Why Franchise with Kidcreate Art Studio?

Kidcreate Studio was started when Founder Lara Olson noticed her son was struggling academically. Inspired by his keen interest in art, she decided to provide him with an environment that would nurture his innate creativity. When she saw the benefits that came as a result, she began to open her business model to communities across the United States so other children could benefit from her art franchise in similar ways.

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At Kidcreate Studio, we’re focused on building confidence and inspiring creativity in the incredible children who surround us. Studies show that children involved in creative arts experience long term academic and social benefits—including higher test scores, better grades, consistent school attendance and more frequent social interaction. As funding for art education is in rapid decline, there is a growing demand for creative outlets for children. Kidcreate Studio is able to fill this void with diverse creative opportunities that satisfy a child’s hunger for self-expression.

By providing an important and beneficial service, we have been able to grow nationwide and bring the gift of art to thousands of school children. Our award-winning lineup of lessons were created by industry experts with kids in mind. With the goal of improving children’s lives through the use of art, Kidcreate Studio is the most successful and personally fulfilling art franchise in the industry.

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Intersect with Multiple Strong Industries

The Kidcreate Studio franchise sits at the crossroads of three profitable industries: the education and tutoring industry, the summer camp industry, and the birthday party industry. By overlapping with this strong trio of industries, our Franchise Owners are well positioned for success!

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Education and Tutoring

Valued at $102.8 billion annually, this is a thriving industry! At Kidcreate Studio, art education is our main focus. As caring parents and teachers will go to great lengths to see their children/students succeed, our art franchise has proven to be recession resilient. All of our programs are intended to help kids succeed and experience healthy growth. Our lessons stimulate the learning process in fun and creative ways and keep them coming back for more.

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Birthday Parties

$25 billion in annual revenue is definitely something to celebrate! Kidcreate Studio makes every child’s birthday a memorable one with our birthday party events. Our unique, creative curriculums can easily be adapted to birthday parties or other special events. Parents love that we take care of all the prep work, activities and clean-up, keeping the big day as simple as possible for them.

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Summer Camps

Even though every school year eventually comes to an end, it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! A $2 billion annual industry, summer camps are a great way to offer art education during the school break and give parents a much needed reprieve!

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Build on a Strong Foundation

When you choose to invest in an art franchise that has been able to withstand everything from economic downturns to pandemics, you know you’re making a smart choice!

In business since 2007, we have a strong history that proves just how solid our business model really is. Our franchise concept is highly polished and has proven incredibly successful throughout the years. When you invest with us, you can rest assured that you are aligning yourself with an established company.

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Multiple Streams of Revenue

We offer several streams of revenue, giving us the kind of flexibility that makes us a leader among art franchise competitors. Whether through private or group classes, home school settings or summer camps and workshops, there is something available for every child, which offers endless business opportunities for Franchise Owners.

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Your Own Art Studio

The standard for most art franchise businesses involves weekly classes that take place in a brick and mortar studio. At our onsite locations, we’re able to encourage creativity in a safe, positive environment. Designed for children aged 18 months to 12 years, our classes include fun activities like painting, pottery, drawing, sculpture, and much more.

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A Mobile Studio Option

For those who prefer to start on a smaller scale, our mobile studio model allows Franchise Owners to expand their revenue by bringing the Kidcreate Studio curriculum to customers, wherever they may be! As a model unique to us, this option supplies the owner with everything needed to offer creative art classes to schools, daycares, churches, and other organizations throughout the community. This portable format is an ideal way to enrich any program’s curriculum.

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Strong Unit Economics

The combination of studio classes and on-the-go programs has allowed us to develop some of the strongest unit economics in the industry. Franchise Owners see $820,104 in annual sales, making it possible to earn a steady profit.

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No Experience Needed

One of the greatest things about our business model is that no special background is required. While education experience is certainly beneficial, it is not necessary in order to successfully operate a Kidcreate Studio franchise. Once you invest in our art franchise, we will train you on everything you need to know in order to run a successful business.

