Chicago Today Highlights Our Franchise for Children’s Activities

Chicago Today Highlights Our Franchise for Children’s Activities

It’s been an exciting holiday weekend for all of us here at Kidcreate Studio, especially for those at our Chicago/Lakeview location! In preparation for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Local news outlet NBC Chicago featured our franchise for children’s activities on their Chicago Today program. It wasn’t a typical interview, however… Franchise Owners Lindsey Danhauser and Allison Durkee taught the hosts how to make slime! 

The program aimed to give parents a fun activity for the holiday weekend and highlighted much of what Kidcreate Studio stands for. More specifically: creativity and friendship! Lindsey and Allison helped hosts, Matthew and Courtney, to think outside the box and, better yet, get messy! Making slime is a quick and easy activity that is sure to keep your kids occupied for hours. As our Franchise Owners showed, it can be made with very few materials. Ingredients include Elmer’s glue, liquid starch, baking soda, and liquid watercolors. 

As Lindsey and Allison made the slime, the duo reflected on their story. Friends since middle school, the two have always bonded over art! While working as the supervisor of a local art center in Eden Prarie, Minnesota, Lindsey began a partnership with Kidcreate Studio founder Lara Olson and her flagship studio. The partnership lasted for 11-years, culminating when Lindsey decided to open her own Kidcreate Studio! To add to the fun, she chose to bring on Allison because who better to open an art studio with than your best friend?

The pair loved the Kidcreate Studio concept so much that they decided to invest in three territories! Their first Lakeview/Chicago location opened in March 2019 and has been seeing tremendous success! Children from all over Chicago are flocking to their franchise to get in touch with their creative sides! The duo’s projects the second location to open early this year in Oak Park, Illinois. Both Lindsey and Allison are heavily invested in their new careers. They love the freedom and flexibility that being a Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owner can offer them. 

As is the case with all of our Franchise Owners, owning a franchise for children’s activities provides for a career that one can truly be passionate about. Lindsey and Allison are making a difference in the lives of local children every day, and the value of this cannot be overlooked! Art not only allows children to stimulate their creativity. It prepares them for the future! Studies have shown that children’s art programs lead to improved test scores as well as better writing and reading skills.

Additionally, children participating in Kidcreate Studio programs improve their social skills, as they are interacting with their peers during every class. It’s safe to say that Lindsey and Allison are doing more than just owning a business. They are preparing children for better futures all over Chicago!

Aside from having fulfilling careers, Lindsey and Allison also have the potential for tremendous profits! In fact, Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owners saw an average unit volume of $468,960 in 2019! Different from a typical franchise model, our Franchise Owners have multiple revenue streams, helping them to maximize their earnings. Each Kidcreate Studio has a brick-and-mortar location, as well as an on-the-go program. The latter consists of mobile classes and partnerships with local community centers, schools, and religious centers. Furthermore, our streamlined franchising model makes it easy for our Franchise Owners to grow and bring on more territories if they desire. With so many tools for success, our Franchise Owners are sure to bring in more business than ever in 2020!

While owning a franchise for children’s activities may seem like plenty of work, our Franchise Owners actually enjoy an excellent work/life balance. Once their employees are trained, and their franchise is running, they are free to set their own schedules, spending as much time with their families as they like! Furthermore, our reliable support team has our Franchise Owners covered no matter what! Whether it be training new staff, finding new real estate, or pushing marketing efforts, our team knows how to get it done right! Franchise Owners like Lindsey and Allison can rest easy knowing that they are covered 24/7!

As we move into 2020, news appearances like Lindsey and Allison’s are just the tip of the iceberg for our Franchise Owners! Word of mouth is proving to be an excellent marketing supplement, and it will only grow as our brand does. As more and more entrepreneurs discover the benefits of owning a Kidcreate Studio, our mission will continue to spread! With more locations than ever before, we can’t wait to see what this next decade brings! 

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