Birthday Party Business Opportunities Make Parents AND Kids Smile

Birthday Party Business Opportunities Make Parents AND Kids Smile

It’s no secret that kids’ birthday parties are big business. In fact, some toddler birthday parties now cost as much as weddings, with parents spending massive amounts of money on getting custom-everything to keep their little ones happy.

Play parties, pizza, and cake are no longer good enough, with some parents spending as much as $50,000 on children’s birthday parties. Obviously, that’s not the norm, but the fact remains that many parents spend over $500 for a party.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the unique birthday party opportunities that parents will flock to you when the time comes.


Before looking at these opportunities, let’s look at the numbers which show that opening a birthday party business now may be a good idea. To look at these numbers, we’ll need to do some math, so here goes. 

In the United States, depending on the state, the percentage of the population under 18 varies from 18% to 29%. On average, about 23% of the American population is under 18 years old.

Now, if you consider that the US population is currently about 330 million people, there are about 75 million children in the United States. This number is expected to grow to 80 million by 2030.

Simply put, that’s a lot of birthday parties every year. But here’s the problem. Americans are working longer hours than ever before, and with long hours come busy calendars. So, parents just don’t have the time to plan birthday parties anymore.

As a result, they turn to birthday party businesses to help them plan, host, and, yes, clean up after the event. They, therefore, get to create memorable birthday parties and events for their children without having to worry about the logistics.

It’s for this reason that the job growth for event planners is expected to grow by 4% in the next six years and that the child-related services industry is already a $48 billion a year industry.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the companies specializing in unique and creative kids’ birthday parties.

kids creating
Kid Create studio logo

Born out of frustration with the limited art exposure our Founder Lara Olson‘s son was receiving at school, Kidcreate offers art classes that improve children’s self-esteem, social skills, and the likelihood of success later in life. We specialize in art classes, camps, and art-themed birthday parties.

Our art classes are a great way to introduce children to the wonderful world of art, and we give them the opportunity to experiment with paint, clay, and so much more in a positive and self-esteem-building environment.

Some of the reasons for owning a Kidcreate Studio franchise are:

At a Kidcreate Studio birthday party, children and their friends will each create a take-home art project with the help of an instructor. Here, children can choose from hundreds of art projects they can finish in the 90-minute parties. These projects are also theme-specific, so parents can pick a project that fits the party’s theme.

A Kidcreate party’s fun begins even before the guests arrive when the birthday child creates their very own custom birthday crown! During the party, the kids will make a gigantic birthday card mural.

And parents have nothing to worry about. Kidcreate handles everything from start to finish, so they provide the materials, paper plates, utensils, and they offer gift bags for sale. 

They also provide electronic birthday invitations and thank you cards parents can print at home. A teacher also takes the children through the project. And when the party is done, they clean up. Basically, parents can just sit back and enjoy the party.

Lucky Strike logo

Who doesn’t love bowling, right? We all know it. Open since 1955 and the oldest operated bowling center in Tucson, Arizona, Lucky Strike Bowl knows this too. That’s why letting them host a bowling party is such a good idea.

They do all the work and bring everything from decorations to food and entertainment. And don’t forget that they bring the bowling lanes, so kids can have hours of fun while the parents don’t have to stress about anything.

Lucky Strike Bowl has several birthday party packages and add-ons. No matter what package parents choose, all the parties include two hours of bowling and shoes. The base package costs $59.99 per lane. In addition, parents can also hire a youth party host for two hours for $25.

They also offer a Youth Decorating Package, which includes a decorated table, plates, napkins, forks, party invitations, and a souvenir bowling pin with balloons. This package costs an additional $14.99. Parents can also add the Pizza Package for $19.99, which adds a giant cheese pizza and a large pitcher of soda.

They also offer several add-ons from pizza to soda, balloon bouquets, and more bowling minutes. No matter which packages or add-ons parents choose, they can be sure their kids will have a whale of a time. 

Ninja Challenge logo

USA Ninja Challenge hosts obstacle course parties for kids and teens. During these parties, kids can do anything from running to jumping, climbing, swing, and, don’t forget, having massive amounts of fun. A big bonus is that all their parties are supervised by experienced coaches who provide the kids with a safe environment. 

So, what exactly is a ninja party? During the party, children and their friends have supervised access to an obstacle course and skill stations where they’ll enjoy a balance of free play and organized obstacle runs. The party typically lasts one and a half hours, where the first hour of the party is spent on the obstacle course and the last half hour spent at the party table area for refreshments.

USA Ninja Challenge’s birthday party packages start at $289.00 for up to 15 guests. For additional guests, parents will have to pay $10.00 each up to a maximum total of 20 people.

The ninja party birthday package also includes a ninja party T-shirt for the birthday boy or girl. Parents are welcome to bring their own food, drinks, cake, decorations, plates, and utensils. They are also able to order pizza for their event.

Adventure Park USA logo

Adventure Park USA is a 17.5 acre indoor and outdoor park that has over 20 major attractions and a full-service restaurant. So instead of one attraction, birthday guests will be able to enjoy a lot more.

