Follow These Steps to Start Your Own Education Franchise

Follow These Steps to Start Your Own Education Franchise

Owning an art education franchise is a great way to experience the opportunity of a satisfying career based on community involvement. Art is considered an essential tool to early childhood development. Unfortunately, quality art education programs are missing from most public schools and education centers around the nation. Kidcreate Studio is an art based education franchise that works to bring quality art programs to our communities.

education franchise
art franchise

A career devoted to your community brings both personal and financial satisfaction. The Education Industry is valued at $102.8 billion and quality art education is in high demand by parents across the country. If you’re excited about the opportunity to experience a career in this industry, Kidcreate Studio is searching for new Franchise Owners!

You’ll have to follow a few simple steps on your journey to opening a Kidcreate Studio education franchise.

Reach Out

The first step is on you – reach out to us and let us know you’re interested! Once we hear from you, we will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire, then provide you with some detailed documentation about our franchise and schedule an initial call.

art franchise
art franchise
Initial Call

During this call, we will ask a bit about your background and why you are interested in Kidcreate Studio so we can all become better acquainted. We’ll also fill you in on what makes Kidcreate Studio so successful as an art education franchise.

Franchise Review

After our call, we give you time to review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which includes detailed financial information and other important aspects about Kidcreate Studio. You’ll also complete a webinar that discusses the details of our business model, the Kidcreate Studio brand, our marketing programs and more.

education franchise
education franchise
Peer Validation

If you think you are a good fit for our education franchise opportunity after reviewing Kidcreate Studio in detail, you’ll get a chance to meet and talk with one or more of our current Franchise Owners. They will discuss a day-in-the-life of Kidcreate Studio and you can ask questions! Afterwards, they will let us know if they think you team-member worthy.

Discovery Day

If you’ve passed the peer validation test, then you’ll be invited to Discovery Day at our Minnesota headquarters. This is your chance to meet the corporate team, founders and other important figures. You’ll get to see “behind the scenes” of Kidcreate!

kid franchises entertainment
kid franchises entertainment
Executive Interview

The last test before your chosen career as a new Kidcreate Studio education Franchise Owner is an executive interview. A few more details will be discussed and final questions asked.

Congratulations! Franchise Awarded

If your meeting goes well and the executives give a “green light,” you’ll be invited to join the Kidcreate Studio team! You will sign the Franchise Agreement and from there you’ll be on your way to opening your very own art education franchise.

kid franchises entertainment

The decision to take your career into your own hands is something to be proud of, especially when you are choosing a career path that is community focused. At Kidcreate Studio, we are proud to work with such passionate entrepreneurs like you.



Kidcreate Studio is a growing movement of entrepreneurs, inspired to bring creativity and fun to kids through award-winning curriculum.

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