Kidcreate Studio Excites Homeschool Community

Kidcreate Studio Excites Homeschool Community

Homeschooling mom finds fulfillment through holiday crafts at Kidcreate Studio

Homeschooling mom Rachel Fuller is always looking for fun exciting things to do with her son, Benjamin. When she was invited to participate with Benjamin and Kidcreate Studio for a Thanksgiving craft party, there was no exception. Saturday, Nov. 19, Rachel, and Benjamin had their first Kidcreate Studio experience and will definitely be back.

Benjamin participated in a Turkey making class and learned how to make “Goo Gunk”. What stood out to Rachel, as a mother was the level in which the class was taught. She loved how engaging and interactive the instructor was. She really put the class in perspective by asking the participants what they were most thankful for this year, listening to each child’s response.

As an ode to Thanksgiving, she also asked each child what they were thankful for, which was such a blessing to listen to. Answers included, "My mom taking care of me and loving me","My big brother" *awww*, "My self", "My cat", and my favorite because it was Benjamin's "My mom and dad" *blushing* He is the sweetest.

Kendra, the instructor, was very thoughtful and helpful answering each child’s questions as they were asked, in order to truly facilitate the creative process. This is what Kidcreate Studio is all about. Empowering children through creative license while incorporating scientific learning into the process. Benjamin was exposed to both by having the opportunity to make a turkey he affectionately named “Sunny” as well as understanding some of the science behind the “Goo Gunk”.

Always looking for something that can enrich her son’s learning experience, Rachel felt Kidcreate Studio Offered a true spectrum and was very excited to see they offered a “Homeschool Program”. Based on both she and her son’s experience it’s safe to say they will be back and possibly take a look at some of the homeschool options!

Our experience at Kidcreate Studio was definitely a good one. As I said before, it was a very positive environment and I think all the kids had a lot of fun. They have a studio in Eden Prairie, which is where we were, and in Woodbury. Both locations offer a large variety of classes and parties for kids starting as young as 18 months old.

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