How Kidcreate Studio Got its Start

How Kidcreate Studio Got its Start

The concept for Kidcreate Studio was born from a frustration that many parents, and children, have felt for the past several years. Ever since budget cuts passed that defunded children’s art programs, many children are left without a creative outlet, which can be detrimental in more ways than one. Many children develop enhanced motor skills, visual-spatial awareness, and critical thinking skills, in addition to being provided an opportunity to express themselves. This is why Lara Olson developed the art franchise concept for Kidcreate. She noticed how happy her young son was after coming home from an art lesson and decided to create a program to nurture that enthusiasm and talent.

““He was only getting art once a week, and it wasn’t enough. I became obsessed with the idea of creating this new environment for children to engage their creativity,” said Lara. “It took 12 years to build to this vision, but we’re finally here.”

Kidcreate Studio was developed in 2008, but only started franchising two years ago. 20 units have already been awarded, which can be attributed to the freedom and flexibility that come with being a business owner, along with the multiple revenue streams that only Kidcreate offers within the art franchise industry (our business model includes a brick-and-mortar studio as well as a mobile studio). It’s also a great way to benefit kids and get involved in the community. Lara Olson explains Kidcreate’s expansion strategy, saying

“Now we’re really focusing on national expansion, but we’re doing it in a way I’m proud of. We’re not after speed, but instead, we’re after finding the right partners and the right location. We’re being particular about the franchisees we’re bringing on.”

Ideal Kidcreate Franchise Owners love being around children and have some business knowledge. At Kidcreate, it is important to us that we hire passionate individuals who want to contribute to the community. That is the whole reason Lara started this art franchise company, saying

“Looking back at the years I was running studios on a day-to-day basis, I remember feeling such joy seeing kids create and being proud of what they’re creating.”

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