Can Kid-Friendly Franchises Be as Educational as They Are FUN?

Can Kid-Friendly Franchises Be as Educational as They Are FUN?

If you’ve been wondering whether a kid-friendly franchise can possibly combine fun with learning, the answer is YES! The Kidcreate Studio offers savvy entrepreneurs the opportunity to create a win-win-win. That means a stable, income-producing business model that leaves parents happy and kids having fun – (while learning). Read on to find out more.

The global pandemic ushered in not only big changes for small businesses but also major upheavals in education. Students all across the nation were on an academic roller-coaster ride throughout most of 2020. Kid-friendly franchises like Kidcreate Studio are best suited to take advantage of these changes and offer tangible benefits. Let’s take a look at how they can support kids academically, as well as from a social-emotional learning (SEL) perspective.


Young students have been significantly impacted by the unprecedented 2020 school year. Some studies indicate that the “learning loss” many have experienced is still too early to accurately measure. However, it’s safe to say that students nationwide will likely be playing “catch up” with their academics in the foreseeable future. This is where supplemental art education comes into play. Research shows that exposure to arts and arts education has significant, positive effects on learning in children. It can lead to improvements in areas like:

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Other studies have shown links to improved academic performance specifically in science, math, and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects. So while kids are having fun and getting messy at art-themed events, camps, and birthday parties, they are really developing skills that will have a lasting, positive impact on their academic education. Now, it’s also well known that arts programming in K-12 schools is often the first to get cut when districts face tight budget constraints. Kids lose out on all the advantages that arts programs can add to their learning experience. Our Franchise Owners have a great opportunity to fill this gap, especially in locations where this issue is a challenge.

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Kids have been through a lot in the past school year. Many of them will need support transitioning fully back to in-person learning in the coming fall. The types of small-group art classes, like those offered at Kidcreate Studio, are a great way to help children to feel comfortable with group learning again.

Now, more than ever before, teachers find it necessary to support students with social-emotional learning. This will certainly continue as students get used to being in live classrooms again. Art programs and activities have been shown to enhance social-emotional learning. Kids learn how to build storytelling skills and also to express their feelings in a safe and appropriate manner. 

Art activities can help children to cope with stress and anxiety, manage emotions and find a positive outlet for self-expression. Franchise Owners will be able to offer opportunities for kids to explore a variety of artistic mediums and formats. The Kidcreate Studio is an amazing community resource for kids, teachers, and parents alike.


We know that self-esteem and confidence are key indicators of academic success. But did you also know that creating art can help bolster confidence and self-esteem in kids? While kids are enjoying themselves playing with colors, shapes, and textures, this creative outlet has the added effect of building their confidence. 

This happens through the sense of accomplishment kids feel after working on a piece and seeing it through to completion. Art activities also build hand-eye coordination and motor skills in young children. Older kids will get to practice persistence, patience, and deep thinking – all skills that lead to greater self-confidence and self-esteem. And of course, the boost kids receive from getting compliments and feedback on their work goes a long way in helping them to feel seen and valued.


Clearly, exposure to creative arts and education go hand in hand. So what exactly is a Kidcreate Studio? We are a kid-focused art studio specializing in art classes, camps, and art-themed birthday parties for children. Kids who attend our events get to learn art concepts and explore making art with a variety of materials. They create, play, get messy and have fun! 

Our committed Franchise Owners create a seamless, hassle-free experience for parents. They in turn get to enjoy running a business that adds tremendous value to the community while yielding an excellent return on investment.

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We aren’t an average kid-friendly franchise. Founders experience the benefits of running an established brand while receiving the top-notch support of our experienced franchise professionals and field consultants. Here are some of the other ways Kidcreate is different:


By owning a Kidcreate Studio, Franchise Owners get the benefits of a financially rewarding career while also feeling a deep sense of fulfillment. The personal satisfaction you get from building a meaningful business that adds value in your community is rare to find in other careers.


Entrepreneurs today need to be adaptable. Kidcreate is a unique child-friendly business where you can bring our highly sought-after curriculum to your community with our mobile business model. You also have the option of offering classes and camps in your own beautiful brick-and-mortar studio location. So, if you prefer, you can start with the mobile business and add a studio later. Or you can even start with both. The choice is yours.


Your Kidcreate Studio will position you well to partner with community organizations in your area to support arts education for kids. This will give you added visibility and help you become a well-respected voice of change as the face of the local Kidcreate Studio.


The Kidcreate Studio is a kid-friendly franchise that has proven to be highly resilient and adaptable, particularly during economic downturns. This one-of-a-kind experiential business cannot be easily replicated by big online businesses. As a result, you’ll have comfort knowing that your business can thrive, even during recession periods.


We can open locations in as little as 60 days. So, you’ll be able to grow your Kidcreate Studio empire across your entire region with multiple units. Or, if you prefer, you can stick to a single location in your neighborhood. As Franchise Owner, you choose the path that’s right for you and your market.


With our On-The-Go model, you can literally start generating income from your business almost immediately. Besides, our ongoing overhead costs are extremely low. And you know what this means. If your expenses are lower, your profit margin is bigger. You can add a brick-and-mortar studio down the line to create an additional revenue stream and extra cross-marketing opportunities if you want.


For entrepreneurs, teachers, art educators, and business professionals looking for a solid, kid-friendly franchise opportunity, Kidcreate Studio is an excellent choice. The investment for the On-The-Go mobile franchise model starts at just $64,520. If you’d like to explore starting a Kidcreate Studio business in your area, visit our franchise website for more information or contact us for more details.

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