Why Children—And Their Parents—Love Our Art Franchise!

Why Children—And Their Parents—Love Our Art Franchise!

Kidcreate Studio, our art classes and curriculum continue to be a huge hit with parents and children in each of our communities! Whether through our in-studio art classes or birthday parties with the On-The-Go model, kids can count on our art franchise to learn about the world of art while focusing on having fun. This includes learning about various art techniques and tidbits about famous artists! With parents seeing how much fun their kids have, we love seeing our loyal customers come back time and time again to take more art classes. By starting your own Kidcreate Studio franchise, you possess the opportunity to open the doors of your career to a great creative entrepreneurial opportunity with a strongly established customer base!

So, what do Kidcreate Studio customers think about our classes and art curriculum?

Firstly, our unique art learning curriculum has proven to be a hit with the kids as they talk about their experiences simply having fun!

“My daughters (3 and 6) had so much fun taking the Glow Art class at Kidcreate. Lindsey and Allison had them engaged the whole class, creating their art and then working on other projects, like shaving cream painting and making books with oil pastels. ” —Amanda S., Yelp

“My daughters did a camp there today and they both had the best time. One daughter said “I wish I could turn back time, so I could do this day all over again. It was so fun!” The instructors had wonderful personalities, the studio was clean, inviting, and allowed creative vibes to flow. ” —Danielle W., Facebook

“We have been to a couple events at Kidcreate and we love it. The owner and her staff are always amazing and kind. And, my daughter has had so much fun learning different types of art! We’ve done a mini camp and a Mommy/Daughter date night (so far). Both were fantastic and we will be back for more!! Thank you guys!!” —Kristina W., Facebook

As you can see, we emphasize the fun that comes with playing with creativity and working with new types of art. The Kidcreate art curriculum focuses on getting kids off their electronic devices and helping them learn, but the most effective methods come from allowing kids to have fun while doing it! Seeing how the children are coming back again and again, we can see that the fun they’re having is truly working!

Alongside the children having a blast with the art classes within our art franchise, our customers love the variety of options available between the birthday parties, art camps, studio classes, and more.

“We went to the grand opening and everything was awesome! There were tons of activities/crafts for the kids. I highly recommend this place and we can’t wait to check out the upcoming classes!” —Brittney B., Facebook

“This is an amazing studio for the kids! There is never a dull moment! The projects are so unique and the various forms of art the kids are exposed to are many! They have so many classes to choose from, from mommy and me, to art camps, and birthday parties! I promise you, you will not be disappointed and your child will love every part of this studio! Prepare to get messy, and have fun without the messy cleaning! Try it!” —Jermillia B., Facebook

“My granddaughters (6 and 3) love this place! I’m really impressed with the creative programming. Date night and drop in classes allow parents to give their kids some opportunities to create and learn while their parents can enjoy a few hours personal time. This is the perfect solution for birthday parties, both on site and or in home ( not sure why one forego the opportunity to leave the mess behind though). Looks like classes include every medium that kids love and schools can’t support anymore – paper mache, clay, drawing, painting, multi media. Staff is really knowledgeable and welcoming. My granddaughters are really looking forward to summer camp” —Dennis S., Yelp

In conclusion, Kidcreate Studio truly has a wide spread of customers who found great satisfaction with the fun and variety of the classes and programs. We want to ensure that our kids, and their parents, always have a good time and use this art education for opportunities later on in their lives. With this strongly built reputation for our art franchise, we know that current—and future— franchise owners will be able to experience the joys of running a well-respected business without having to spend years building their own.

So, if you want to start your OWN business with a brand that possesses dozens of amazing customer reviews, starting your own Kidcreate Studio could be the perfect opportunity for you! Click here to visit our franchise page to learn about what we do at Kidcreate, what sets us apart from other arts and craft franchises across the country, and how YOU can join our art franchise family as a Franchise Owner!

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