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Use the Power of Art to Positively Influence the Lives of Children.

Kidcreate Studio is creativity, giggles, grins, inspiration, mess-making, discovery, confidence, exploration and fun! Kidcreate Studio is an art studio just for kids!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”


– Pablo Picasso

What is
Kidcreate Studio?

Once upon a time…

There was a boy named


who was frustrated by spelling,
but loved art!

And so it began…

Founder, Lara Olson, started Kidcreate Studio after being discouraged by the limited amount of art exposure her son Jake was receiving at school. Jake’s favorite class was art. In art class, he found tremendous joy in the creative process and none of the frustrations he was experiencing in some of his other classes.

Lara understood how he was feeling. She too had gravitated toward art classes as a child for the very same reasons. After learning that Jake was receiving less than one hour of art instruction at school per week, Lara knew she needed to find a way to add more art to his education.

What We Provide.

Kidcreate Studio provides four key revenue streams with great cross marketing potential.

Art Parties

· Birthday Parties
· Art Parties
· Play Groups
· Moms Groups
· Scout Troops

On-The-Go Classes

· Community Education Programs
· Parks & Recreation Programs
· Charter & Private Schools
· Daycares & Preschools
· Care Groups & more!

Retail Sales

· Kidcreate Studio Branded Items
· Craft & Messy Time Kits
· Art Supplies
· Art Books
· Novelty & Gift Bag Items

Studio Classes

· Weekly Classes
· Workshops
· Holiday Themed Classes
· No School Day Classes & Camps
· Summer Camps
· Homeschool Classes

What Will It Cost?

Franchise Fee : $39K

Royalty Fee : 8%

Average Total Investment : $92,800 – $198,500

Local Advertising Fee : 2%

National Advertising Fee : 2%

Annual Store Revenue : $398K

“I love offering Kidcreate Studio classes at The International School of MN. Students excitedly wait each week for class! The students always walk out with a new and wonderful art project that they are so proud of! You can truly see the joy in each student’s face as they make their unique masterpiece!”

– Angela Ponto
International School Extended Day Coordinator

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