At Kidcreate, It Is Hot!

As we have completed our unofficial first month of Summer at Kidcreate, we are hot! We are in demand; our studios are full for Summer camps, and we are feeling the Love a Kidcreate Business has to offer. Every single Kidcreate Studio business has experienced a resurgence in demand from local Kidcreators wanting what our business has to offer. We are still delivering on Birthday party wishes, offering activities all over the communities we operate in and are experiencing never before demand for our awesome Studio and Community Summer Camps.

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Our average Franchise Studio growth over last year through June of 2022 has been phenomenal.

We have grown by nearly 71% for our same store growth through June 30, compared to the same time frame last year. We attribute this to the amazing work of our Franchise Partners who have spent the last two years improving operations, learning new activities and lessons, sharpening their social media skills and content, and training the best instructors around for their businesses. All of that is paying off with tremendous results.

Many of our franchise partners are running newer businesses and are re-establishing their Launch/Rapid growth phase now that we are living with the effects of the last two years. But now, they are more prepared and ready to take advantage of all the demand that we are experiencing all over the country.

And it is not just the newly launched studios that are experiencing phenomenal growth this year. Our two original studios in Minnesota are what we refer to as our mature established studios.  While they are always busy and steady with repeat customers, this year they are experiencing tremendous revenue growth on par with our franchise system. Together our two Minnesota corporate locations are experiencing an average growth of 86% increase Year to date through June 30 compared to the same time frame last year!

We are over the moon with the results for our entire system….so over the moon that we may create a new “Over the Moon” art lesson for our Kidcreators.



Deciding to open your own business or invest in a franchise is a big decision, not to be taken lightly or rushed into. It is essential to carry out due diligence and thoroughly research the available options to ensure the decision is the right one for you, as a successful business requires hard work, dedication, and passion for what you are doing. We advise all potential Franchise Owners who are looking into franchising to do their research and make sure they are in a place to dedicate the time and effort to make the business a success.

The investment for the On-The-Go mobile franchise model with Kidcreate starts at just $64,520. Total investment ranges may vary based on the Kidcreate business model you choose to invest in.

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For entrepreneurs, teachers, art educators, and business professionals looking for a solid, kid-friendly franchise opportunity, Kidcreate Studio is an excellent choice. The investment for the On-The-Go mobile franchise model starts at just $64,520. If you’d like to explore starting a Kidcreate Studio business in your area, visit our franchise website for more information or contact us for more details.

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