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Congratulations are in order for Dessy Abimbola, who opened a Kidcreate Studio art franchise in Parker, Colorado earlier this month! The grand opening ceremony was held on October 10, and was a great time for all who attended. Parker, which is about 25 miles south of Denver, is a thriving community with a large number of residents with small children. An art franchise like Kidcreate Studio, where children are encouraged to explore, play, imagine, and discover the world of art through guided instruction, will make a great fit!

Dessy Abimbola- Parker, COOriginally from Lagos, Nigeria, Dessy, holds degrees in accounting and statistics, as well as an MBA. Prior to becoming a Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owner, Dessy spent 12 years as a grant accountant- something she found immensely rewarding. “Meeting grant recipients and them sharing their wonderful stories gave me fulfillment at my job,” she says. 

With over a decade of accounting experience under her belt, Dessy threw her hat into the ring for a management position at the firm where she worked, only to be turned down for a heartbreaking reason. “I was denied the opportunity at the last minute because I was pregnant with my second baby at the time, and management feared I wasn’t going to be successful in the role,” she recalls. While others in her position may have become discouraged, Dessy saw this turn of events as an opportunity to reframe her vision of a successful career. “I was hurt and disappointed, and the hurt and disappointment I felt birthed the motivation of pursuing my dream to become successful.”

Along with her husband Ola, Dessy began to research franchise opportunities that would allow her to embark on a new path to success. It was at that time that the Abimbolas discovered the Kidcreate Studio art franchise opportunity. 

“I started to research different industries with my definition for success at the back of my mind,” Dessy explains. “I thought about opening my own accounting firm, the retail industry, a restaurant, because I love to cook, but I didn’t just want another job or paycheck. I wanted something unique that I can love and enjoy with my family.” Kidcreate Studio seemed like just the right fit, and Dessy and Ola began to take a closer look at the children’s art franchise.

art franchiseThe Abimbolas began their Kidcreate Studio Education Process back in autumn of 2018, and quickly discovered what set them apart from other children’s franchise opportunities. “The uniqueness and family-friendly business model got me excited about the business,” Dessy says. “It would give me the opportunity to put all my hard work and experience into building an empire for my family.” 

The strong economics and industry-leading business model were just a couple of the things that drew Dessy to the Kidcreate Studio opportunity. She also enjoyed the idea of owning an art franchise where she could make a difference in the lives of kids- and their parents. “I yearn for an absolute satisfaction in building a fun and family-friendly environment where parents wouldn’t hesitate to drop off their kids, and the kids themselves will look forward to having fun,” Dessy said in an interview prior to opening her studio. She added that she hoped her Kidcreate Studio art franchise would be “a place where memories are created, long-lasting friendships will be built, and joy and laughter will be shared, through quality art education.”

If the Parker, CO grand opening celebration is any indication, it appears that Dessy’s dreams are already coming true! Families in the community turned out for a first look at the brand-new art franchise location. After a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Dessy proudly showed off her studio, complete with resident parakeets Arty and Crafty, and led her youngest guests in a craft. All the kids in attendance, including her daughters Tiwa, 5, and Temi, 19 months, had a great time getting messy in a colorful, kid-friendly environment designed to inspire. 

Abimbola FamilyAs Dessy gears up to begin her first big week of operating a Kidcreate Studio franchise, she looks forward to building a successful business that brings value and meaning to her life, as well as the lives of those in her community. “I strongly believe that my past experiences in the corporate world, in addition to me being a mum, has thoroughly staged me to achieve my definition of success with owning and operating a Kidcreate Studio,” she says. “I am ready for the adventure!”

Like Dessy, many parents of young children are looking into children’s franchise opportunities that would allow them to own a successful business without having to sacrifice time with their own families. If you are considering leaving the corporate world behind and achieving success in a different arena, it may be time to look into the Kidcreate Studio art franchise opportunity. Click here to visit our franchise website and learn more about us.

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