting with their friends and others, they learn important life skills for relationship building, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication.

In addition, many kids were faced with the prospect that all their favorite activities like playgroups, summer camps, and birthday parties had to be canceled. Sure, technology has played its part in bridging the gap, but it’s different from in-person interactions between children (and let’s face it- parties over Zoom just aren’t the same.)

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Art and Educational Classes

As a result of nationwide lockdowns, extracurricular art and educational classes, much like schools, were forced to close. This meant children missed out on the opportunity to not only have fun but also develop various skills that they would use throughout their entire school career.

Simply put, art plays a big role in helping teach math, science, history, and creativity. That’s why children who participate in the arts are more likely to excel at school and in life.

Some of the benefits of art classes include:

  • Self-esteem. Studies show that creating art can help children to realize their uniqueness and it gives them a sense of accomplishment and feelings of self-worth.
  • Social skills. When kids participate in artistic activities, it promotes growth in positive social skills. As a result, they develop self-confidence, self-control, collaboration skills, empathy, social tolerance, and they’re better at conflict resolution.
  • Academic performance. Studies have shown that the visual arts can improve writing, reading skills, the interpretation of text, reasoning about scientific images, and reading readiness. Therefore, when kids are no longer able to attend art classes and practice this skill, it compounds the negative effects that the COVID-19 pandemic had on their education.
  • Problem-solving. When kids engage in artistic activities, it develops their reasoning ability, intuition, perception, imagination, inventiveness, and creativity. These, in turn, all improve their problem-solving skills.

Considering the above, it’s easy to see why parents would want their kids to attend art classes which they were unable to do during the past year. Fortunately, as the world moves out of the pandemic and social distancing measures begin to ease, an increasing number of parents will once again send their children to art classes.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that many parents will also be heading back to work and they’ll need these activities to help with childcare and keep their kids busy. This is something that simply did not happen in 2020. As a result, this will contribute to the surge in the industry which creates an excellent opportunity for business owners.

And remember, even before the pandemic, children’s education and services was a $102.8 billion industry.

So, for investors who want to take advantage of this opportunity and add kid-friendly franchises to their portfolio, Kidcreate Studio gives them this ability. We offer a wide range of art classes for any age group and our curriculum is tailored to match the developmental needs of children at different ages. 

As such, we offer:

  • Fast-moving and energetic classes for children aged between 18 months and three years.
  • Fun and enriching classes which introduces children aged between 3 and 6 to the basic principles of art. 
  • Continued art exploration classes for children between the ages of 5 and 9 years.
  • Advanced art classes where we deal with advanced techniques and materials for children aged between 9 and 12 years.
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Summer Camps

As we said earlier, as the world moves out of the pandemic and more parents will be heading back to the office, they’ll need out-of-school or summer camp options to help with childcare, especially as the holidays are approaching.

Summer camps have for long been a favorite with parents to keep their children busy when not at school. In 2020, this wasn’t a problem because most parents were at home to care for the children. However, this year and beyond, these summer camps and out-of-school options will become popular again.

And these camps were already popular before the pandemic. There were about 12,000 operating summer camps in the United States, which includes 7000 overnight camps and 5000 day camps. In total, over 6 million children attended these camps every summer and they employ over 1.5 million people every year.

As a result, the summer camp industry generated profits of more than $15 billion a year. In addition, the majority of these camps have an average tuition of over $1500 most of them earn between 1 million and $3 million a year.

And the industry was growing, when you consider that, for example, in 2018, 46% of summer camps saw an increase in their enrollment numbers of between four and 15%.

So, although those numbers may have changed slightly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s expected that after the pandemic those numbers will increase to the same levels and higher simply because parents need to go to work, and children need socialization and interaction in a safe environment.

For those interested in investing in kid-friendly franchises that include a summer camp revenue stream, Kidcreate Studio offers art camps where we focus on creating a safe environment for kids to explore and learn. Like our art classes, our award-winning curriculum is tailored to the needs of different age groups which means that children will learn at an appropriate pace while interacting with children of similar ages.

