Your Questions About Owning an Education Franchise Answered

Your Questions About Owning an Education Franchise Answered

Our Children’s Franchise Opportunity is Ready for the Taking

Are you looking for an investment opportunity that is both fulfilling and successful? Well, your dreams can come true with Kidcreate Studio, a creative education franchise. Our franchise has been in operation for more than a decade and, in that time, we have found explosive success. We currently have 11 locations open and are looking to continue expanding across the nation. This kids entertainment franchise opportunity is open to entrepreneurs with strong sales and networking skills. An investment in Kidcreate Studio is an investment into your future and the success of the community around you.

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Join our Award Winning Art Franchise

Kidcreate has found incredible success as an art based education franchise. With 9 locations and growing, we are looking for business savvy, art loving individuals to join our team. Do you think you have what it takes to be part of our successfully fun art franchise? In all potential Kidcreate Franchise Owners, we look for the following qualities:
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Maybe you’ve worked in sales before, maybe you haven’t, but you’re naturally good at selling a product or idea. You are business savvy, have an entrepreneurial spirit and are excited by success. At the end of the day, business is business and you must be able to sell the product that Kidcreate is offering to be a successful Franchise Owner.
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Passion for Children

The entire Kidcreate franchise is based off encouraging the academic and creative growth of children, so a passion for working with children is necessary. You’ll be spending a lot of your day to day interacting with children and their parents, so communication skills are important. Patience is a must!
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Natural Networker

As a Kidcreate Education Franchise Owner, you’ll be deeply involved with your community. Having natural networking and strong communication skills will help you grow your business.

Your Questions About Owning an Education Franchise Answered

Excited about our children’s franchise opportunity, but have some questions? We are here to answer them!

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How much does it cost to open an education franchise?

The investment range to open a Kidcreate Studio On-the-go Only business model runs between $64,765 – $95,490; and the Brick & Mortar business model: $110,705 – $266,270. This investment covers the franchise fees, studio build out costs, rent deposits, furniture and supplies, computers and software, grand opening promotion, and training costs. For an incredibly low cost, you can take advantage of an education franchise that is both profitable and fulfilling. You can think of it as a positive impact on both your wallet and your community.

If I own a Kidcreate Studio, do I have to teach?

Not unless you want to! In the beginning, it may be necessary for you to step into the role of teacher, but as your business grows, you’ll hire full-time teachers. Franchise Owners who absolutely love teaching, however, can teach a class whenever they can fit it into their schedule.

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Will I be provided with curriculums for my education franchise classes?

Yes. As a Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owner your job will be to increase sales, manage your staff, and oversee the entire program. You won’t need to worry about teaching or planning curriculums. We have already created thousands of robust, award-winning curriculums that are suited for every Studio.

Do I need a background in art or education to invest in Kidcreate?

While a background in art or education will benefit you, it is absolutely not necessary. Rather, we look for individuals who are business-savvy, organized, and skilled in both sales and networking. As a Kidcreate Studio education Franchise Owner, your role will be to ensure the business is running smoothly. The education and creative side of things will be handled by your qualified staff of teachers.

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What kind of support will I receive?

When you invest in our kids entertainment franchise, you’ll never be left in the dark. We have an entire corporate support team dedicated to the success of each of our Franchise Owners. When you become part of our family, you’ll receive assistance in marketing and advertising, training, program oversight, accounting and financial coaching, regular meetings, and ongoing support for any problems you come across.

Children's Franchise Opportunities


Children's Franchise Opportunities
Franchise Children's Activities

“It’s hard to put into words how wonderful Kidcreate Studio is! The staff are so friendly and welcoming, the projects are AMAZING, and there is an educational aspect to every project which makes this place feel so unique. If you sign your child up for a class or camp you will not regret it!”

 – Molly B.

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Education Franchise

“This is a great place for kids of any age. They offer art classes for kids and also do birthday parties. The staff are very friendly. They also have a little store that sells some cute DIY art project kits and other fun things. I definitely recommend Kidcreate studios in Eden prairie!”

 – Chelsey O.

Are you ready?

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