Three Artsy Options

Three Artsy Options

Kidcreate Studio offers three different artsy options that are valuable for customers and for Franchise Owner’s revenue streams: Registration based classes, group activities, and community events.

What are Registration Based Classes?
Registration based classes are a type of class or camp that is offered with the hopes that families enroll their children. It is not guaranteed to run but the majority of them typically do. There are minimum enrollment numbers predetermined. The minimum number of children enrolled must be met in order to enable the class or camp to run.

Registration based classes are offered at the Studio, through Community Education and Parks and Recreation Programs along with daycares, preschools, and Montessori’s.

What are Group Activities?
This type of class is booked by a program or organization with the idea that all the children will be participating in the activity. Group Activities are offered through Care Programs, Scout Troops, Daycares, Preschools, Montessori’s, Church Groups, and “Moms” Groups. Different terminology is used when referring to this type of class, including outreach programs, in-center activities, and field trips.

These types of class bookings tend to be for a very large number of kids and can be very profitable!

What are Community Events?
For Community Events, an art station is set up where the kids at the even can create a predetermined art activity. Any of the children at the even can participate if they so choose!

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Art and Academic Achievement

Art and Academic Achievement

It was established long ago that children benefit from learning art. Art teaches children many things, from creativity to problem-solving to confidence, and more; yet, across the entire country, school districts continue to cut back in order to focus on reading, writing, arithmetic, and other STEM-related curriculums. Why?

While it’s true that reading, writing, math, and science and technology-related programs are vital to a children’s education, there are numerous studies that show that art education has an enormously positive measurable impact on academics for children – that stays with them throughout their lives.

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It’s My Job: Makeeka Harris, Owner of Kidcreate Studio

It’s My Job: Makeeka Harris, Owner of Kidcreate Studio

Meet Makeeka Harris, Kidcreate Franchise Owner

Makeeka never dreamed she would be a business owner, but is over-joyed by her choice to make a passion into a career. A previous veteran, Harris served 10 years with the army before deciding to change her career goals. She felt as though her service in the military prepared her for skills in great customer service, emotional intelligence, and empathy; all essential abilities for a Kidcreate Studio owner.

Makeeka, a mother of three daughters and one stepson, believe Kidcreate is a great family-functioning business. She states:

“My favorite part about owning and operating a Kidcreate Studio is seeing the joy and excitement on my students’ faces! I enjoy getting messy with them and helping them create cool projects that they go home and brag to their parents about. I enjoy a job that really focuses on children, their ideas and their own creative development.”

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5 Reasons Why Art Is So Important for Early Childhood Development

5 Reasons Why Art Is So Important for Early Childhood Development

Art Education for Early Childhood Development

1. Motor Skills

When kids participate in creating arts and crafts, there are many movements involved. From holding a paintbrush to coloring with a crayon, a child’s fine motor skills progress through this hands-on approach to education. Other actions, such as using scissors, help develop the dexterity children need for writing.

2. Language Development

In addition to getting their hands physically dirty creating art, children have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary by learning words for colors, shapes and various actions. This helps children use descriptive words to discuss their creation, and will help them express what feelings are elicited from observing different types of art by the time they are in elementary school.

3. Decision-Making

Studies show art education strengthens both critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in young children. The process of creating art gives children choices and urges them to make decisions in the course of creating their art – a crucial skill that translates into other parts of life. For example, exploration through art will encourage children to try new ideas in other areas of life. Not only will this further spark creativity and imagination, but children can also use critical thinking to react to new experiences and problem-solve when necessary.

4. Cultural Awareness

Exposing children to a variety of interpretations on society is a great way to help them understand the nuances of their surroundings and embrace the differences they see around them in the diverse society we live in today.

5. Encourages Neural Connections

Because art employs any or all of the senses, such as sight, sound, taste and smell, the synapses in the brain of a small child fire away as they experience situations that immerse their senses and further encourage their creativity. In fact, a young brain makes billions of new connections with every bit of new knowledge it is exposed to. In young children, artistic activities lead to the formation of well-rounded personalities, good attachment, self-esteem and better mental health.

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Education Franchise

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Summer Camp Guide: Kidcreate Studio

Summer Camp Guide: Kidcreate Studio

2017 Summer Camp Guide

Summer is approaching quickly and it has a lot of parents wondering how they can keep their children occupied and learning throughout the summer months. Kidcreate Studio summer camp is not only a way to keep your children busy, it will also keep them engaged and learning through art education activities.

Kidcreate Studio offers three and four-day,half-day camps designed to inspire, educate, and entertain young artists. These programs are between $99 and $150 and are available to children as young as 3-years-old.

Check out the Kidcreate Studio locations in Woodbury and Eden Prairie for more information.

Kid Franchises Entertainment

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Join Kidcreate Eden Prairie and Woodbury Location’s Mother’s Day Gift Making Classes

Join Kidcreate Eden Prairie and Woodbury Location’s Mother’s Day Gift Making Classes

Kidcreate Eden Prairie and Woodbury Location’s Host Mother’s Day Classes

Are you tired of getting the same old gifts for Mother’s Day year after year? This year, let dad know you want a hand-made gift from Kidcreate! Send the kids with dad, sign up to create right along with your child or drop the kids off and spend a relaxing date night with your husband. Either way, you will receive a one-of-a-kind gift hand-crafted by your child. What a wonderful keepsake!

If you can’t count on dad to get the kids signed up, we recommend you sign them up yourself! That way, you are sure to get the gift you want for Mother’s Day!

Play Date with Mom Workshop (18 months-6 years)
In honor of Mother’s Day, spend some creative time with your child. You and your child will create a beautiful handprint flower bouquet on a canvas board. What a great keepsake! Children must be accompanied by a caregiver.
Thursday 5/11, 9:30-10:30
Eden Prairie & Woodbury

Date Night- Mother’s Day Gift Making (3-9 years)

Do you have plans that don’t include your little ones? Do you want to see a movie that isn’t animated or enjoy a dinner that doesn’t include french fries? Sign your kids up for their own night out. They love you, hug you and make you brush your teeth! Show your mom how much you love her with a hand-made gift! She will absolutely love this one-of-a-kind painted picture frame you make her out of clay. What a great keepsake!
Saturday 5/13, 5:30-8:30
Eden Prairie & Woodbury

Signing up siblings? Sign up additional children for 50% off!

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