Kidcreate Helps Parent Entrepreneuers Find Work-Life Balance

Kidcreate Helps Parent Entrepreneuers Find Work-Life Balance

Parents know that it is not easy to find a comfortable work-life balance running a business and starting a family. Both take time and effort and it is hard to not let one compromise the other. Entrepreneur parents have found that work-life balance means not always being able to equally balance time between owning a business and being a parent. 

Lara Olsen, the founder and chief creative officer of Kidcreate Studio, says the most important thing she has learned about work-life balance is to prioritize and simplify. She advises parents struggling to, “Take control of your day, don’t let the day control you. It’s OK to say no and guard your availability.” 

Lara also recommends that entrepreneur parents prioritize family time as much as they prioritize meeting deadlines at the office, and to find a support system outside of the workplace. When you own your own business there is never a time when work isn’t around you, just as there is never a time when you aren’t a mom or dad so finding support within your own family is key to maintaining work-life balance.  

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If you are looking to start a business while balancing your family life, please follow this link to learn more about Kidcreate franchising opportunities! Kidcreate Studio introduces kids to the wonderful world of art! It is a retail and on-the-go concept focusing on art education for kids 18 months -12 years old. Kidcreate Studio offers art classes, summer camps, art themed birthday parties and retail items while Kidcreate On-The-Go Studio goes portable creating partnerships within the community to bring the same great teachers and curriculum to other facilities such as; community education, parks and recreation and care programs along with preschools, daycares and Montessori’s. In turn, filling the void left behind with the decline in funded visual arts programs. 

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