Art Franchise Helps Franchise Owner Achieve Work-Life Balance

Art Franchise Helps Franchise Owner Achieve Work-Life Balance

Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owner Diane Greenbaum knew she needed a career that would allow her a flexible work-life balance after her son was born. After spending years in the corporate world working in market research and business intelligence, she realized that our art franchise provided the opportunity to match her desired work-life balance alongside an opportunity to supplement her extensive experience in the business world. Once her son was born, Diane knew that her career goals had shifted. “Your priorities change,” Diane stated. “The things I was ambitious about in my career in my early 20s, I’m not interested in at the same level at my current age. I was working in corporate America and decided I wanted to put that part of my life aside to find out how to best fulfill what’s important to me now.” She began looking into alternate career opportunities, taking into account her new lifestyle as a mom and the new goals she wanted to fulfill through her career. Thus, she found a way to utilize the network of local moms she’d formed through her three-year-old son to tap into what she’d identified as a prime opportunity in the children’s activities space. Diane knew that she had created a strong network of local moms through her three-year old son, and wanted to help these moms with finding opportunities with children’s activities, specifically with art. “Lately, my life has been all about finding the next value-add activity and experiences for my son,” Diane said. “Considering the network of both moms and moms in business I’d grown since having a child and gaining a better understanding of all of the services you utilize as a parent, I thought it was a great space to enter. That being said, the idea I was trying to put together was going to be a lot of work to build on my own, so I started looking into franchise opportunities. That’s when I discovered Kidcreate Studio.” When researching our art franchise, Diane found that Kidcreate Studio checked off every mark on her checklist. The biggest thing, especially, was the ability to have a flexible schedule. “Specifically, what stood out about Kidcreate Studio was that it not only fulfilled my desire to get involved with a children’s activities business in my community, but placed a big emphasis on flexibility,” Greenbaum expressed. “I knew that with this brand, I’d be able to balance my time between running a successful business and still being there for my family. In the corporate world, this same work/life balance wasn’t possible.” From there, Diane went to Kidcreate’s Discovery Day, where she travelled to Minneapolis to experience a day in the life in the studio, which helped solidify her decision. Diane also noticed how her community, specifically the Alexandria area in Virginia, was a perfect fit for a new Kidcreate Studio location given its nature of being very tight knit and family oriented. She also noted the growth and potential of the Washington D.C. area which she hopes to also look into for Kidcreate Studio. “Alexandria is a beautiful area where people heavily invest in their children’s development, not just educationally, but experientially,” Greenbaum explained. “Parents here want their kids to learn different, intangible things and want those experiences to add value to their child’s life.” Diane found that Kidcreate Studio offered the perfect service for parents looking for something more for their children. With our art franchise, Diane is most looking forward to bringing art to children throughout the Alexandria community by using Kidcreate Studio’s On-The-Go division—which is popular with both Franchise Owners and those taking classes. In the On-The-Go program, Kidcreate sends art teachers to any location, which includes rec centers, schools, and summer camps. “With our On-The-Go program, we’ll be able to take classes out of the studio,” Diane explained. “Connecting with our community has a lot of reach given our ability to work with youth enrichment programs in local elementary, preschools, and public recreation programs. I’m really excited for what’s to come.” Currently, Diane is looking to explore partnerships with youth enrichment programs in particular through local elementary and preschools.


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