How You Can Help Kids Learn with a Kidcreate Studio Franchise!

How You Can Help Kids Learn with a Kidcreate Studio Franchise!

Ever since the No Child Left Behind Act was enacted in 2001, art programs in schools have been steadily declining. These programs have been deemed nonessential, as schools are now focusing more on the sciences. This has been happening despite the fact that experts agree that there are many benefits to learning about both art and science that supports the positive impact of art in schools. Some of these benefits, according to PBS, include:

  1. Increased Motor Skills – Many hand movements help students to increase their motor skills, such as using a paintbrush or coloring. Scissors especially aid in dexterity. Often times, schools have benchmarks in place to measure students’ motor skills and they expect them to reach a certain level by kindergarten.
  2. Visual Learning – Many different art forms help students to develop visual-spatial skills, which is very important in the digital age. Children are taking in more visual information at a younger age and art can assist them in navigating a world filled with graphic symbolism. Dr. Kerry Freedman says, “Art education teaches students how to interpret, criticize, and use visual information, and how to make choices based on it.”
  3. Innovation – When children are allowed to express themselves artistically, it helps to develop their inventiveness. In a world where it is an advantage to be forward-thinking, innovative people can be a great asset in the current job market.

Art Franchising Opportunities

There are many other advantages to art programs, such as decision-making, language development, and improved academic performance. Parents know the importance of art in their children’s lives and they are seeking alternatives to underfunded (or nonexistent) school programs. This is why art franchises, such as Kidcreate Studio, are becoming more and more popular! It is an excellent franchise option, as it is recession-resistant, there are multiple revenue streams, and our model allows Owners freedom and flexibility.

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