Why People are Leaving Corporate America: Start a Teaching Franchise with Kidcreate

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Arts and Crafts Franchise

New Opportunities

The 9 to 5 desk job is causing people to look for new avenues where they can experience success. Teaching Franchises provide appealing opportunities for those willing to leave Corporate America and are determined to succeed. The world appears to be in more need of high quality education than ever before. Entrepreneurs who are hungry to succeed can take a new Franchise and grow it into multiple locations.

Kidcreate Studio is committed to picking up where public art education is becoming more limited. We believe that by helping children grow, we help ourselves grow. We give parents peace-of-mind by bringing art back into the lives of children. And as a result, our education Franchise Owners enjoy running a business that brings significant financial and emotional return on investment.

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Sales or management background, maybe in retail, restaurants or finance but you’re tired of corporate life. Highly driven and motivated by achievement, you’re business savvy but need a flexible work schedule and may have interest in a field of art.

Birthday Party Business Opportunities

You’ve been a daycare or preschool director, a full-time teacher, a care program site leader or a school administrator, but now you’re ready to move into a more lucrative career path, while remaining in the education field you have such passion for.

Children's Party Franchise

Have been a stay-at-home mom who’s ready to re-enter the workforce. Maybe your kids are grown, or old enough to come to work with you. You throw the best birthday parties on the block and just can’t get enough of Pinterest, Etsy or photography.

Teaching Franchise

You believe passionately that art education is a vital part of childhood development. You’re fairly knowledgeable about the arts, art history, and the masters, and you want to bring that knowledge forward to the next generation of future artists.

Teaching Franchise

Someone who loves being the “go to” within their community. Seen as a leader, they are always lending a helping hand and volunteers their time to make a difference and build solid relationships. Their biggest motivator is to create a business that brings families and communities together.

Not Alone

Corporate work can be difficult and often unfulfilling. You can spend hours on a project and rarely see any returns. Leaving your corporate job to explore the unknown can be intimidating, but Kidcreate is there for you.  Starting a Teaching Franchise can help in giving your life purpose again. You will be your own boss; make your own hours, hire your own staff, make your own opportunities. Your success will finally be in your own hands, and with Kidcreate to support you, you will see success.
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“I always had the aspiration of being a business owner but didn’t exactly know which field would suit me best. When Kidcreate Studio was presented to me, I knew this was the business. It provides an encouraging environment for kids to learn, be creative, and most importantly have fun! I am honored to be able to bring Kidcreate Studio to my hometown in Prior Lake-Savage, MN.”

– Carrie Berger


Teaching Franchise
Arts and Crafts Franchise

Work Life Balance

We were created around family, and family remains at our core. We offer the ability to find that work life balance that isn’t as easily captured in the corporate world. If you are driven to work hard and drive profit, you will quickly find yourself enjoying the benefits of creating your own schedule so that you can make your family your priority. With Kidcreate, if you deeply care about your business and are passionate about providing high quality product, we want to talk to you and help you in taking the first steps to becoming a Kidcreate Owner.

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