Kidcreate Fairfax Station, VA Celebrating One Year Anniversary!

Kidcreate Fairfax Station, VA Celebrating One Year Anniversary!

Kidcreate is honored to be able to partner with two of the nicest people on the planet, Kainnayi Ko-Sun and Hla Maung of Northern, VA. This happy couple joined the Kidcreate community by opting in on a multi-unit option to open two Kidcreate territories in Northern, VA.


That’s when things started to get interesting. While doing their research on choosing their first studio location in Fairfax Station, another opportunity came to them to purchase an existing Kidcreate Studio business in Ashburn, VA. And they took it. Kainnayi and Hla took over operations of the Ashburn studio in the second quarter of 2022. And they ended the year with Ashburn winning the award for highest revenues in the Kidcreate system! And they were able to accomplish that feat, while they were knee deep in architectural drawings, permitting and building out their first Kidcreate Studio in Fairfax Station, VA. And they successfully launched the Fairfax studio in the Fall of 2022.

Now it is time to celebrate their successes for their first – no wait, is it their second?– studio location in Fairfax Station. They have officially been open and operating the Fairfax Station Studio business for a full year. To say they were busy is an understatement. It has been a wild, exhilarating, and fun ride for Kainnayi and Hla this past year, while operating two Kidcreate Studios.

Not to be resting on their laurels, Kainnayi and Hla decided to open a third Kidcreate territory! They have recently launched their third territory as a Kidcreate On the Go business, operating in the Centreville and Fairfax, VA area. They are excited to be able to physically connect their first two territories with Studio locations by adding their third territory to be able to operationally cover a larger expanded territory.

On a recent call with Hla about Kidcreate in the Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia Metro area, Hla was excited to talk about their next step in their Kidcreate journey and has decided to begin to look for a fourth territory in early 2024 in the Maryland Suburbs of the DC Metro area.

We at Kidcreate cannot wait to watch in awe as Hla and Kainnayi celebrate one full year in Fairfax Station and to partner with them in their future growth efforts.

Congratulations to Kainnayi Ko-Sun and Hla Maung on ALL their Kidcreate successes.

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