The Concept Behind Kidcreate Studio

The Concept Behind Kidcreate Studio

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Lara Olson, the founder of Kidcreate Studio, came up with the idea for a children’s art franchise after experiencing the lack of art education in her own child’s school. She searched for fun children’s art classes outside of the classroom, but couldn’t find anything that fit her vision. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands and start her own business.  Thus, Kidcreate Studio was born! The first Kidcreate Studio was established in 2007 in Minnesota, and now locations exist in NINE different states, and counting!

“The concept behind it is just so inspiring,” Karen Hansen, Kidcreate Studio’s training director, said. Karen mentioned that she feels like schools simply aren’t doing enough art education, saying, “Being able to still provide that for kids — and going out to different locations to offer that option — touched my heart.”

Kidcreate Studio helps children to open their imagination and take the thoughts and ideas that they have in their minds and translate them into art! Kidcreate Studio can also benefit children in their schools as kids get to interact with other children their age, which helps them increase their social skills and, in turn, gain confidence. Many of the Kidcreate art projects require the use of math and science which challenges kids to think critically while having fun!

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