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Declining programs are creating a void needing to be filled.

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New Source for Parents

With arts-education programs constantly on the decline parents are looking for other sources where their children can get the education they need. Kidcreate Studio is committed to picking up where public art education continues to become more limited. Kidcreate offers kid franchises entertainment in a growing industry, filling an ever expanding void. We are working hard to address the increased concerns that parents have for the future of their children. If you are interested in joining us to help in expanding our franchise, now is the time.

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“It was really scary for me, to leave a job that I was very good at. But I knew deep down that I was destined for more than being just another cog in corporate America. I took the ultimate leap of faith, started my first Kidcreate Studio and it was the best decision I ever made.”

– Lara Olson

Franchise Children's Activities
Children Education Franchise

Financial and Emotional Return

Constantly declining art education programs are creating an unmet need causing parents to seek out other avenues to get continued education for their children. Kidcreate Studio has stepped up to take over where public programs are leaving off.  A 2008 study by the National Endowment for the Arts revealed “a general decline in children’s art education. This decline has unfortunately continued to this day. For example, Education Secretary Betsy Devos has proposed reducing the federal education budget by $9 billion, in part by cutting $27 million from the arts-education program.”

And as a result, our kid franchise entertainment Owners enjoy running a business that brings significant financial and emotional return on investment. Using our four revenue streams, i.e. Studio Classes & Camps, On-The-Go Studio, Parties & Events and Retail Sales, we continue to see unprecedented growth. And utilizing both the brick and mortar Studio Classes and the On-The-Go Partnerships, getting more business and expanding to multiple locations is a breeze.

Children's Franchise Opportunities


Children's Franchise Opportunities
Franchise Children's Activities

“It’s hard to put into words how wonderful Kidcreate Studio is! The staff are so friendly and welcoming, the projects are AMAZING, and there is an educational aspect to every project which makes this place feel so unique. If you sign your child up for a class or camp you will not regret it!”

 – Molly B.

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“This is a great place for kids of any age. They offer art classes for kids and also do birthday parties. The staff are very friendly. They also have a little store that sells some cute DIY art project kits and other fun things. I definitely recommend Kid create studios in Eden prairie!”

 – Chelsey O.

Children Education Franchise

High Levels of Success

We now see that, even when the economy is suffering, parents will spend on goods and services for their children, particularly those that will help them with their future. At a time when access to art education in schools is rapidly disappearing, Kidcreate Franchise Owners are providing frustrated parents with a solution. As a kid franchise entertainment Owner you will be much more likely to not only achieve the levels of success we are accustomed to at our franchises, but also likely to find true fulfillment in your new business.

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