How Kidcreate Studio Simplifies Business Technology

How Kidcreate Studio Simplifies Business Technology

The rise of technology in small business has helped catapult entrepreneurs into the mainstream market, giving them the ability to compete with bigger brands while helping streamline their operations. In fact, technology assists small-business owners in leveraging capital to improve aspects of the business such as profits, productivity, customer service and the ability to market more efficiently and to a larger audience. Oftentimes, understanding and implementing various forms of business technology can be daunting for business owners, who must first determine the technology best suited for their needs, then learn how to utilize it and weave it into the current business model. For Kidcreate Studio franchisees, all the legwork has been done. With a seamless integration of multiple technology-based systems in place, from initial training to ongoing support, franchisees are given all the tools necessary to succeed: Class-Tracking Software is custom designed to allow franchisees to record where classes have been offered, track class performance and organize curriculum information. Database Management is customized with a variety of web forms to help build and grow a database which also generates sales leads. In addition, the software serves as an all-in-one sales and marketing program, hosting more than 20 customized marketing campaigns, sending weekly newsletters, automating customer surveys and assisting in employee task allocation. Online Registration system is fully integrated, automatically transferring customer information where it needs to be. From start to finish, the online registration process includes payment processing, a confirmation email, addition of the student’s name to the class roster and the customer’s data imported into the franchisee’s Kidcreate Studio database. To read the full article click here. If you are looking to start a business with positive, outgoing and business savvy operators in markets across the U.S, please follow this link to learn more about Kidcreate Studio franchise opportunities! Kidcreate Studio offers art classes, summer camps, art-themed birthday parties and retail items while Kidcreate On-The-Go Studio goes portable creating partnerships within the community to bring the same great teachers and curriculum to other facilities such as; community education, parks and recreation and care programs along with preschools, daycares and Montessori’s. In turn, filling the void left behind with the decline in funded visual arts programs.

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