What is a Kids Entertainment Franchise?

What is a Kids Entertainment Franchise?

The franchise sector covers a wide range of industries – everything from food to home improvement – giving entrepreneurs plenty of options. One sector that has seen enormous growth is kids entertainment. As public school funding cuts have led to drops in mayn art classes, physical education and other extracurricular activities, parents are desperate for quality entertainment for their children. This demand has led to the rise in various franchises that cater to kids – art classes, baby yoga, tutoring, little gyms, party centers and more.

These kids entertainment franchises offer fun, often learning inspired, activities for children. Parents are quick to sign children up as the benefits for learning based activities include:
Art Franchise Opportunities

Improved Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Education Franchise

Improved Academic Performance

Arts and Crafts Franchise

Enhanced Self-esteem, Confidence and Social Skills

Art Franchise Opportunities

Allows Children To Explore Creativity, Cognitive Skills and Abstract Thinking

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Makes Learning More Fun

Children's Party Franchise

Kidcreate Studio is a franchise for kids entertainment that offers art classes, camps and parties. Since 2007, Kidcreate has worked hard to bring quality art programs to children across the nation. With a comfortable, encouraging environment and award winning art curriculums, Kidcreate Studios allows children to explore their creativity, make new friends and learn about art concepts. Parents are pleased with the beautiful masterpieces their children bring and happy they don’t have to take care of the mess after!

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Kidcreate is a Stable Franchise Opportunity

In addition to providing kids with much needed art education, our art franchise is a great opportunity for those that are looking for a stable career. If you’re considering an investment into a franchise, it is important to go with an industry that can handle the ups and downs of a fluctuating economy. While it may be impossible to find a truly recession resilient franchise, children’s activities businesses have shown some resilience to economic downturn.

When an economic downturn or recession occurs, consumers tighten up on unnecessary spending. To families, spending on children is considered essential. That means that many parents will still pay for tutoring and extracurricular activities even when on a tight budget.

So, if you’ve been searching for an education franchise and you’re interested in child care, Kidcreate may be what you are looking for.

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Art Franchise

Get Started Today

Excited about what Kidcreate has to offer, both personally and for your community? We are looking to partner with business savvy entrepreneurs that enjoy working closely with children. While you don’t need a masters in art, we prefer Franchise Owners to have a passion for creativity and the arts. Think you got what it takes to open your very own art kids entertainment franchise? We would love to hear from you!

Contact us today to get started. After an initial call, we’ll see if you qualify to be part of the Kidcreate team. From there, it just takes a few steps until you can open your very own art franchise. We look forward to hearing from you!



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