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Why Own A
Kidcreate Studio

Owning a Kidcreate Studio franchise means enjoying many of the benefits of small business ownership, including leaving the corporate grind behind for a more flexible balance of work and home, taking control of your financial destiny and charting a path for your future, and creating a legacy that will serve your family and community for years to come.


Kidcreate improves the lives of children while making a difference in their communities. Feeling fulfilled is easy when you’re positively impacting the world… and your bank account!

Flexible Business Model

Kidcreate offers two unique business models that have the ability to bring our highly sought-after curriculum to child-friendly businesses and consumers in the community with our mobile studio business, as well as the option to offer classes and camps in a beautiful brick & mortar studio location. If you prefer, you can start with the mobile studio business and add a physical brick & mortar studio option later!

Community Focus

Partner with organizations united in the fight against the decline of art education, and you can become a well-respected voice of change as the face of your local Kidcreate Studio.


Kidcreate Studio is a one-of-a-kind experiential business that cannot be replicated by the online giants. Kidcreate Studio has thrived during the 2008/09 economic crisis and now COVID-19. You’ll sleep soundly knowing your new business is proven to be recession-resistant.

Strong Profitability

With the mobile studio model, you can start generating revenues from your business almost immediately. Ongoing overhead costs are kept extremely low for impressive profit margins. The ability to add a brick & mortar studio creates additional revenue streams and cross-marketing potential.


With the ability to open locations in as little as 60 days, you can grow your Kidcreate Studio empire to encompass the entire region with multiple units or stick to a single location in your neighborhood- as a Franchise Owner, it’s up to you!

I liked the idea of owning a Kidcreate, but when I saw the financials, I loved it. Now as an Owner, I love this business even more.

ROD ARREOLA – Broomfield Franchise Owner

A Surging Industry

As more U.S. schools lose funding for art education programs, there is a growing demand for children’s art enrichment programs across America.

Here’s why customers continue to seek out local Kidcreate Studio locations to help provide their children with a fun yet educational extracurricular ongoing art education:


61% of people strongly agree that the arts are part of a well-rounded education for K-12 students.


Public art education is increasingly facing a supply issue due to the current administration’s proposal to cut $9.2 billion from the federal education budget.


A study of 1,001 public school teachers in grades 3-12 found that schools are shifting time and resources towards math, and away from art, music, and social studies.


Research indicates that exposure to the arts can lead to a more rounded development throughout childhood, including advanced cognitive skills, specific spatial-temporal skills, and school readiness.

With declining supply and increasing demand, Kidcreate Studio is uniquely positioned to fill this unmet need. Our multiple revenue streams tap into three growth segments within the child services industry:

Currently a $102.8 billion segment, education and tutoring has been referred to as a “recession-resistant” industry, due to the fact that parents tend to prioritize their spending on goods and services for their children, even in times of economic downturn.


As parents increasingly look into innovative and unique ways to celebrate their child’s special day, birthday parties have grown into a $25 billion industry. Imagination-fueled parties at kids’ art centers like Kidcreate Studio are becoming the preferred choice for parents who seek creative, outside-the-box celebrations for their children.


Though summer and school vacation camps are often dismissed as a low-revenue segment, data proves otherwise. Kids’ school vacation camps have evolved into a $3.5 billion industry, with the average U.S. parent spending just under $1,000 per child each year on camps when school is not in session.

Hear From
Franchise Owners

Listen to this group of incredible people talk about what they love about being a Kidcreate Franchise Owner and why they chose to franchise with us!

Meet Our Franchise Owners

Creativity is the job skill of the future and something we need to help kids get more of. I’m so proud to build a successful business around it.

LINDSEY DANHAUSER – Chicago, IL Franchise Owner

We Will Have Your Back

We believe that to build a successful business, it takes a village. We’ve created a strong one of experienced franchise business professionals who truly care about helping every member of the Franchise Owner family reach their business goals.


Our initial training program, Kidcreate Academy, includes a 100-hour combination of self-study, classroom training, and on-the-job instruction to prepare Owners to open the doors to their studios.


Our real estate team helps our soon-to-be Brick and Mortar Studio Owner to find the best possible studio location! Once that perfect space is determined, our real estate team will help you negotiate and sign a lease agreement.


Once a Brick and Mortar Studio’s lease is signed, our architects will design your space and create a set of architectural plans! Next up, our construction management team will step in and lead you through the bidding process and help determine which general contractor is a good fit for your studio’s buildout.


In addition to our massive curriculum library, our Direct of Curriculum is always creating new and exciting lesson plans. This ensures that we remain current with industry trends and are offering art classes that get the kids excited about signing up for Kidcreate classes again and again!


Work with your designated Franchise Support Specialist to learn how to run your new business. Then refine and improve your operations with ongoing coaching sessions.


Your Marketing Specialist will provide one-on-one ongoing assistance with local marketing programs and advertising materials/sales aids specifically designed for Franchise Owners to use to promote their business.


Invest In Your Future

You’ll own a mobile art business or a beautiful art studio business, bringing an emotional and financial return on investment.

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