How Lara Olson’s Passion Inspired an Art Enrichment Franchise

How Lara Olson’s Passion Inspired an Art Enrichment Franchise

Kidcreate Studio CEO, Lara Olson, shares how she turned her passion into a booming franchise!

Her Story

I still clearly remember the day when my son Jake came home from elementary school on the verge of tears due to poor results on his spelling test. Seeing his disappointment brought me back to my childhood, as Dyslexia runs in our family, and now I could see the same signs in Jake. Fortunately, the very next day, Jake came home in a more joyous mood, for he had art class that day.

Jake found joy and solace in art and was able to truly shine in his classes – a stark contrast to the stress and anxiety that his other classes brought to him. I wanted to see more of this for Jake, but was disheartened when I discovered he was only receiving 45 minutes of art instruction once every four days.

Knowing Jake needed more time exploring art, as it was the best way for him to express himself and channel his emotions, I began looking around for art enrichment classes for Jake. It was to my true disappointment that I found not one solution I was looking for.

Creating a Solution

Delving into the unknown, I began dedicating countless hours to researching starting a new business and developing curriculum for my classes. After finding mentors to guide me and plenty of trial and error, Kidcreate Studio was born.

Seeing my vision come to life was truly inspiring, and knowing the impact it had made it that much sweeter when the first Kidcreate location opened in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, in 2008.

Today, we have two locations open, both of which specialize in art classes, camps and art-themed birthday parties for kids ages 18 months to 12 years. Through both our in-studio and On-The-Go classes, kids are able to learn about art techniques and concepts, as well as art history. At Kidcreate, we aim to combine “kid-culture” with art education to make our lessons both entertaining and educational.

Seeing the success these studios have and the impact they make, I decided to open Kidcreate Studio as a franchise opportunity, hoping that “entrepreneurs at heart” like me can find the same joy in owning a business that does so much good for the community.

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