As the best of all kid friendly franchises that are focused on bringing arts and crafts extracurricular activities to you children, we look for a specific type of entrepreneur to join our team.
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An entrepreneurial spirit or business background are certainly a plus but are not strict requirements. Our extensive training program covers all the business knowledge you will need. Particularly, we look for individuals with the following qualities:

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Community Leader

You’re very outgoing and connected in your community. You donate your time to volunteer for events and are a great networker.

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Education Enthusiast

The goal of Kidcreate is to bring children creative opportunities to supplement their education studies. Studies have shown that arts and crafts extracurriculars encourage academic success in young children. You’re excited about teaching young children and helping them explore their creative abilities.

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Creative Spirit

You love arts and crafts and always have loads of creative ideas. You love playing with paints and other art supplies and aren’t afraid of a little mess!

We have found that many stay at home moms possess many of these qualities. They are organized, creative, and great with children. Kid friendly franchises incorporate all the duties of a typical stay at home mom into a payable business! A Kidcreate Studio can be a great way to both fill your schedule and earn substantial income. Many previous stay at home moms have developed a satisfying, successful career doing what they love with their very own Kidcreate Studio.

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Someone who understands how important art education for children is, and is ready to help fill the void by providing children in their communities with a fun and truly enriching ongoing experience. We have identified the ideal types of Owners, who are much more likely to not only achieve the levels of success we are accustomed to at our art studio franchise, but also likely to find true fulfillment in their new business.

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At Kidcreate, we are proud of the successful creative education franchise we have built and we are passionate about continued to growth. To ensure we partner with the right team members, we have developed a multi-step Discovery Process for all potential Franchise Owners. If you’re interested in investing, after you reach out to us, we’ll have you fill out a questionnaire so we can learn a bit more about you. If we like what we see, we will call you for a phone interview. Then we will send you more detailed information about our business plan and you can review our FDD. If you like what you see, you’ll be invited to “Discovery Day” to see our studio in action. From there, if you’ve decided you want to join the team, there will be a few interviews and details to work out. Once you’re awarded a franchise, you can begin the training process! You’ll have your very own of all kid friendly franchises up and running in no time with the Kidcreate support team!

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“I always had the aspiration of being a business owner but didn’t exactly know which field would suit me best. When Kidcreate Studio was presented to me, I knew this was the business. It provides an encouraging environment for kids to learn, be creative, and most importantly have fun! I am honored to be able to bring Kidcreate Studio to my hometown in Prior Lake-Savage, MN.”

– Carrie Berger


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For tired teachers, ex programmer directors, stay at home moms, or business savvy individuals, Kidcreate Studio education franchise could be a great fit. For those that love to have fun, play with children, and express their creativity, the best of all kid friendly franchises is a business opportunity you can’t miss out on. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to us today.

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