How Lara Olson’s Passion Inspired an Art Enrichment Franchise

How Lara Olson’s Passion Inspired an Art Enrichment Franchise

Kidcreate Studio CEO, Lara Olson, shares how she turned her passion into a booming franchise!

Her Story

I still clearly remember the day when my son Jake came home from elementary school on the verge of tears due to poor results on his spelling test. Seeing his disappointment brought me back to my childhood, as Dyslexia runs in our family, and now I could see the same signs in Jake. Fortunately, the very next day, Jake came home in a more joyous mood, for he had art class that day.

Jake found joy and solace in art and was able to truly shine in his classes – a stark contrast to the stress and anxiety that his other classes brought to him. I wanted to see more of this for Jake, but was disheartened when I discovered he was only receiving 45 minutes of art instruction once every four days.

Knowing Jake needed more time exploring art, as it was the best way for him to express himself and channel his emotions, I began looking around for art enrichment classes for Jake. It was to my true disappointment that I found not one solution I was looking for.

Creating a Solution

Delving into the unknown, I began dedicating countless hours to researching starting a new business and developing curriculum for my classes. After finding mentors to guide me and plenty of trial and error, Kidcreate Studio was born.

Seeing my vision come to life was truly inspiring, and knowing the impact it had made it that much sweeter when the first Kidcreate location opened in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, in 2008.

Today, we have two locations open, both of which specialize in art classes, camps and art-themed birthday parties for kids ages 18 months to 12 years. Through both our in-studio and On-The-Go classes, kids are able to learn about art techniques and concepts, as well as art history. At Kidcreate, we aim to combine “kid-culture” with art education to make our lessons both entertaining and educational.

Seeing the success these studios have and the impact they make, I decided to open Kidcreate Studio as a franchise opportunity, hoping that “entrepreneurs at heart” like me can find the same joy in owning a business that does so much good for the community.

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Kidcreate Will Entertain Your Child With Art

Kidcreate Will Entertain Your Child With Art

By offering art classes, camps, and birthday parties Kidcreate Studio is ready to entertain your child with art. 

In 2008, mom, art lover and Kidcreate Studio founder Lara Olson, decided to build her first studio location in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The idea behind her new business was that she was trying to bridge the gap between art and education as many schools have cut art classes from their curriculum. Lara’s first location was such a success that she opened another in Woodbury and then decided to franchise the business allowing it to spread across the U.S.

Kidcreate Studio offers many different ways to entertain your child with art. The offerings include art classes, art camps, and art themed birthday parties. They offer many different private group options, as well as on-the-go classes and drop off classes when you just need a break from the kids. The studio is designed to suit children 18 months through 12 years old and the project each child does is always age appropriate.

The studios are always clean and bright, with glass windows, open space, and natural light to offer the best creative conditions for your little one. Everything is at a low level to make it convenient and easier for your children to reach what they need in order to complete their projects. There is also a retail store within the studio that allows for parents to purchase art goods that their children like. The studio serves a wide range of ages and levels so costs will vary depending on what project or class your child is in but at the end of every class the children keep their project and the staff takes care of all the cleaning, even after birthday parties!

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Kidcreate Helps Parent Entrepreneuers Find Work-Life Balance

Kidcreate Helps Parent Entrepreneuers Find Work-Life Balance

Kidcreate Helps Parents Find a Work-Life Balance While Starting a Business. 

Parents know that it is not easy to find a comfortable work-life balance running a business and starting a family. Both take time and effort and it is hard to not let one compromise the other. Entrepreneur parents have found that work-life balance means not always being able to equally balance time between owning a business and being a parent. 

Lara Olsen, the founder and chief creative officer of Kidcreate Studio, says the most important thing she has learned about work-life balance is to prioritize and simplify. She advises parents struggling to, “Take control of your day, don’t let the day control you. It’s OK to say no and guard your availability.” 

Lara also recommends that entrepreneur parents prioritize family time as much as they prioritize meeting deadlines at the office, and to find a support system outside of the workplace. When you own your own business there is never a time when work isn’t around you, just as there is never a time when you aren’t a mom or dad so finding support within your own family is key to maintaining work-life balance.  

