How Kidcreate’s Kidbits Help Children Learn About Their World

How Kidcreate’s Kidbits Help Children Learn About Their World

At Kidcreate Studio, we believe that art education is important for all children. It helps them to develop their creative thinking, motor skills, and problem solving abilities. 

What is a Kidbit?

Kidcreate Studio’s art classes and curriculum are based around Kidbits. A Kidbit is short for “a kid bit of knowledge”. Each class starts with an introduction to the Kidbit for that day. The teacher then focuses on and hits upon the Kidbit many times throughout the class to ensure the kids leave class understanding what the Kidbit is. 

One example of a Kidbit is learning about the art term “impasto.” Impasto is a painting technique where thick layers of paint are applied to the canvas. This creates a textured surface that can be interesting to look at and touch. Impasto is often used in abstract paintings. Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings are a great example of impasto. 

Van Gogh sunflowers
Kids Art Projects

Take a look at these beautiful paintings created by the kids in our art classes! These pieces were created using different painting techniques that the kids learned about in class. The kids used Plaster of Paris to create the texture in the painting. Kids don’t get to work with this material at school, so it is a really special project for them. Plaster of Paris is a type of plaster that can be mixed with water to create a paste. It dries quickly and is often used in art projects. And it’s extra messy so of course, the kids LOVE it! We are so proud of all of the hard work and creativity that our students put into their art.

A Kidcreate Studio art class is more than just an arts and crafts class. With Kidcreate’s education-based curriculum and the use of Kidbits, we can ensure that the kids leave class having learned something. Our classes are designed to teach kids about art history, art techniques, and much more. Contact us today to sign up for a class!

A Little About the Kidcreate Studio Franchise

Kidcreate Studio is an art studio just for kids, founded in 2007. Kidcreate provides art classes, camps, and birthday parties for children ages 18 months through 12 years at their studios and off-site with local educational partners through their On-The-Go Studio program.

Kidcreate Studio started as a result of one mother’s frustrations about the limited art exposure in the curriculum for her young child. Founder Lara Olson’s son Jake was often frustrated by other subjects but lit up like a lightbulb every time he was in art.

Lara With Green paint on hands

Lara knew the value of art to build self-esteem in learners and looked for a place to provide that for her son, but couldn’t find anything designed for young children in her area…so she decided to create one herself. Thus, Kidcreate Studio was born! 

Now, Kidcreate Studio is blossoming into one of the major players in the education franchise space. Kidcreate Studio specializes in children’s art classes, camps, and art-themed birthday parties. It is an art studio designed just for kids! Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owners enjoy running a business that brings significant financial and emotional return-on-investment.  

Interested In Starting an Education Franchise? 

Franchise opportunities are available for those who want to open their own Kidcreate Studio. This is a great way to bring art education to more kids in your community. Contact us to learn more about franchising opportunities. Our Franchise Owners love the feeling of giving back to their communities while starting a business they can share with their families for generations to come. Please visit our franchise website for more info.

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