Gearing Up for the Holidays with Your Favorite Kid’s Art Franchise!

Gearing Up for the Holidays with Your Favorite Kid’s Art Franchise!

It’s finally that magical time of year! Across the country, communities are preparing for the holidays with lights, decorations, and special events! Here at Kidcreate Studio, we love ringing in the holidays and the New Year with some holiday art projects! Several publications across the country covered some of the unique holiday events at your favorite kid’s art franchise!

One of the most coveted kid’s movies to come out during this holiday season was Frozen II. Naturally, here at Kidcreate Studio, we wanted to get in on the fun too! What better way to get excited than with some art? A recent article from the Chicago Parent highlighted the great time we had during our Frozen Princess Workshop at our Chicago/Lakeview location. The event took place on November 29th and consisted of a day-long workshop where kids created a “sparkly, wintery castle scene featuring their favorite cold-weather royalty.” We loved seeing the beautiful art that the kids had made by the end of the day!

On the same day, our Broomfield, Colorado location held a “Mommy’s Time Off” event focused on making Christmas cookies with the kids! The Daily Camera covered the workshop in a recent article. It was a drop-off class, geared at giving mommies, daddies, or any caretakers a little break from their energetic counterparts. All of the projects were cookie themed, including decorating cookies that the kids got to eat afterward. We had a great time getting messy with our students, but we may have eaten a few too many cookies…

More recently, our Savage, Minnesota location, held a holiday workshop in the nearby community of Apple Valley. A local publication, Sun-This Week, covered the event held at the Apple Valley Community Center on December 9th. Quaintly titled a “Cute Christmas Clay Camp,” the workshop was geared for both children and their family members, focusing on making holiday-themed art out of clay. The event was intended for children ages 18 months to 6 years. Yet, we were very impressed with what some of the children created, indeed outside of their age levels!

Kidcreate Studio is more than just fun for the kids, however, especially if you are a franchise owner! The founder of our children’s education franchise, Lara Olson, started Kidcreate Studio because she was genuinely passionate about art. She saw that the traditional school system wasn’t exposing her son and his peers to the amount of art that they needed. She founded Kidcreate Studio in 2007 intending to change this. Today, Lara shares her love for art with every Franchise Owner who opens a kid’s art franchise with Kidcreate Studio. With the help of her Franchise Owners, Lara can help to stimulate creativity in children across the country!

Aside from provoking imagination, Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owners also enjoy many benefits that a typical career cannot offer. You possess exceptional work/life balance. Owning a kid’s education franchise with Kidcreate allows you to be your own boss, letting you create your own schedule and spend time with your family when you need to. Furthermore, the Kidcreate support team has your back 24/7, whether it be helping with marketing, finding real estate, or with training new employees. Best of all, owning a children’s education franchise is your path to the fountain of youth. Every day, you get to be messy and creative with the kids, allowing your inner child to show. Gone are the daunting days of sitting in a cubicle, waiting for the day to end. At Kidcreate Studio, you’ll wish you had more time in the day! The kids don’t only bring in revenue to your franchise; They inspire you daily to get creative and to think outside the box!

When you own a kid’s art franchise with Kidcreate Studio, you’ll be having so much fun that you’ll forget how much profit you’re bringing in! With potential franchise earnings of up to $468,960 annually and a children’s education industry that is currently booming, our Franchise Owners are poised to make more than ever in 2020. As we move into the next decade, we invite you to reflect on the past one. Do you have a career that you can truly enjoy? Do you get to spend enough time with your family? Are you genuinely passionate about what you do? If you answered no to any of these questions, then opening a children’s education franchise with Kidcreate Studio may be the perfect option for you!

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