Some of its indoor attractions include:

  • XD theater which is an immersive 4D ride
  • Mini bowling, which is bowling on a smaller scale, ideal for kids
  • Laser tag where children of all ages can have a blast
  • Hologate VR, a virtual reality attraction
  • Arcade, where kids will be able to play over 75 games
  • Spin Zone bumper cars

Some of its outdoor attractions include:

  • Blazing Trails go-karts
  • Mini golf
  • Wildcat coaster
  • Sky Race
  • Super Slide
  • Tumbleweed coaster
  • Spinning Teacups

Adventure Park USA offers three kids birthday party packages:

  • Mega Party. This package is for a maximum of 20 guests. It includes 10 indoor play wristbands, one hour of video gameplay per wristband, 10 $10 fun passes, four large pizzas, and the use of the party room for one hour. It also includes drink refills in the party room, plates, cups, napkins, and a birthday gift. This package costs $449.50.
  • Bowling Party. This package is for a maximum of eight guests. It includes one hour of unlimited arcade play and bowling, two cheese pizzas, and a private party room. It also includes drink refills, plates, cups, and napkins, as well as a birthday gift. This package costs $299.50.
  • Ultimate Party. This package is for a maximum of 10 guests. It includes ten indoor 2-hour play wristbands, $5 video gameplay per wristband, two large pizzas, and the party room for one hour. It also includes drink refills, plates, cups, and napkins, as well as a birthday gift. This package costs $349.50.

No matter which package parents choose, it promises to be a fun and memorable day out with friends.


These are just a small sample of the birthday party business opportunities out there that you can consider. There are many more. But where should you start looking?

Could you look at starting a bowling alley? Or maybe an adventure park? These are good ideas. But here’s the problem: to get going with one of these opportunities, you need megabucks. 

And that’s where a Kidcreate Studio comes in. It gives you the opportunity to start small with its On-the-Go mobile studio option. With this option, you can bring the Kidcreate curriculum to private schools, community centers, preschools, and more. 

If you wish, you can opt for one of its physical brick-and-mortar studios, where you will be able to offer studio classes, art-themed birthday parties, and retail sales.

And what’s more, is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. For example, with the mobile studio model, the initial investment starts at just $60,550 and goes up to $124,395, including the initial franchise fee.

Likewise, for a brick-and-mortar Kidcreate Studio, the minimum investment ranges from $118,990-$330,895. Like the mobile studio model, these amounts also include the initial franchise fee.

Now, considering what we just told you about the surging kids’ birthday party industry and the growth it’s anticipated to experience over the next few years, this sounds like an excellent investment opportunity! Imagine getting paid to own a business that’s focused on making kids happy- it doesn’t get much better than that!

Birthday Party


Now, you might ask why you should invest in a Kidcreate Studio. Sure, in monetary terms, it sounds like a good investment, but what other reasons are there?

Well, for one, you’ll enjoy many of the benefits of small business ownership. This includes leaving the corporate world behind for a more flexible work-life balance, taking control of your financial destiny, and charting a path for your future while also creating a legacy that will serve your family and community for years to come.

There are also several other reasons:

Yellow heart icon

Owning a Kidcreate studio gives you the benefits of a deep sense of purpose and a financially rewarding career.

green balloon icon

Kidcreate offers two unique business models that have the ability to bring our highly sought-after curriculum to child-friendly businesses and consumers in the community with our mobile studio business, as well as the option to offer classes and camps in a beautiful brick & mortar studio location. If you prefer, you can start with the mobile studio business and add a physical brick & mortar studio option later!

hero icon

Partner with organizations united in the fight against the decline of art education, and you can become a well-respected voice of change as the face of your local Kidcreate Studio.

Yellow Computer

If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2008/09 economic crisis showed, it’s that Kidcreate is recession-resistant.

green piggy bank

With the mobile studio model, you can start generating revenues from your business almost immediately. Ongoing overhead costs are kept extremely low for impressive profit margins. The ability to add a brick & mortar studio creates additional revenue streams and cross-marketing potential.

We believe to build a successful business, you need the right support. Because of this, we’ve created a strong support network that truly cares about helping every member of our Franchise Owner family reach their business goals.

As such, we provide:

  • Over 100 hours of training to prepare Franchise Owners to open the door to their businesses.
  • Real estate support to help Franchise Owners find the best studio location. We help On-The-Go owners to build partnerships and grow a customer base even before they open.
  • Construction support to help Franchise Owners negotiate and sign lease agreements while also helping them find local architects and contractors and leading them through the bidding process.
  • Ongoing refresher training to ensure Franchise Owners remain current with industry trends and the curriculum.
  • A designated field consultant to refine and improve local operations for up to 14 days a year, including on-site training for up to four days during the grand opening.
  • One-on-one ongoing assistance with local marketing programs and advertising materials specifically designed for Franchise Owners to use to promote their business.

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