The Kidcreate Studios mobile franchise is the perfect business model for entrepreneurs that are always on-the-go. This model, an alternative to our brick and mortar studio locations, offers more freedom, lower startup costs and plenty of opportunity for success.

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One of the most exciting components of the Kidcreate franchise model is our operating profit percentage. For us to legally disclose this information, you will need to see our Franchise Disclosure Document. To obtain the FDD, we ask that you first request more info, and we will then be in touch to get you our numbers.

*Please refer to Item 19 of our 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document.

Why invest in our mobile art franchise?

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Incredibly Low Investment

New entrepreneurs often turn away from the business of their dreams for fear of risking too much. Lower investment means lower risk and our mobile franchise model can be yours for as low as $57,270. The investment range caps off at $69,800 and includes everything you need to get your art education franchise up and running! From initial inventory to training expenses, you will be completely prepared for your grand opening.

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Larger Customer Base

Most customers for the mobile franchise come from schools in your local community. In the studio model, class size is relatively limited. Teaching in school classrooms reaches a much larger audience, up to 40 students at once. While these children may have never stepped foot in a Kidcreate Studio, your fun, enriching art program will be the first thing they think of for their next birthday party or special event.

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More Flexibility in Work

When you own a brick and mortar studio, the children must come to you. With the Kidcreate Studio on-the-go mobile franchise, you go to the students! This creates more flexibility in your schedule and more business, as you are free to go where the business is.

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More Freedom in Life

Owning a brick and mortar establishment is certainly exciting and something that many entrepreneurs take pride in. It also comes with rent payments, leasehold improvements, maintenance costs and more. In addition to costs, it takes time to clean and organize. With a mobile franchise, everything is on-the-go and simplified. Minimal paperwork can be done from the comfort of your own home (or favorite cafe) and the only “office” you have to clean is your car!

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Simplicity = Scalability

The beauty of a simple business model is that it is incredibly easy to scale. What starts as a few weekly classes at one local school easily expands to a full schedule at various locations. Often, Franchise Owners start with our mobile franchise model and add on a brick and mortar studio in a few short years. When you start simple, the sky is the limit.

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“I always had the aspiration of being a business owner but didn’t exactly know which field would suit me best. When Kidcreate Studio was presented to me, I knew this was the business. It provides an encouraging environment for kids to learn, be creative, and most importantly have fun! I am honored to be able to bring Kidcreate Studio to my hometown in Prior Lake-Savage, MN.”

– Carrie Berger


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Embarking on a franchise journey is exciting. With incredible support from the Kidcreate Studios team, you’ll have assistance with everything from marketing, training, curriculum, studio operations and more. And, with the mobile franchise model, you’ll have all the flexibility to both expand your business and enjoy life.

We are taking inquiries daily for both our mobile and brick and mortar children’s art studio opportunities. Kidcreate Studios is an award-winning, industry leading franchise in the art industry. We make a powerful partner for those with creative ambitions. Contact us today to find out more about our mobile franchise opportunity!

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