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If you are looking to start a business while balancing your family life, please follow this link to learn more about Kidcreate franchising opportunities! Kidcreate Studio introduces kids to the wonderful world of art! It is a retail and on-the-go concept focusing on art education for kids 18 months -12 years old. Kidcreate Studio offers art classes, summer camps, art themed birthday parties and retail items while Kidcreate On-The-Go Studio goes portable creating partnerships within the community to bring the same great teachers and curriculum to other facilities such as; community education, parks and recreation and care programs along with preschools, daycares and Montessori’s. In turn, filling the void left behind with the decline in funded visual arts programs. 


Mad Mommy Blogger Impressed with Kidcreate Studio

Mad Mommy Blogger Impressed with Kidcreate Studio

Kidcreate Studio is a unique way for kids to stay creatively busy during the cold winter months!

My kids and I had the opportunity to attend a class at the Kidcreate Studio in Eden Prairie around Thanksgiving time and I have to say, I was pretty impressed! It’s a large, warm and inviting space with a knowledgeable and engaging staff!

Kidcreate Studio in Eden Prairie specializes in children’s art classes, camps and art themed birthday parties which are a blast! This unique creative concept mainly targeted for kids aged 18 months – 12 years old is a perfect way for them to get messy, have fun, and get those creative juices flowing!

You will beam with pride as your child stands up in front of everyone to show off their fridge-worthy masterpiece during our “Ta-Da” time. With limited art education offered in schools now, kids can come to Kidcreate to learn various art techniques using a variety of materials and tools!

They offer tons of classes, camps, and options for Birthday parties that should appeal to just about anyone looking some fun creative time. Of course, the Holiday themed parties are a big hit as well, you can see the adorable clay turkeys we made with this awesome goo! The space of the studio is bright and inviting and had enough space to accommodate kids of all ages and abilities. The warm and cozy meeting place, large white boards, chalk boards and tables offer a great opportunity for kids to get MESSY so you don’t have any clean up at home.

At Kidcreate, there is also some take home art projects available for purchase that you can bring the fun home and get the whole family involved!

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Thanksgiving Crafts with Kidcreate Studio Featured on CBS 4 Local Minneapolis

Kidcreate Studio Founder, Lara Olson, Discusses Thanksgiving Crafts.

Kidcreate Studio founder Lara Olson was featured Monday morning (11/22) on WCCO CBS local Minneapolis discussing the wonderful opportunity the holidays bring for Thanksgiving crafts especially at Kidcreate Studio!


Check out the video for some fun Thanksgiving craft ideas. The segment was later picked up by as well.

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Kidcreate Studio Excites Homeschool Community

Kidcreate Studio Excites Homeschool Community

Homeschooling mom finds fulfillment through holiday crafts at Kidcreate Studio

Homeschooling mom Rachel Fuller is always looking for fun exciting things to do with her son, Benjamin. When she was invited to participate with Benjamin and Kidcreate Studio for a Thanksgiving craft party, there was no exception. Saturday, Nov. 19, Rachel, and Benjamin had their first Kidcreate Studio experience and will definitely be back.

Benjamin participated in a Turkey making class and learned how to make “Goo Gunk”. What stood out to Rachel, as a mother was the level in which the class was taught. She loved how engaging and interactive the instructor was. She really put the class in perspective by asking the participants what they were most thankful for this year, listening to each child’s response.

As an ode to Thanksgiving, she also asked each child what they were thankful for, which was such a blessing to listen to. Answers included, “My mom taking care of me and loving me”,”My big brother” *awww*, “My self”, “My cat”, and my favorite because it was Benjamin’s “My mom and dad” *blushing* He is the sweetest.

Kendra, the instructor, was very thoughtful and helpful answering each child’s questions as they were asked, in order to truly facilitate the creative process. This is what Kidcreate Studio is all about. Empowering children through creative license while incorporating scientific learning into the process. Benjamin was exposed to both by having the opportunity to make a turkey he affectionately named “Sunny” as well as understanding some of the science behind the “Goo Gunk”.

Always looking for something that can enrich her son’s learning experience, Rachel felt Kidcreate Studio Offered a true spectrum and was very excited to see they offered a “Homeschool Program”. Based on both she and her son’s experience it’s safe to say they will be back and possibly take a look at some of the homeschool options!

Our experience at Kidcreate Studio was definitely a good one. As I said before, it was a very positive environment and I think all the kids had a lot of fun. They have a studio in Eden Prairie, which is where we were, and in Woodbury. Both locations offer a large variety of classes and parties for kids starting as young as 18 months old.

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