We offer affordable camp programs for children who are not in school, camps during school breaks, and camps specifically for the summer months. These camps enable children to boost their confidence, encourage their creativity, and, more importantly, keep them busy with high-quality activities.

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Birthday Parties

It’s no secret that birthday parties are a massive industry. In fact, as parents increasingly look into innovative and unique ways to celebrate their child’s special day, it has grown into a $25 billion industry. 

The COVID-19 pandemic, however, changed all this, when it prevented any sort of social gatherings and social distancing measures meant that many parents had to put their birthday party plans on hold for 2020. As a result, as social distancing measures ease, parents will once again look to celebrate birthdays in a big and fun way in 2021 to make up for the lost birthday parties during 2020.

But here’s the thing: parents are working longer hours than ever before, especially now that they’ll go back to work. And with long hours they have less time to plan birthday parties. Because of this, they often turn to birthday party businesses to help them to create memorable birthday parties and events for the children. 

And make no mistake, there are a lot of children. In the US, there are about 75 million children, and this figure is expected to grow to 80 million in 2030.

This means, when parents are again able to hold birthday parties for the children, this industry will grow even further. Apart from this, it also means that this is an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to cater to parents who seek creative, outside-the-box celebrations for the children.

So, for any investor who wants to invest in a birthday party business, Kidcreate Studio offers the perfect solution. We host birthday parties where children will be able to create an art project with the help of one of our instructors. And like we mentioned before, art is a perfect way to improve children’s education while leaving them inspired and upping their creativity. 

With this service, we provide parents with an all-in-one solution to plan and host their birthday parties and we provide everything from the art materials to the paper plates and utensils. And when the party is done, we clean up, so parents don’t have to worry about it. This not only gives children a wonderful way to celebrate their birthday but also gives parents time to relax and enjoy the party.

With this solution, you can provide a service that will be very much in demand as social distancing measures lift.

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Kid-Friendly Franchises = Limitless Profitability Potential!

When you consider the above, it’s easy to see that kid-friendly franchises will boom in 2021 and beyond. This is simply because of basic economics. In other words, when there is a demand, there need to be businesses to cater to that demand. 

In other words, as social distancing measures ease and more parents want to hold unique birthday parties for their children, send their children to summer camps, or enroll their children in art classes, there’s no doubt that the demand will increase. 

This means that potential Franchise Owners have an incredible opportunity to capitalize on this demand, earn a good income, and play a role in the community at the same time.

Our Owners love the multiple, complementary revenue streams that keep them busy- and making money- all year long. From art classes to birthday parties, out-of-school camps, and even special events, Kidcreate caters to little artists as young as 18 months of age. 

Also, keep in mind that we have a flexible business model where you’ll be able to choose between a mobile, On-The-Go business or the option of a beautiful brick-and-mortar studio location.

If you prefer, you can start with the mobile business option and add the studio later, or you can choose to have both, which creates multiple revenue streams and cross-marketing opportunities.

Now, consider this. The minimum investment required for a mobile studio is $64,520 and the minimum investment for a single unit studio is $122,960. Both these amounts also include the initial franchise fee. It’s therefore an excellent business opportunity that promises to give you an above-average return on your investment.

Also, with our short buildout times and our ability to open locations in as little as 60 days, when you invest in a Kidcreate Studio now, you’ll be able to have it ready when the demand for kid-friendly franchises is at its greatest.

* Numbers obtained from our 2021 FDD.

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The Bottom Line

Although the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant effect on people and businesses worldwide, it’s expected that some businesses will see significant growth as the world comes out of the pandemic. 

In particular, kid’s birthday party businesses, art classes, and summer camps will see significant growth. This will be because children need interaction and parents will be back at work looking for ways to keep the children busy.

So, now may be the right time to invest in a Kidcreate Studio franchise.

If you want to know more about Kidcreate Studio and how you could open one in your own community, visit our franchise website or contact us for more details.    

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