From 1 to 14: Behind Kidcreate Studio’s Franchise Growth

From 1 to 14: Behind Kidcreate Studio’s Franchise Growth

Ever since launching the very first Kidcreate Studio location in 2007, Founder and Chief Creative Officer Lara Olson knew that she wanted to spread the joy of quality art education across the country. Given her personal experience struggling to find art classes for her son, Lara wanted to create something that would give other parents what they were seeking to support the creativity within their own children. Now, with multiple locations under her belt, Olson is ready to continue expanding our craft franchise across the US.

Kidcreate began in Eden Prairie, Minnesota twelve years ago, starting as only a few locations across the state of Minnesota. Lara launched the very first Kidcreate Studio for her own elementary school son, as she saw how he was struggling in his academic classes. Although he had trouble in school, he thoroughly enjoyed his art classes. These classes, however, were only offered a couple times a week, and Lara could not find supplementary art classes for him in her community. Thus, Lara established the foundation of our craft franchise. From the beginning, Lara knew expansion was the goal for our future as a kids art studio franchise. Therefore, in 2017, we launched the opportunity for individuals to franchise with Kidcreate. But we’re not looking to grow ten-fold in just a couple years.

“We’re not going so fast that we lose our minds”, Olson explains.

So, since our start 12 years ago, we’ve successfully grown our Kidcreate family from a few individual locations in Minnesota to 14 franchises across the country, ranging from Colorado to North Carolina. To stay committed to the quality and success of each individual location, we have made sure to keep our growth slow and steady. Our organic and maintained growth allows us to sustain the integrity of our business while also supporting the growth of each individual franchised location.

teacher and artist

While we continue to work on the steady growth of our franchise across the nation, it’s important to note our current events internally! With summer in full swing, we can see the busy and flourishing success of our multiple Kidcreate locations. Our year-long services include art classes, summer camps, and art retail items; but, our summer art camps are truly experiencing dynamic activity. Our weekly art camps are consistently bustling with excitement, and continue to bring life to our arts and craft franchise. One of the highlights of our camp is the designated “messy time”, where we encourage campers to explore their own creatively messy art projects. We know kids have a lot of energy that want to release, but parents don’t want to have to clean up the messy consequences of these artistic explorations. Our camp provides the perfect opportunity for the kids to get hands-on with their creativity while providing a sense of relief for parents.

“The kids get to [release some of the energy], but it’s not messing up the kitchen table”, Olson says.

Overall, we’re extremely excited to see where the future of Kidcreate takes us next. Alongside our current fourteen operating locations, we are currently looking at 20 more locations to open a franchise. As a long-term outlook, we envision opening 50 to 100 franchise locations across the country in 10 years.

So, what are we looking for with these additional franchise locations?

We’re always looking for individuals who truly understand the importance of children’s art education and want to provide children in their community with an life-enriching art experience. A great Kidcreate Studio franchise owner will possess a business-savvy entrepreneurial spirit, a teaching background, crafty parenting experience, passion and knowledge about the arts, or community leadership— or maybe all of the above! These types of individuals not only have the potential to achieve the utmost success through our craft franchise, but will likely achieve personal fulfillment from being able to run their own business. All in all, we simply want to offer the ability for individuals to help spread our mission and provide access to art for all children. We’re eager to see the new individuals and opportunities we encounter in our future as we continue to further our goal of opening many more Kidcreate locations across the US!

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