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At Kidcreate, we are all about community involvement and enriching the lives of our children.

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Salary is the determining factor for many people making a new career choice – we all need money to survive. However, a good salary is often the only perk that many jobs offer. While that’s the reason we clock in and clock out, that doesn’t mean money has to rule your life. Work should be profitable and enjoyable. Who said you have to suffer while making a living? A motivating career typically connects you with your community. It is easy to be passionate about a career that enables you to brighten the lives of those around you. A child entertainment franchise is one of the best ways to connect with your community. At Kidcreate, we are all about community involvement and enriching the lives of our children.

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We provide Studio Classes & Camps, On-The-Go Partnerships, and Parties & Private Group Events for kids aged 18 months to 12 years.

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Our classes, designed by art educational professionals, are tailored to match children’s developmental needs. Classes expose children to a variety of different art materials and techniques. Some of our popular art classes for kids include drawing lessons, pottery classes, painting classes and many, many more.

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Celebrate at Kidcreate! At a Kidcreate art birthday party, the children will each create a take-home art project with the help of a Kidcreate art instructor. Our enthusiastic teachers oversee our parties from start to finish, including clean up! With our education franchise, parents can host a party knowing their child and their friends are being inspired, creative and educated.

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Kidcreate On-The-Go Studio offers the same great Kidcreate curriculum in a portable and flexible format. Art is a great way to enrich any program’s curriculum. It is tons of fun and great for the brain too! Plus, a Kidcreate activity is so easy. We supply the curriculum, teachers, art materials, giggles and grins!

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A Community Focused Career

Kidcreate is a child entertainment franchise that offers art studio classes, private parties and group events, and an on-the-go creative classes. We are focused on building confidence and inspiring creativity in the children of local communities. Studies show that children involved in creative arts are more likely to succeed academically and less likely to have disciplinary issues. Kidcreate was created when founder Lara Olson found her child was struggling academically. Inspired by his passion for art, she wished to create an environment that would nurture his creativity. When she saw the benefits it offered him, she began to open her business model to communities across the United States so other children could benefit from a child entertainment franchise.

All of the current Kidcreate owners have expressed passion and a sense of fulfillment in owning a child entertainment franchise. Seeing the smiles on the faces of both children and parents has created a positive work environment and a motivation to go to work everyday. Kidcreate looks for individuals who have experience with the arts or with children, those with an entrepreneurial spirit, and those involved with their community to join our franchise team. Opening a Kidcreate location means investing in a business opportunity that brings fulfillment, flexibility, passion, and profitability.

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A Fulfilling Career That Pays

Kidcreate is leading the child entertainment franchise industry with strong unit economics. With an exceptionally low investment range for On-the-go Only business model: $64,765 – $95,490 and Brick & Mortar business model: $110,705 – $266,270; you can expect an easy ROI. As public art education declines, there is a growing demand for creative youth outlets. Kidcreate is able to fill this void with diverse creative opportunities. We offer our owners three streams of revenue with studio classes, traveling classes, and private event opportunities. This opportunity exists in a recession resilient industry – parents are always willing to pay for the betterment of their children.

The art industry is growing rapidly as parents continue to sign their children up for art related classes. As a Kidcreate education franchise owner, you can expect high earnings and a stable career. Franchising is a unique opportunity that offers owners all the benefits of business ownership with limited risk. If you’re interested in a profitable and fulfilling career with Kidcreate, contact us today.

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“I always had the aspiration of being a business owner but didn’t exactly know which field would suit me best. When Kidcreate Studio was presented to me, I knew this was the business. It provides an encouraging environment for kids to learn, be creative, and most importantly have fun! I am honored to be able to bring Kidcreate Studio to my hometown in Prior Lake-Savage, MN.”

– Carrie Berger


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