If the idea of bringing fun art activities to kids throughout your community sounds like the best job you could ask for, franchising with Kidcreate Studio may be just the thing. Can’t you just see yourself wearing your personalized art smock, helping kids to explore the creative process, a rainbow of colored paints spread out before them? Some of those kids may have never had such an opportunity, while for another child, you may have just sparked a new interest!

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It all started with a boy named Jake who loved art. When Kidcreate Studio Founder, Lara Olson, found out her son Jake was only getting one hour of art a week, she began a journey to bring greater accessibility of art to children all across the country.

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Affordable and Versatile

Maybe a six-figure initial investment with an art education franchise looks a little daunting right now. Just one more reason to consider our art-on-wheels mobile franchise model. While our brick-and-mortar option can cost between $95,010 and $232,100 the mobile version can be launched with as little as $57,270. There’s even financial assistance available, making this a real possibility for the right candidate.

Running a mobile art studio means you’re able to reach children who may not have access to any kind of art class due to limited space or limited funding. With our mobile franchise, we can offer art education to a larger demographic by bringing the supplies and instructor straight to the client’s doorstep.

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The Advantages of Running an Art Education Franchise

Not just any job can offer the satisfaction of running a mobile art studio. With the decline of approved funding for art education, you can be the one to introduce the power of the creative process to young, impressionable minds. Teach new art concepts, experiment with new art materials and watch as your young protegés proudly show off their new masterpieces.

Our Franchise Owners also love a few other things about what they do.

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Using our highly sought after curriculum means you don’t have to be an expert artist to succeed. Everything you teach has already been prepared and polished to perfection.

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Our experiential program is recession resilient. Through the 2008-2009 crisis and the recent COVID virus, KidCreate Studio has continued to thrive.

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This business model is scalable, with some Franchise Owners opening for business in as few as 60 days and expanding until they’re running multiple locations. We also offer a mobile franchise model.

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We enjoy excellent economics at our studios. With low overhead costs, profit margins are robust. Adding a brick and mortar studio creates additional streams of revenue and cross marketing opportunities.

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Franchise Owners receive ongoing support through every phase of development. We offer thorough training, help with the start-up process, and provide one-on-one marketing assistance.

The Perfect Fit

We’re looking to partner with individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit, feel passionate about offering art education to children, and have strong networking capabilities. If those qualifications describe you, then we’ve just found the ideal candidate! A good first step might be to fill out the form below so we can send you a detailed Franchise Information Report of our art education franchise. Let’s see if we can create a beautiful masterpiece together!



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