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Outstanding Support

When you franchise with Kidcreate Studio, your job is simple. Rather than worrying about furniture, design, curriculum, uniforms, marketing, or technology, you just have to show up for training and follow our lead so you can start your exciting new career! As an art Franchise Owner, you’ll have access to extensive training, business tools, finance management, marketing assistance, and ongoing support at every phase of your journey.

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Low Investment, High Reward

So, how much will this kind of enterprise cost you? For anywhere from $57,270-$69,800, you can start advocating for art education in communities near you with our mobile model. If you’re ready to open your own studio, that can be done for $95,010-$232,100.

We’re able to keep these numbers so low because there are minimal costs associated with either model. Financing options are also available to put this dream within reach for as many art-loving entrepreneurs as possible.

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A Relatively Low Investment

So, how much will this kind of enterprise cost you? For anywhere from $64,520-$95,000, you can start advocating for art education in communities near you with our mobile model. If you’re ready to open your own studio, that can be done for $122,960-$276,050.

We’re able to keep these numbers so low because there are minimal costs associated with either model. Financing options are also available to put this dream within reach for as many art-loving entrepreneurs as possible.

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Who are We Looking For?

Kidcreate has paved a profitable path to success in the art education industry and we are looking for career-focused individuals to join us as we continue to grow. What kind of applicants are we looking for in our art franchise? It’s not at all hard to qualify! There are just a few attributes that are needed.

Kidcreate is a kid friendly art franchise.

Business Minded – Maybe you’ve worked in sales before and maybe you haven’t. But if you’re naturally good at promoting a product or idea, you’d make an ideal candidate. You’ll need to be business savvy, have an entrepreneurial spirit and be driven to succeed. At the end of the day, business is business so you must be able to sell the product that Kidcreate Studio is offering to do well as a Franchise Owner.

Passion for Children & Art – The entire Kidcreate Studio franchise is strongly motivated to encourage creativity in children, so a passion for teaching art to this young audience is essential. It’s important that you’re comfortable interacting with kids and their parents or teachers in this business.

Natural Networker – As a Kidcreate Studio art Franchise Owner, you’ll be heavily involved within your community. Having natural networking and strong communication skills will serve you well as you grow your business.

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What Comes Next?

Let’s assume the above qualifications describe you perfectly. What now? The process for opening your own Kidcreate Studio starts by filling out a simple questionnaire so we can get to know you better. After that, we’ll be in touch with you to ensure all your questions get answered and see that our goals align.

Once your application has been approved, you’ll enter Kidcreate Academy to receive 100 hours of classroom instruction and on-the-job experience in order to feel prepared for your grand opening.

We’ll be there to offer field assistance and provide ongoing refresher courses to keep you current with the latest trends along the way. You can expect to receive one-on-one assistance from our marketing director as well to help promote your business.

When you team up with an established franchise like Kidcreate Studio, there are no guessing games or high-risk plays. You’ll feel well supported at every stage of your career with us.

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A Fulfilling and Meaningful Career

Salary is the determining factor for many people when making a career choice. After all, we do need money to survive. However, a good salary is often one of the only perks a job offers. While a nice paycheck may be the reason to clock in and clock out, it doesn’t usually lead to deep personal fulfillment. But let’s say you start a career that enables you to brighten the lives of those around you on a daily basis. Let’s say you’re the reason one child’s day at school is a little better, another child’s birthday party is unforgettable, while a third child’s summer will never be forgotten!

Running an art franchise through Kidcreate Studio isn’t just about revenue—the greatest reward comes from knowing you’re making a real difference in the lives of kids near you. You’re helping them grow in confidence and appreciate their individuality. You’re building the kind of cognitive and social skills that are so essential for their development. Wouldn’t that lead to a deeply satisfying career? You could probably get used to that!

If you’re looking for fulfillment, flexibility, passion, and profitability, we invite you to see what Kidcreate Studio can do for you!

Stop dreaming and start doing – contact us today to get started.



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