How much do Kidcreate Franchise Owners Make?

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Amazing Opportunity

Getting started in the child entertainment franchise industry can prove to be difficult, but Kidcreate Studio makes it possible by lowering our initial investment far under other concepts currently found on the market. Now is the time to invest as there are currently no other companies dominating the child related services market share.

While we are extremely proud of our industry-leading unit economics, unfortunately we are unable to legally disclose exact numbers outside of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). We do look forward to discussing these numbers with you, but to do so you first need to complete a Confidential Questionnaire. Click HERE to access the Questionnaire.

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Within our Two-Businesses-In-One model, our Franchise Owners enjoy four different revenue streams.

Family Entertainment Franchises
Children's Franchise Opportunities
Franchise Children's Activities
Kid Friendly Franchises

When combining the industry, with our business model and revenue streams, and our award-winning curriculum, you can begin to understand why our kid friendly franchise leads the industry in unit economics.

Child Entertainment Franchises



One of the most exciting components of the Kidcreate franchise model is our operating profit percentage. For us to legally disclose this information, you will need to see our Franchise Disclosure Document. To obtain the FDD, we ask that you first request more info, and we will then be in touch to get you our numbers.

Arts and Crafts Franchise

Profitable and Successful

With years of experience, Kidcreate Studio has created a “business in a box” utilizing creative, functional and fun interior branding assisting Franchise Owners in being more successful.  But, while being profitable is critical, it’s not what gets us out of our beds every morning. Being there for children to assist them in their development, helping them cultivate new social skills, self-esteem and confidence in themselves, and finding genuine happiness is something that money cannot buy.

If you are looking to engage your community, feel great about the work that you do, and create great profits while working with kids then fill out the form below to find out more information about Child Entertainment Franchises.

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