Franchise Owners Rod and Jen Arreola Featured on TV

Franchise Owners Rod and Jen Arreola Featured on TV

Look out, Denver-area child entertainment franchises- Kidcreate Studio is taking to the local airwaves to showcase our fun, educational art projects! Franchise Owners Rod and Jen Arreola, who just opened their brand new Kidcreate Studio franchise in Broomfield, Colorado, made an appearance on a local TV news segment to share a fun fall art project with viewers in the Denver metro area. The segment, which you can watch below, features Rod and Jen teaching a couple of the show’s presenters how to make a Van Gogh-inspired clay sculpture!

Using beads to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind mosaic upon clay leaf shapes, Jen explained how the project encourages young children to learn about patterns, complementary colors, tinting, and more, while having a great time and getting their fingers messy! This educational aspect is one of the key differences between Kidcreate Studio and other child entertainment franchises in the marketplace. Children get to learn about art history by discussing the techniques of Van Gogh and other renowned artists, and then get to have a great time making masterpieces of their own based on what they’ve just learned. As Jen points out in the TV news segment, one of the greatest benefits for young artists is getting to touch and feel a number of textures, shapes, and materials to enhance their development of fine motor skills.

rod and Jen

Rod and Jen just opened their Broomfield Kidcreate Studio franchise two months ago, to much excitement from parents and kids in their community. However, this is far from the couple’s first experience with franchising. Rod, a born entrepreneur, left a 10-year-long career in IT to found the popular teriyaki Fast-Casual concept Teriyaki Madness, and spent the next several years running several Las Vegas-area locations before selling in 2016 as the restaurant began ramping up its franchising efforts. Today, Teriyaki Madness has grown to over 100 locations across the United States and Canada.

Rod’s success with building the Teriyaki Madness brand inspired Kidcreate Studio Founder Lara Olson to reach out to him for franchising advice back in 2014, and he recognized the great potential for a children’s art education franchise. As he told 1851 Franchise, “I liked the idea of helping kids learn art, but as a businessman, I saw it as a great business as far as profit margins, cost of entry and demand were concerned.”

Rod also knew that he would enjoy an opportunity that allowed him more freedom and flexibility to spend time with his wife and three kids. In the 1851 Franchise article, he says, “When you own your own business in the restaurant industry, you’re subject to crazy hours and demand. With Kidcreate Studio, we can determine our own hours and operate with more flexibility, which is great because we wanted more family time and to not to be tied to a concept 24/7 like a restaurant would require.”

Jen, who has devoted most of her career to childhood education, was similarly excited by the prospect of owning an art studio that goes beyond the typical child entertainment franchise by educating kids on art techniques through fun, engaging projects. Thanks to her time as a gifted children’s advisor in the Boulder County School District, Jen immediately understood the unmet need for a children’s art franchise, especially since in-school art programs are on the decline. “In my work, I’ve noticed there wasn’t a lot of art out there for kids, so this mixes really well with the needs of the kids I work with and also with my passion for children’s education,” Jen told 1851 Franchise. 

The couple realized their dream by opening their first Kidcreate Studio location in September 2019. Rod and Jen plan to open two additional north Denver and Boulder area locations within the next five years. By appearing on TV segments like this one, the Arreolas are able to educate their local audience about what makes Kidcreate Studio a unique and welcome departure from the standard fare offered by competing child entertainment franchises in their community.

Kidcreate Studio is growing across the United States, and we’re looking to partner with entrepreneurs like Rod and Jen who believe in the importance of kids’ art education. As Rod discovered, the Kidcreate Studio opportunity is not just a rewarding way to connect with children and help develop their creative spirits, but also a niche market with outstanding economics and lower risk than a franchise in the restaurant industry. “The low cost of entry was impressive,” said Rod in the 1851 Franchise interview. “I’ve looked at a lot of businesses in my search and it took awhile for me to move forward—between two and three years. I liked the fact that this industry was not as risky as the restaurant industry. With a restaurant, the cost of build-out is high and ROI isn’t as great. With Kidcreate Studio, the numbers I was seeing looked great, as far as profit margins were concerned.”

If you feel that it’s time to explore an exciting and potentially lucrative opportunity that helps you elevate art education in your community, we’d love to speak with you! Visit our franchise website for more information about Kidcreate Studio. 

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