Art Education Franchise Holds First On-The-Go Training

Art Education Franchise Holds First On-The-Go Training

It’s a wrap! Kidcreate Studio recently held its very first Sales Training Seminar for our innovative On-The-Go partnerships. This seminar, which took place in our Eden Prairie, MN headquarters on January 29 and 30, brought Franchise Owners and corporate team members together for an intensive two-day session dedicated to presenting and sharing valuable information and insights about On-The-Go. Moving forward, the On-The-Go training seminar will be part of our all-new onboarding process for new Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owners as a 1-2 day workshop, with existing Franchise Owners and their employees welcome to attend free of charge! This new training seminar is just one more way that our corporate team is making it simpler for new Franchise Owners to get the most out of their art education franchise business.

What is On-The-Go?

Our On-The-Go partnerships take the Kidcreate Studio art education franchise out of the classroom and on the road! Unlike other kids’ education franchise concepts, Kidcreate Studio allows Franchise Owners two separate streams of revenue- our in-studio art classes and our On-The-Go partnerships with local schools, churches/synagogues, community centers, and more. Rather than waiting for kids to come to an art class at Kidcreate Studio, our Franchise Owners can bring art class to them! Not only does our On-The-Go business model allow us to expand our reach to kids within the community who may be underserved by their school’s art education program, but it also gives our Franchise Owners a chance to build relationships with other kid-oriented services and businesses within their region, solidifying them as an ambassador of kids’ art education and putting their Kidcreate Studio locations on the map in the eyes of local parents and caregivers. On-The-Go partnerships can lead to a rise in enrollment for studio classes, camps, birthday parties, and more- and vice versa! 

Our first On-The-Go training seminar featured presentations delivered by corporate team members Elena Beltman, Karen Hansen, and Mike Conlon, as well as our Founder herself, Lara Olson. Eleven attendees representing 9 Kidcreate Studio locations across the United States participated in the training workshop by sharing their invaluable experiences, tips, successes, and challenges and offering much-welcome feedback. This inaugural On-The-Go training seminar will serve as the blueprint for future training that we will offer our new Franchise Owners as part of their onboarding process. 

As a leading art education franchise in the children’s education space, Kidcreate Studio is committed to making the experience of business ownership a rewarding one for all of our new and existing Franchise Owners. Our corporate team strives to supply Franchise Owners with the tools and training they will need to become successful in their locations. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive onboarding and training program to all new Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owners, as well as ongoing training and support for all their needs, big or small. Like the kids’ song says, “The more we work together, the happier we’ll be!” Kidcreate Studio not only believes this- we live it! That’s why we do all we can to help our Franchise Owners succeed in their local markets.

As Kidcreate Studio grows to include more and more locations across the United States, we are committed to ensuring that the wealth of experience and knowledge gained by our Franchise Owners grows right along with it! We are excited about the new training programs, including On-The-Go training, that we are able to offer our new and existing Franchise Owners!

Interested in learning more about our art education franchise? We’re always on the lookout for ideal Franchise Owners who want to bring Kidcreate Studio to their community. Please take a moment to complete the form below, or visit our franchise website for more information.

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