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While the benefits of arts education are proven, in public schools, it is on the decline.

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Profitable and Fulfilling

Are you seeking a new career that is both profitable and fulfilling while supporting a flexible schedule? Yes, this is entirely possible. It just requires a little creativity! Kidcreate studio is one of the top franchise children’s activities businesses. Business ownership is a highly profitable and flexible alternative to a 9-5 career. As a business owner, your pay isn’t limited by salary, you decide your vacation days, and you are constantly learning and growing. Business ownership opens many doors and prepares you for a successful future. All of the positives of owning a business are balanced, however, by the inherent risk in opening any startup venture. When you open a brand new business, there is no guarantee that it will succeed. That is what makes the franchise model ideal for risk averse entrepreneurs!

Art Franchise



It all started with a boy named Jake who loved art. When Kidcreate Studio Founder, Lara Olson, found out her son Jake was only getting one hour of art a week, she began a journey to bring greater accessibility of art to children all across the country.

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family entertainment franchises

Already Successful Business

The franchise model incorporates all the benefits of business ownership while greatly minimizing the risk of failure. When you buy into a franchise, you are purchasing the rights to an already successful business and a well known brand name. Franchise children’s activities are business opportunities that exist in a highly profitable industry. Parents want the best for their children and are willing to spend a high dollar for top education, creative, and sporting activities. The Kidcreate Studio franchise exists within three profitable industries: the education and tutoring industry, the summer camp industry, and the birthday party business opportunities. Our various services allow us to bring creativity to kids both within the studio and on-the-go. For the past 12 years, Kidcreate Studio has developed a highly successful franchise of children’s activities. If you are interested in learning more about our recipe for success, consider partnering with us!

Franchise Children's Activities
Children's Franchise Opportunities


Children's Franchise Opportunities
Franchise Children's Activities

“It’s hard to put into words how wonderful Kidcreate Studio is! The staff are so friendly and welcoming, the projects are AMAZING, and there is an educational aspect to every project which makes this place feel so unique. If you sign your child up for a class or camp you will not regret it!”

 – Molly B.

Teaching Franchise
Education Franchise

“This is a great place for kids of any age. They offer art classes for kids and also do birthday parties. The staff are very friendly. They also have a little store that sells some cute DIY art project kits and other fun things. I definitely recommend Kid create studios in Eden prairie!”

 – Chelsey O.

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Franchise Industry Leader for Children’s Activities

The core values of Kidcreate Studio are supporting children and giving back to the communities they thrive in. When Lara Olson opened the first Kidcreate Studio, she was inspired by her son’s love of art. She saw that same spark of creativity expressed in the joy of every child that entered the studio. This led her to open up Kidcreate to franchisees nationwide and they have carried on the joy of creativity into their communities. If you are someone who enjoys creativity and giving back to your community, then we want to partner with you. As a Kidcreate Studio franchisee, you will have access to extensive training, business tools, finance management, marketing assistance, and ongoing support. We want each and every one of our franchises to succeed and that is what sets us apart.

If you are considering opening a franchise children’s activities business, Kidcreate offers all the flexibility, independence, and growth of traditional business ownership with minimized risk. As one of the leaders in the industry, you can expect average sales of $400,000+ annually with plenty of room for growth. As a Kidcreate Studio franchisee, you will never be left in the dark when it comes to running birthday party business opportunities. Give us a call today to see how we can open the doors to a more fulfilling, profitable, and creative career.

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